Labour MPs accuse Corbyn of behaving “irresponsibly and dangerously” by attending Jewdas’s Seder

“Jeremy Corbyn has been accused by his own of MPs of acting “irresponsibly and dangerously” by attending an event hosted by a far-left Jewish group which called for the destruction of Israel and dismissed the anti-Semitism row engulfing the party as “faux-outrage”.  The Labour leader was photographed at a Passover Seder hosted by Jewdas, a satirical group which describes itself as “radical” and is highly critical of mainstream Jewish organisations. Last week Jewdas attacked the Board of Deputies of British Jews and the Jewish Leadership Council’s response to the Labour anti-Semitism scandal as “playing a dangerous game with people’s lives”. It also reportedly described the row as “the work of cynical manipulations by people whose express loyalty is to the Conservative Party and the right wing of the Labour Party”.” – Daily Telegraph

  • How this “reignited the row” – FT
  • Jewdas is a “provocative far-left group” and “anti-Israel” – The Times
  • It has called Labour’s antisemitism scandal “cynical manipulation” – The Sun 
  • Audio of the event reveals “booing of mainstream Jews” – Daily Mail
  • Corbyn says he “attended in a personal capacity” – Guardian
  • Meanwhile, Beckett urges Corbyn to “condemn” antisemitism in Labour – The Times
  • Triesman says “most of his Jewish friends and family have already left Labour” – Daily Express
  • New “dossier” of 150 complaints against Labour members includes five councillors accused of antisemitism – The Times
  • Momentum “admits there’s a problem” – The Sun
  • Pound criticised for criticising Corbyn critics for “opportunism” – Daily Telegraph
  • Group of academics “condemn anti-Corbyn bias” – Guardian


  • Why do Labour “haters” feel so strongly about us Jewish people? – Angela Epstein, Daily Express 

Brexit trade 1) Government forecasts predict “bumper” deals with Australia and New Zealand, and many other roll-over agreements

“Britain will have at least two bumper new free trade deals signed and ready to implement on the day the transition period ends, according to internal government forecasts. Deals with the likes of Australia and New Zealand are expected to be prioritised so ministers can show voters they are delivering on referendum promises on the day Britain is finally free of EU rules on January 1 2021. These will be in addition to dozens of current free trade agreements that Britain currently enjoys as a member of the EU that Theresa May wants to roll over after Brexit. These include comprehensive trade deals with South Korea, Canada, South Africa and Chile.” – The Sun

  • But new research shows trade deals usually take longer than Britain has in transition period – The Times
  • Meanwhile, might May give up immigration target to gain better EU deal? – Daily Mail


  • Nothing can replace a good trade deal with the EU – The Times

Brexit trade 2) Fox sees beef discussion with Australia as leading to “early win”

“Australia is drawing up plans to demand Britain accepts hormone-infected beef as part of a Brexit trade deal. International Trade Secretary Liam Fox has dubbed the deal an early “win” and said it will reduce costs for British consumers. But in return, Britons will be told to scrap a 36-year EU ban on meat sold from cows pumped with growth hormones. But Australia blasted the ban as an attempt to shelter European farmers from competitors alongside levies of 12.8 per cent. Talks have been taking place for 18 months and sources have said lifting the ban is a key issue for the Aussies, who argue it violates World Trade Organisation rules.” – Daily Express

More Brexit

  • De La Rue “preparing to appeal” passport contract decision – Daily Telegraph
  • Blair talks of Europe’s “indefensible points” – Daily Express
  • Miliband’s IRC calls for EU to accept increased number of refugees – Guardian
  • Security commissioner to set social media rules to “prevent disinformation” during European Parliament elections – The Times 

>Yesterday: ToryDiary: We advised scepticism about the Brexit conspiracy theories – and now The Observer is ‘clarifying’ its allegations


Other foreign relations

  • Campaign group says rich Russians “bought their way into Britain” between 2008-2015 – The Times 
  • Lavrov says “Western partners” have “cast away all decency” – The Times

Other UK news

Gove: the need to safeguard African elephants is urgent

“The African elephant is a species apart, a beautiful animal that inspires awe in any who see it. Safeguarding the future of this amazing animal is a mission our species cannot shirk. And the need for action is urgent because numbers are declining dramatically, driven by human greed for ivory. Long prized for ornaments and jewellery, ivory is seen as a symbol of wealth and social status, particularly in east Asia. And in recent decades, poaching has reached devastating levels. The numbers are stark — about 20,000 elephants are killed every year, or about 55 every day. The unthinkable could happen. Unless we take action to stop poaching, future generations will be deprived of one of the world’s most majestic and inspirational creatures. African leaders have called for an international response to this problem.” – The Times

  • Duke of Cambridge will back campaign – Daily Telegraph
  • The ivory ban will be the “toughest in Europe” – Guardian

More comment:

  • What should we read behind Gove’s profile-raising behaviour? – Michael Settle, Herald
  • There’s a gap in the middle of politics for a “liberal” leader – Rachel Sylvester, The Times 

Pearson: The Saunders case needs to be the end of “guilty until proven innocent”

“Guilty until proven innocent. The tenure of Alison Saunders at the Crown Prosecution Service will be remembered for a monstrous inversion of that fundamental principle of British justice. I began to campaign for Saunders to be sacked after receiving emails from two Telegraph readers, shellshocked mothers whose sons were both wrongly accused of rape and left dangling in that Purgatory of the disbelieved…. I became convinced that Saunders was a menace. Obsessed with pursuing the VAGW (violence against girls and women) agenda, she was on a mission to boost the number of rape convictions and clearly could not give a damn about innocent men and boys who might suffer on the road to that goal. They were just collateral damage in a vengeful gender war.” – Daily Telegraph

  • Saunders dismisses suggestions she was “forced out” – The Times

More comment:

  • “The justice system is in deep trouble” – Melanie Phillips, The Times
  • Saunders “should’ve been sacked long ago” – Richard Littlejohn, Daily Mail


  • Remember, “things can always get worse” – The Sun

Lansley: I’m lucky my cancer was caught early. Here’s how to make survival about more than luck

“Last Monday, I sat in a chair in a medical day unit while a chemotherapy went into my vein. A drug called Oxaliplatin which, with daily tablets of capecitabine to follow, are my ongoing treatment for bowel cancer. As I sat there, I was thinking that I was lucky. Lucky, because I went to see my GP (after much nagging from my wife) about nine months ago with spreading back pain, without any thought that it could be a cancer. Lucky, because my GP was perceptive enough to refer me to the hospital. Lucky that the investigation showed Stage 3 tumours with no spread to my liver.” – Daily Telegraph

  • He said “budget cuts” had slowed detection of his disease – The Times
  • And “blames” Treasury – Daily Mail

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