May hosts Saudi Crown Prince…

“Saudi Arabia’s Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman sat down face to face for talks with Theresa May today as Britain rolled out the red carpet for his visit. The two leaders agreed to set a target for around £65 billion of trade and investment between the two countries over the coming years. The PM also raised ‘deep concerns at the humanitarian situation in Yemen’ where Saudi led forces are raging a bloody war and have been accused of breaching internal humanitarian law. They met for talks together with senior officials on both sides at the first ever UK-Saudi Arabia Strategic Partnership Council – a high-powered meeting will be repeated annually to build ties.” – Daily Mail

  • Labour accused of putting thousands of defence jobs at risk over Saudi protest – Daily Mail
  • Ministers ‘colluding in war crimes’, Opposition claim – The Times


  • The man dragging Saudi Arabia into the modern era – John R Bradley, Daily Mail


  • Britain should help the Crown Prince push for reform – The Times


…as Boles urges her to break off ties to Russia over Salisbury attacks

“Theresa May has been urged by one of her MPs to retaliate after the disclosure that a British police officer was poisoned in an attempt to murder a Russian spy. Britain has yet to accuse Russia of being behind the attack. However, Nick Boles called on the UK to break off diplomatic ties immediately. “I do not see how we can maintain diplomatic relations with a country that tries to murder people on British soil and puts the lives of British citizens at risk. It’s time for us to turn tough talk into action,” he tweeted. The police officer, who had gone to the aid of Sergei Skripal and his daughter, Yulia, was critically ill last night… Chris Bryant, Labour MP for the Rhondda and a persistent critic of Russia, said the fact that a police officer was a casualty of the poisoning made a significant difference to the political context.” – The Times

  • Tugendhat calls on the Government to get tough on oligarchs – The Sun


  • Rudd says she can ‘guarantee’ the public’s safety – The Sun
  • Police say new evidence suggests Kremlin was behind assassination attemptThe Times
  • Europol head warns of Brexit security ‘impediments’ – FT

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Government mulls alcohol ban for men who abuse their partners

“Domestic abuse suspects face being banned from drinking alcohol and could be electronically tagged under a Government crackdown. Courts and police would be given extra powers to ensure bullies stay away from partners and family members they are accused of tormenting, even if there is not enough evidence to charge them. Domestic Violence Protection Orders, introduced in 2015 and which ban abusive partners from going near their home for up to 28 days, would be extended under proposals unveiled today by the Home Office. For the first time, culprits could be required to attend parenting programmes, undergo drug and alcohol treatment or stay away from a specified place for more than four weeks to reduce the risk of them carrying out further abuse.” – Daily Mail

  • 200 business leaders and MPs sign letter urging ministers to back female entrepreneurs – Daily Telegraph

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Theresa May: Our new Domestic Abuse Bill will help protect women

“Under our plans economic abuse will be recognised for the first time as a type of domestic abuse. If you have your finances withheld, are denied access to employment or transport, or are forced to take out loans – that’s simply not right. We want to open up the conversation on this issue which means that we expect – indeed hope – that more victims will come forward. We recognise this will put more pressure on the system and have heard the concerns from charities and tireless campaigning by The Sun for sustainable funding for refuges. We are committed to that and we want to hear from charities and those on the front line about how best to deliver this.” – The Sun

  • How men can tackle gender inequality and injustice – William Hague, Daily Telegraph
  • Cox wanted women and girls to feel empowered and safe – Penny Mordaunt MP, Times Red Box

Chancellor says Government could trade access to UK fishing waters for a better deal

“Ministers are ‘open’ to trading away access to Britain’s fishing grounds in return for a better Brexit deal, Philip Hammond said yesterday. In a frank admission, the Chancellor suggested that British fishermen might have to accept foreign trawlers having significant access even after the UK has regained control of its traditional fishing grounds. Asked whether it would be ‘acceptable’ to trade off fishing rights in return for a better deal for lucrative sectors of the economy such as the City, Mr Hammond said: ‘Fishing is an iconically important British industry and we are very clear that we are taking control of our waters.” – Daily Mail

  • Impact of ‘Brexit bill’ on UK finances to be revealed – FT
  • Hammond says that UK could reject any deal which excludes financial services – The Guardian
  • Scottish fishermen react with fury to EU access demands – Daily Telegraph
  • Sturgeon in soft Brexit appeal – The Scotsman
  • EU accused of double standard over fishing rights – The Times
  • Sinn Fein reject calls for anti-Brexit pact with Labour – Belfast Telegraph
  • Hammond receives ‘£10 billion budget boost’ – Daily Mail


  • The Chancellor must tackle our domestic problems now – Nicky Morgan MP, Times Red Box
  • Tackling the deficit was just a pretext for slashing the state – Frances Ryan, The Guardian
  • The Tories have done it, and the age of austerity can now end – Nick Timothy, Daily Telegraph

Ministers to crack down on stealth care home fees

“Care home operators are to be banned from forcing grieving families to pay accommodation charges for weeks after their relative dies. Ministers have told firms they must remove the hidden fees – which can reach thousands of pounds – with the threat of legislation if they fail to ditch unscrupulous practices. The Daily Mail has repeatedly highlighted the issue of families being fleeced by care home chains. The warning that they must overhaul their contracts comes after the Government’s market regulator revealed that they may be breaking the law by failing to tell families they could have to pay so-called death fees for up to a month.” – Daily Mail

Senior Momentum official attacks Labour’s trades union links

“A senior Momentum official has called for Labour to cut its links to trade unions. Christine Shawcroft, a member of Labour’s national executive committee, accused the unions of “sticking it” to rank-and-file supporters of the party, which should belong to its members. The comments on her Facebook page were part of a statement endorsing Jon Lansman, the Momentum founder, for the role of general secretary. He is a frontrunner for the top job alongside Jennie Formby, a Unite official, in a heated contest that insiders see as a battle for the future of the party… Mr Lansman and Momentum sought to distance themselves from her remarks. A Momentum spokesman said: “We’re very proud of the strong links Momentum has to the trade union movement. We believe Labour is strongest when trade unions and member organisations work together closely.”” – The Times

  • MPs call for resignation of Corbyn ally – The Sun


  • Far left want Labour to abandon the unions as they fear Corbyn’s rule is build on sand – Tom Harris, Daily Telegraph
  • Brexit Britain could soon be humming to a Marxist tune – Philip Stephens, FT

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