Brexit 1) Cabinet agrees to May’s proposals for Britain to adopt a “common rulebook” with the EU…

“Theresa May won her battle with Eurosceptic ministers on Friday night as she announced the Cabinet had signed up to a Brexit deal that keeps Britain tied to EU rules and regulations indefinitely. The Prime Minister said Britain would establish a “free trade area for goods” with the EU, allowing for frictionless trade and avoiding the need for a hard border in Northern Ireland. A new customs arrangement will treat the UK and EU “as if [they are] a combined customs territory” and Britain will adopt a “common rulebook” with the EU on industrial goods and agricultural products. The deal amounted to a significant victory for Remainers in the Cabinet, as it keeps Britain closely aligned with the EU customs union and single market and is largely the “soft” Brexit they sought.” – Daily Telegraph

  • Preparations for “No Deal” to be stepped up – Daily Express
  • Backing for “soft Brexit” plan – Financial Times
  • Some Cabinet Ministers who backed Remain are now attracted to a “clean break” – The Times
  • Submarine Treasury plays ‘softest’ Brexit card – Kamal Ahmed, BBC

>Today: ToryDiary: The Government’s Chequers Brexit Agreement. From Canada Plus Plus Plus to Brexit Minus Minus Minus


Brexit 2) Barnier warns against “unravelling” of the single market

“Michel Barnier has stressed there can be “no unravelling” of the single market, as UK ministers try to agree on a future UK-EU relationship. The EU’s chief negotiator said “realistic and workable” UK proposals are needed, as the cabinet meets at Chequers, for what happens post-Brexit. Theresa May is expected to propose keeping the UK aligned with the EU on trading rules for goods, not services. If the cabinet agree, proposals will then go to the EU. But Mr Barnier warned in a speech: “The single market is our main economic public good. There will be no damaging it, no unravelling what we have achieved together with the UK.” – BBC

  • A hint from the EU that May’s plan will work – The Sun
  • Government is clueless says Airbus boss – The Times

Brexit 3) Trump to offer a “zero tariff” free trade deal to the UK

“Donald Trump is ready to offer Theresa May a “zero tariff” trade deal to help get Brexit Britain booming, his ambassador has revealed. Diplomat Robert ‘Woody’ Johnson said the US President – due to visit the UK next week – wants a “quick deal” to drastically increase trans-Atlantic trade between the “special relationship” allies after Britain quits the EU. “The President thinks it’s time to go,” he said, adding: “The sky’s the limit.” The offer, which could slash the prices of US imports for British consumers and boost job creation on both sides of the Atlantic, was hailed as a massive vote of confidence in the UK’s future outside the European bloc.” – Daily Express

  • Schedule for the visit – BBC
  • Sadiq Khan’s Donald Trump balloon decision is pure grandstanding – and it undermines Britain – Tom Harris, Daily Telegraph
  • Ring of steel for three day trip – Daily Mail
  • Britain should show Trump a bit of respect – Leader, Daily Telegraph
  • May’s proposals would make a comprehensive US trade deal harder to achieve – James Forsyth, The Sun
  • Don’t let’s delude ourselves over the special relationship – Max Hastings, The Times
  • China and Russia hit back at Trump tariffs – BBC
  • The US retreats from the world stage – Leader, Financial Times

Brexit 4) Cameron “persuaded Johnson not to resign”

“David Cameron – who stepped down from Downing Street immediately after losing the EU referendum in 2016 – tried to help by urging Boris Johnson not to resign in protest at Mrs May’s ‘third way’ proposals for future trade. Mr Johnson is said to have been talked off the ledge by Mr Cameron in a clandestine heart-to-heart at a London club on the eve of the Chequers summit. Mr Cameron, acting with the blessing of Theresa May, apparently convinced Mr Johnson that the Prime Minister’s ‘third way’ plan for future ties to the EU is the only one that parliament will accept.” – Daily Mail

  • May will sack Johnson if he undermines the deal – The Times


  • May has betrayed us all, and Brexiteer ministers are letting her get away with it – John Longworth, Daily Telegraph
  • PM has chosen her prey well – Matthew Parris, The Times
  • No deal is still better than a bad deal – The Sun Says
  • A fudge that defrauds 17.4million voters who backed Brexit – Liam Halligan, The Sun
  • Brexiteers failed to put forward an alternative plan – Leader, The Guardian
  • Progress at Chequers – Leader, The Times

Gauke to introduce incentive scheme for prisoners

“Lags who behave themselves will get private showers and more family visits under the biggest rewrite of prison rules for five years. The Sun can reveal Justice Secretary David Gauke wants to introduce a new “incentive” scheme to better rehabilitate prisoners in Britain’s drug-riddled jails. Governors will be given the flexibility to allow lags more contact with families and even Skype calls, as well as granting them the chance to shower in private or to move to a better cell.” – The Sun

Hammond considers tax increase for savers

“Treasury officials are investigating plans to introduce a flat rate for pensions tax relief in a move that would penalise well-off savers but reward those on lower incomes, while raising about £4 billion a year for the NHS. The proposals, which are in the early stages of investigation, would help the chancellor raise money for the health service and other overstretched areas of public spending such as social care, without breaching his fiscal rules. It is one of a number of options under review since the prime minister gave Philip Hammond a free rein to find ways of funding the government’s £20 billion pledge for the NHS last month.” – The Times

Don’t let the World Cup distract us from Russia’s security threat warns Wallace

“Speaking ahead of next week’s Nato summit in Brussels – and hours after the news that two Britons were poisoned in Salisbury with a Russian-made nerve agent – the Security Minister Ben Wallace knows the Government does not have this luxury of time in dealing with the threat from Russia. But Britain is prepared for the challenge, he says, going further than the Prime Minister and describing the UK as a ‘tier one’ defence nation, which means that it has a nuclear deterrent and an army, navy and an air force capable of deploying anywhere in the world. As England prepare to take on Sweden at the football World Cup in Russia on Saturday he warns that football fans should not forget the threat it poses to the UK.” – Daily Telegraph

Labour MPs challenge Corbyn over new anti-semitism definition

“Jeremy Corbyn was told by his own MPs last night that his new definition of anti-Semitism will have “huge consequences”. Furious MPs blasted the party for backing new rules that will now hold its members to a lower standard of anti-racism than the law demands. The new guidelines of what constitutes anti-Jewish hate – passed by a sub-committee of Labour’s ruling National Executive committee earlier this week – could let dozens of members currently suspended over anti-Semitism back into the party.” – The Sun

Two centuries of Hansard available online

“A record comprising five billion words of parliamentary debate spanning more than two centuries has been made available online. Hansard, the transcript of MPs’ utterances in the Commons, has digitised its archive dating back to 1803. The database is “substantially verbatim”, meaning that it records what MPs have said, removing only repetitions and obvious mistakes that do not alter the substance of the remarks. A simpler service was provided by Hansard in its earlier days, when it recorded the outline of debates and the results of only important votes. Since 1909 it has recorded how MPs have voted in every division.” – The Times

MPs pass bill to increase protection for mental health patients

“A private member’s bill to ensure that police who are called to restrain patients at mental hospitals wear body cameras has passed through the Commons. There had been fears that the bill – supported by the parents of a 21-year-old man who died after he was subject to a period of excessive and prolonged restraint – could be blocked by a Conservative filibuster, but it completed its third reading in about an hour on Friday morning with the parents, Aji and Conrad Lewis, watching in the public gallery.” – The Guardian

Parris: The NHS is second rate

“Screwed down to within an inch of its life, lurching from cash-crisis to cash-crisis punctuated by the occasional dollop of never-quite-enough from panicking ministers, our health service is rarely far from an emergency and never close to getting what it asks for. In comparisons with America and the rest of the EU, British health provision survives on a well-below-average income, and yields respectable if sub-optimal outcomes. We’re getting a second-rate health service for the price of a third-rate one. I see no other way. So happy 70th birthday, NHS.” – Matthew Parris, The Times

Oborne: Mayor Khan has failed Londoners

“Although by nature a Tory, two years ago I voted for Labour’s Sadiq Khan to be mayor of London. My principal motivation was the fact that I abhorred the way his Tory rival, Zac Goldsmith, conducted a divisive campaign that highlighted Khan’s religious background…..Two years on, it pains me to say that Khan has failed in his job. He’s a political pygmy. Under his watch, London has suffered badly. Above all, Londoners have become more vulnerable to violent criminals. Eighty people have been murdered in the capital since the start of the year. At least 51 have been stabbed. Up to the end of April, there were 1,296 reported knife attacks.” – Peter Oborne, Daily Mail

  • Khan is a shallow, gassy opportunist – Quentin Letts, Daily Mail

News in brief

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  • The Tories must face up to anti-Muslim prejudice in their own ranks – Oliver Kamm, CapX
  • Trump’s visit heralds the end of the multilateral world. What comes next? – Iain Martin, Reaction

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