NHS 1) May ‘defies Treasury’ to pledge £4 billion ‘birthday present’ for the health service

‘Theresa May is planning to plough billions of extra pounds a year into health spending as part of a “birthday present” to mark the 70th anniversary of the NHS. Senior government sources say the prime minister will overrule the Treasury and boost spending to tackle growing waiting times and neutralise Labour’s political trump card. The announcement, scheduled for July, is expected to lead to up to £4bn extra annually for the health service over the next 10 years. A special NHS tax is “still on the table”, a cabinet source said. The new money will kick in from next spring, as Britain leaves the European Union, allowing ministers to argue that the government has begun to fulfil the pledge of Vote Leave that £350m a week should be diverted to the NHS. It follows months of lobbying by Jeremy Hunt, the health secretary, and Boris Johnson, the foreign secretary.’ – Sunday Times

NHS 2) Hunt announces boost for midwifery to save babies’ lives

‘A £75 million plan to recruit an extra 3,000 midwives and save the lives of 700 babies a year will be unveiled by Jeremy Hunt this week. The move is designed to restore midwives to the traditional role they had in pregnancy and childbirth in the past, as portrayed in the BBC drama Call The Midwife…Mr Hunt says boosting the role of midwives could save the lives of 700 babies a year, with 500 fewer born with brain defects. He says it is absurd that many pregnant women do not currently meet their midwife until they go into labour. Under his scheme, by 2025 all pregnant women will have one midwife from their 20-week scan right through to the baby’s birth.’ – Mail on Sunday

  • The news is part of a plan to halve still birth, neonatal death and brain injury by 2025 – The Sun on Sunday
  • Hospital checks are ‘impossible’ – The Observer

Brexit 1) Rees-Mogg: Failing to deliver Brexit would be a “national humiliation” on the scale of Suez

‘Britain will suffer its biggest 
“national humiliation” since the Suez crisis if the Government fails to deliver a clean Brexit, the leader of a 60-strong group of Eurosceptic Conservative MPs will warn this week. In a speech on Thursday marking a year until the day of the UK’s official
 departure from the EU, Jacob Rees-Mogg is expected to say that if the country were “not to leave” or to find that the “transition” period became a permanent arrangement, it would cause “the most almighty smash to the national psyche that could be imagined”. It comes after EU leaders agreed details of a transition period that keeps the UK in the single market and customs union for 21 months after Brexit on March 29 2019. Two parliamentary committees want that period to be extended.’ – Sunday Telegraph

Brexit 2) Johnson dismisses ‘ludicrous’ allegations of conspiracy on campaign spending

‘Boris Johnson, the Foreign Secretary and a leading campaigner for Brexit, dismissed claims his side broke electoral spending rules during the 2016 EU referendum campaign as “ludicrous”. A whistleblower claimed that Vote Leave, the main campaign group advocating Brexit, sought to avoid a legal cap on spending by diverting funds to BeLeave, a separate group run by Darren Grimes, then a student activist. Coordination between supposedly independent campaigns is not allowed under electoral law. Vote Leave was reportedly close to the £7million legal spending limit when it donated £625,000 in the final days of the referendum campaign to a smaller pro-Brexit group, BeLeave…A judgment issued last week said a statement by the Electoral Commission was “misleading” in “asserting that it had never given advice that Vote Leave could lawfully make the donation it did”. It came after the Electoral Commission faced accusations of bias for declining to open an investigation into claims of Remain campaign groups breaching rules.’ – Sunday Telegraph


  • Sore losers are trying to win through litigation what they failed to win through democracy – Sunday Telegraph Leader
  • Facebook data did not swing Brexit – but the company must still face reform – Sunday Times Leader
  • We don’t know if Cambridge Analytica influence the result or not – The Observer Leader

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Brexit 3) Davis ‘threatens to resign’ if the deal ‘does a Heath’ by betraying fishermen

‘David Davis has privately threatened to resign if Britain’s fishermen are not handed control of their waters again from 2021. The Brexit secretary told cabinet colleagues he would quit if the final deal thrashed out with the EU did not allow the UK to leave the common fisheries policy and reclaim Britain’s territorial waters. Davis spoke out during a heated discussion after the government was forced to accept that the UK would remain subject to EU fishing quotas during the two-year transition period between 2019 and the end of 2020. “DD said he’d resign if we do a Ted Heath and sell out the fishermen,” a cabinet source revealed. Heath is widely accused of sacrificing the British fishing industry to get a trade deal with Brussels in the early 1970s. Scottish Tory MPs and leading Eurosceptics reacted with fury last week at the transitional deal.’ – Sunday Times

Over 100 MPs urge action to end ‘pauper funerals’ for children

‘More than 100 MPs have told Theresa May to act on the growing funeral poverty “crisis” after a Sunday Times investigation found babies being buried in cardboard coffins and councils denying relatives their loved ones’ ashes. The MPs signed a letter to the prime minister describing our findings as “harrowing”. They are demanding a special fund be created so all bereaved parents receive automatic financial support to bury their children. “It is sickening that people’s financial stability should be a factor in how they choose to lay their loved ones to rest,” it reads. “No parent should have to face the added uncertainty of debt when they are already struggling to cope with the death of their child.” The Labour leader, Jeremy Corbyn, and Iain Duncan Smith, the ex-cabinet minister and former Conservative Party leader, are among 104 signatories.’ – Sunday Times

  • The Speaker’s former private secretary opens up about ‘conspiracy’ to cover up bullying – Sunday Times

The Home Office misses its armed police target

‘Theresa May is facing embarrassment after the government missed its target to boost the number of armed police on Britain’s streets. The Home Office has failed to meet a pledge to train an extra 1,000 firearms officers by this month. The promise was rushed out after the Paris and Brussels terror attacks in 2015 and 2016, when May was home secretary, and was cited repeatedly last year to reassure the public after the Westminster, Manchester and London Bridge atrocities. However, police chiefs have persuaded only 650 new officers to bear arms. One factor is said to be the Independent Office for Police Conduct’s insistence on treating armed officers as suspects each time they discharge weapons. “These figures underline the reckless gamble the Tories took when they slashed 1,000 armed officers after coming to power,” said Louise Haigh, the shadow police minister.’ – Sunday Times

  • Court case increases number of rough sleepers from the EU – Sunday Times
  • Labour plans new council house building target – The Sun on Sunday

Umunna challenges Corbyn over anti-semitic mural

‘Jeremy Corbyn was at the centre of another anti-Semitism row last night, amid claims that Labour would never tolerate racism against black people in the same way. Branding his party’s response to anti-Jewish attacks as ‘unacceptable’, leading black Labour MP Chuka Umunna, whose father was Nigerian, suggested Labour would be stricter dealing with discrimination ‘with regard to black people’. The row erupted as Mr Corbyn struggled to contain Labour MPs’ anger over his decision to defend the artist responsible for an anti-Semitic mural, depicting a group of ‘hook-nosed’ men huddled around a Monopoly-style board…The Streatham MP said: ‘If we were dealing with… hatred and discrimination emanating in and around the Labour Party with regard to black people, I would not stand for that kind of thing. And I’d be very surprised actually if the Labour Party dealt with that kind of incidence of racism in that way.’’ – Mail on Sunday

  • The Campaign Against Anti-Semitism has made a formal complaint to the NEC over his actions – Sunday Times
  • Will the moderates ever make a stand? – Sunday Telegraph Leader
  • Now Momentum and Unite are at war over trans rights – Sunday Times
  • Union watchdog to review McCluskey’s re-election – Sunday Times
  • Speculation that Smith had threatened to resign over Salisbury response before sacking over Brexit – Mail on Sunday
  • Why didn’t Corbyn sack Abbott for the same referendum offence? – The Sun on Sunday
  • We can’t allow Labour to split over Brexit, says Starmer – The Observer
  • Warn the young of the gloom that life under socialism will bring, urges Grayling – Sunday Telegraph
  • Analysing the Labour leader’s bookshelves – Sunday Times


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Seely: Putin will try to get Labour into power – we must prepare to defend against him

‘His most powerful weapons are computer hackers, criminal gangs, cyber warriors and internet trolls. And this war is being fought on the new battlegrounds of Facebook and Twitter as well as on TV. Jeremy Corbyn’s rise has given Putin a golden opportunity in Britain. He would love nothing more than to see the disarmament-loving, Nato-hating Labour leader and his hard-Left clique in Downing Street…We are witnessing a cyber-age rerun of the Cold War — and the likely Russian nerve agent attack in Salisbury was merely the latest in a wave of incursions. Across Europe and America, the Kremlin is actively subverting politicians and governments it does not like…Britain must be prepared for a long and difficult Cold War-style conflict along these new battle lines. With four years at most until the next General Election, Putin will throw his resources at trying to get “useful idiot” Jeremy Corbyn into No10.’ – Bob Seely, The Sun on Sunday

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Police ordered not to share concerns with social services for fear of breaching paedophiles’ rights

‘Hundreds of police files seen by The Sunday Times show that a fear of breaching paedophiles’ rights is deterring officers from sharing information with social workers about children at risk of abuse. Bosses in Britain’s biggest police force have ordered rank-and-file officers not to share concerns automatically with children’s services, as disclosing “personal information” about suspects may need their “consent”. The order appears to breach Scotland Yard’s own safeguarding procedures, set up after Peter Connelly, 17 months, known as Baby P, was tortured to death in 2007. “Records contain personal information,” says one email to police child abuse teams from the senior officer in charge of safeguarding, “and unless certain criteria are met then consent from the relevant individual must be explicitly agreed before police disclose this information.” The message, sent in November 2013, emphasised that officers “should not routinely disclose” records to “other agencies”.’ – Sunday Times

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