Trump accuses May of ‘wrecking Brexit’ in Sun interview…

“Donald Trump today accuses the PM of wrecking Brexit — and warns she may have killed off any chance of a vital US trade deal. The US President delivers his incendiary verdict on her negotiating strategy in a world exclusive interview with The Sun. In an extraordinary intervention timed to coincide with his UK visit, Mr Trump said Theresa May ignored his advice by opting for a soft Brexit strategy. And he warned her any attempts to maintain close ties with the EU would make a lucrative US trade deal very unlikely. Mr Trump said: “If they do a deal like that, we would be dealing with the European Union instead of dealing with the UK, so it will probably kill the deal.”” – The Sun

  • President says Britain is ‘losing its culture’ thanks to immigration – Daily Mail
  • Khan to blame for terror attacks, Trump claims – Daily Mail
  • US leader says Johnson would make ‘great Prime Minister’ – Daily Express
  • SNP chief says Trump is ‘not welcome’ – The Scotsman


  • What can May hope to gain from this visit? – Lucy Fisher, The Times
  • By criticising Brexit, the President detonates a diplomatic grenade – David Smith, The Guardian

>Yesterday: Video: WATCH: Trump lands in the UK

…as Hunt backs the President on NATO spending

“Jeremy Hunt has backed Donald Trump’s calls for EU countries to pay more money towards defence. The new Foreign Secretary, who was introduced to the US President at the Nato summit yesterday, said all countries needed to step up to make the world safe. Today Trump doubled down on his threats on defence, singling out Spain, Belgium and Germany to pay more than they are currently doing. Nato members have all pledged to spend two per cent of GDP on defence, but last night he demanded that allies double that to four per cent. Mr Hunt today backed him generally, saying everyone needed to deliver more.” – The Sun

  • Macron denies that NATO members have pledged more to defence – Daily Mail
  • Trump stuns allies into silence with spending threats – The Times


  • Europe must plan for defence without NATO – Edward Lucas, The Times
  • Anyone who values Nato should applaud Trump for kicking it into shape – Con Coughlin, Daily Telegraph

Andrea Jenkyns: Trump deserves better than naive grandstanding that could damage the UK

“Donald Trump arrives on our shores for a working visit today. I for one have no problem with the UK welcoming the 45th and current President of the United States. The leader of the opposition, Jeremy Corbyn and the Labour Mayor of London, Sadiq Khan’s, grandstanding over this week’s visit is simply naive, and illustrates their immaturity to hold positions of any importance in our country. Security and economic relationships last longer than the four-year term of any president and it is vital to our country’s long-term prosperity that we maintain this close relationship with the man in charge of the world’s largest economy and most powerful military.” – Daily Telegraph

  • May needs a touch of the Trumps – Steve Hilton, The Sun
  • Visit offers a chance to nurture the special relationship – Alan Mendoza, Times Red Box
  • May could take some tips from Trump’s playbook – Sven Hughes, Daily Telegraph

>Yesterday: Alex Morton’s column: British Conservatives should beware Trump, but we can also learn from him

The press analyse the alternative Brexit White Paper, leaked on ConHome…

“Staunch Brexiteers are trying to force the Prime Minister to release the white paper previously drawn up by the former Brexit Secretary before last week’s crunch Chequers meeting, which according to The Guardian, Downing Street ditched. But political blog Conservative Home has now leaked, what is said to be former Brexit Secretary David Davis’ original plan on the morning Mrs May is releasing her official plan for the UK’s relationship with the EU post-Brexit… A source who had seen Mr Davis’ version told The Guardian: “You stick it all together, you get quite a good trade deal. We were turning Mansion House into hard text.”” – Daily Express

  • Barely 13 per cent of voters think Chequers deal will be ‘good for Britain’ – Daily Mail
  • India sees food rules as ‘obstacle’ to trade deal – FT
  • Brexit Secretary tells Eurosceptics to stop ‘carping’ unless they can produce a better plan – Daily Telegraph


  • To suggest ‘carping’ Brexiteers have no ‘credible’ plan is wrong. Here are two – Andrew Lilico, Daily Telegraph


…as Brexiteer fury mounts about May’s ‘yellow paper’…

“Theresa May could suffer the defeat of a crucial Brexit bill as early as Monday after Eurosceptics reacted angrily to the white paper she published yesterday… Conservative MPs who support a hard Brexit told the government that they would vote against the third reading of the bill on Monday, presenting a huge problem for the prime minister. Jacob Rees-Moggand the European Research Group of hard Brexiteers had indicated that they would launch only a symbolic rebellion against Mrs May on Monday. Yesterday it emerged that they plan to go further. Downing Street and Brexiteers are now engaged in a high stakes stand-off over whether either will back down as whips assess the strength of the rebellion. One government source admitted that the situation was serious. Another said they were not sure how the government would proceed. One Remain-supporting Tory MP said: “They have to understand their reckless tactics are pushing us closer to an election and a Jeremy Corbyn government.”” – The Times

  • Johnson ‘just wants to get out of the EU’, ex-May aide claims – Daily Mail
  • Hardliners demand amendments to trade bill – The Guardian
  • White Paper ‘recreates the worst parts of the EU’ – Daily Mail
  • Leavers claim that EU judges will still have a say – Daily Mail


  • Brexit Secretary admits that ‘red lines’ could be traded away – The Sun
  • ‘Farce’ as minister fails to distribute document to MPs – Daily Express
  • Raab uses wife to make a point about visas – The Times
  • Hammond defends Brexit plan for financial services – FT


  • The danger is that Brussels might accept May’s proposals – Ambrose Evans-Pritchard, Daily Telegraph
  • What the Government’s paper says, and how it will go down – Oliver Wright, The Times
  • Why the White Paper has provoked mass rebellion – Steven Swinford, Daily Telegraph


>Yesterday: ToryDiary: Brexit, the UK-Ireland border, farming and the DUP. An answer to the “mad riddle”?

…and Conservative MPs are ‘asked to withdraw letters’ demanding vote on May

“Conservative MPs have been asked to withdraw letters demanding a vote of confidence in Theresa May amid fears the Prime Minister could be on the brink of being forced out of Downing Street, sources have told The Telegraph. Government whips are trying to prevent 48 notes being sent to the chair of the party’s ruling 1922 committee, as the number would trigger a crunch vote which Brexit-backing MPs think she would lose. Nobody knows how many letters have already been sent apart from Graham Brady, the chair, but aides close to the Prime Minister are nervous that the threshold could be reached in the coming days. Pro-Brexit sources are encouraging their Tory colleagues to send in letters in a bid to undermine Mrs May in the week she announced her plans for a future deal with the EU.” – Daily Telegraph

  • The critical role of Michael Gove – FT

>Today: Iain Dale’s diary: How I broke the news to Davis that Johnson had resigned

Fraser Nelson: May’s handling of this risks splitting the Conservatives irrevocably

“Had Mrs May said from the outset that she would stick to European rules on goods, but not services, she might have won the overall argument. But she instead raised hopes of a much bolder Brexit: cutting completely free from European rules, courts and diktats. Now, with time running out, she is softening her position and has retreated – while pretending that she hasn’t. This is what creates a sense of betrayal – and a feeling among party members that they are being taken for fools. Her allies say the choice is between her White Paper or no Brexit at all. With the parliamentary arithmetic as it now is (thanks to her botched election), they may be right. While Dr Fox and Michael Gove might be sanguine about this, Tory party members are not. The incandescence of the Daily Telegraph letters page in recent days offers a sample of the heat that Conservative MPs have been feeling from their constituencies.” – Daily Telegraph

  • I cannot vote for the Chequers deal when WTO terms offer a better Brexit – Owen Paterson, Daily Telegraph
  • Raab’s Commons debut bodes ill for Brexit and democracy – Jane Merrick, The Times
  • ‘No deal’ is looking increasingly likely – and that’s just fine – Liam Halligan, Daily Telegraph


  • A means of limiting economic damage – The Times

>Yesterday: Nick Hargrave in Comment: A Conservative split is inevitable – the question is how to manage and minimise it

Javid pauses ‘hostile environment’

“Theresa May’s “hostile environment” immigration has been paused – as Sajid Javid ripped further into the Prime Minister’s hardline legacy. The Home Secretary said there would be a three month halt on data-sharing between departments for anyone aged over 30 of any nationality. The move is designed to stop other members of the Windrush generation from being caught up in the net set up to tackle illegal immigration. The changes will see a freeze in data sharing from HMRC, the department of work and pensions, and the DVLA to the Home Office. In a letter to the Home Affairs Select Committee, Mr Javid said the department was trying to find the best way of evaluating how effective the policy was.” – The Sun

  • Home Secretary pauses inter-departmental information sharing for three months – Daily Express
  • Home Office urged to go further still – The Guardian

O’Mara quits Labour despite re-admission

“A Labour MP who was suspended over sexist and homophobic comments has quit the party – saying he had been ‘made unfairly to feel like a criminal’. Jared O’Mara said he had experienced ‘little to make me feel welcome, understood and accepted’ in the party in the last year after his past behaviour came to light. The Sheffield Hallam MP had the whip withdrawn last year after a series of postings, many dating back over a number of years, came to light, but was readmitted earlier this month after receiving a formal warning. In an open letter to his Yorkshire constituents posted on his website on Thursday, he said he did not feel he had been listened to or faced a fair investigation.” – Daily Mail

  • What you need to know about disgraced MP and his online trolling – The Sun

New Westminster harassment investigations will hide names

“New rules to crack down on bullying and sexual harassment in Parliament will hide the names of all MPs under investigation for any offence, The Sun can reveal. Even MPs being probed for breaking expenses will remain anonymous under plans to water down current transparency rules. Currently Parliament’s sleaze watchdog must publish the name of any politician it is investigating. But the cross-party group in charge of drawing up the new Independent Complaints and Grievance Policy in the wake of last year’s Westminster sex abuse scandal plans to give confidentiality to all MPs under investigation. In a damning verdict today, a report by the Commons Standards committee, which has seen the proposals, is expected to savage the move to hide the identify of MPs under investigation.” – The Sun

News in Brief:

  • The Chequers plan is a bad deal – we need to start planning seriously for no deal – Andrea Jenkyns MP, Brexit Central
  • Trump’s ratings aren’t great – but they could be far worse – Matt Singh, CapX
  • What might Johnson or Davis have said to Trump? – Shanker Singham, Reaction
  • The worst thing about Trump’s outbursts on Brexit and Nato? That he’s right – The Spectator
  • Trump doesn’t need the ‘special relationship’ – Henry Olsen, UnHerd

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