May “ready to pay up to €50 billion to the EU, wants to keep it quiet until after Party conference”…

“The Mail on Sunday understands that the Prime Minister has been advised that Britain is likely to have to fork out up to €50 billion – £46 billion at current exchange rates – as the only way to break the deadlock of the Brexit talks. But anticipating a backlash from her party’s anti-EU wing, Mrs May hopes to wait for the Tories’ Manchester conference to conclude on October 4 before announcing the details.” – Mail on Sunday

  • Beginners guide to the dispute – Sunday Times
  • Pay up until 2023, German EU budget commissioner tells UK – Sunday Telegraph
  • Cabinet sources say there’s a one in three chance of no deal – Sunday Telegraph
  • Pro-Brexit economists divide over tariffs – Mail on Sunday
  • Britain’s poorest families will be £2,288 a year better off ‘thanks to Brexit’ as groceries and rent will tumble say Economists for Free Trade, Leave Means Leave and Labour Leave. – Sun on Sunday
  • EU demands we fund Pyrenees bear breeding program – Sun on Sunday

…As Labour Remain refuseniks urge Corbyn to target the EU Withdrawal Bill’s timetable

“Jeremy Corbyn has been warned by his MPs not to do a ‘grubby deal’ with the Government to limit the debate on the Bill taking us out of the EU – or risk facing a ‘complete s***storm’. When MPs return to the Commons tomorrow after the summer break, they will debate the EU Withdrawal Bill.  But in an attempt to limit the potential for rebellions by pro-EU Tory MPs, Government whips are hoping to restrict the time for MPs to debate the measure to six days, compared with 20 for the Maastricht Treaty in 1993.” – Mail on Sunday

  • Green warns other former Tory Remainers that working with Labour could let Corbyn into office… – Sunday Telegraph
  • …(Green article in full) – Sunday Telegraph
  • …But Soubry says that it’s her duty to do what she believes is in the national interest, rather than bow to intimidation and bullying by party managers – Observer
  • Labour gearing up for Repeal Bill fight to keep UK in single market –
  • Independent
  • Cornyn’s army is as vicious as the White Walkers – Dan Hodges, Mail on Sunday
  • May not invited to Paris refugee crisis summit –


David Davis:  While Corbyn and his cronies have taken the summer off, the Government has been busy paving the way for Brexit

“So this summer, ministers have headed to the airports with presentations and smart shoes rather than paperbacks and sunglasses.
Liam Fox has been to America, the Prime Minister has been to Japan, and a raft of Cabinet colleagues have travelled across the globe from Bogota to New Zealand. All carrying the message that Brexit Britain is ready to trade with old friends and new. I was in Washington last week and the message was clear. The rest of the world values our commitment to being good global citizens, admires the strength of our economy and wants to see us succeed.” – Sun on Sunday

Survation says that most Tory voters don’t back May leading the Conservatives into the next election…and add that Rees-Mogg is now hard on Johnson’s heels as their choice to succeed her

“In a timely boost, the Foreign Secretary, dismissed as an ‘international joke’ by the Times newspaper last week, is the clear favourite heir to May among the public as a whole, and significantly, among people who voted Conservative at the last Election. More surprisingly, his nearest leadership rival is maverick Old Etonian and ‘hard Brexiteer’ Jacob Rees-Mogg, dubbed ‘the new Boris’ by some. As a mark of how seriously Tory voters take the increasingly ambitious Rees-Mogg, in a run-off between Jacob and Boris, Johnson wins by only two percentage points, according to the poll.” – Mail on Sunday

  • (But YouGov finds that six out of ten Tory voters don’t disagree with her leading the Tories into the next election) – Sunday Times (£)
  • Conservative MPs who want May out think her declaration to stay on has helped them… – Sunday Times
  • …But Ministers label them “self-indulgent” – Sunday Express
  • Morgan and Soubry think she can’t survive… – Observer
  • But May’s supporters say: “As soon as you send a signal you might not stay on as leader your authority evaporates.” – Sunday Telegraph
  • May joins forces with three former Prime Ministers to lead campaign to honour UK’s emergency services – Sun on Sunday

Andrew Gimson: May was right to make Johnson Foreign Secretary, and must now not merely stand by him but harness his powers to the full

Few other politicians of the present day possess either his quickness of apprehension or his ability to communicate with the wider public, and none is more committed than he is to bringing to a successful conclusion the process which he himself helped to set in train. He is in fact a far more serious figure than most of the scribblers who console themselves for their impotence by condemning him. May was right to make him Foreign Secretary and must now not merely stand by him but harness his powers to the full. As to leadership prospects for the man today denounced as the clown prince, funnier things have happened.” – Mail on Sunday

  • May has weakened her position (1) – Adam Boulton, Sunday Times
  • May has weakened her position (2) – Andrew Rawnsley, Observer

Last week, ConservativeHome revealed that Crosby Textor is still working for CCHQ. Today, the firm’s opponents are targeted by a leaked memo.  Crosby warned May that the election was risky.

“The ‘killer memo’ was written by her Australian-born Tory Election guru Sir Lynton Crosby in April, days before May announced the surprise June 8 poll.  In it, Crosby, known as the ‘Wizard of Oz’ because of his record of election campaign successes, told her in stark terms there was ‘a lot of risk’ in calling a snap ballot. Voters were desperate to ‘avoid uncertainty’ – but by going to the polls, May was doing the exact opposite, Crosby warned.” – Mail on Sunday

Breaking: North Korea “has conducted another nuclear test”

“An earthquake has been detected in North Korea triggering fears that Pyongyang has conducted another nuclear test. According to the China’s Earthquake Administration the earthquake measured 6.3 magnitude. The administration said there had been a massive explosion, suggesting that North Korea had carried out its sixth nuclear test. Another estimate said the earthquake was 5.2 magnitude.
The authorities in Seoul also said they believed Kim Jong-un’s regime may have performed a nuclear test.” – Sunday Telegraph

News in Brief

  • Five-year-olds wear hijab as school uniform – Sunday Times
  • Taxpayers fork out £54 a second to fix mistakes made by ministers and officials –
  • Sun on Sunday
  • Government prepares clampdown on fixed-odds betting machines –
  • Observer
  • Rogue private landlords given £2.5 billion a year of public money, new analysis reveals – Independent
  • Fears National Trust publication of hunt details could lead to online trolling – Sunday Telegraph
  • Cameron booked to speak in the wilds of South Dakota to a £5 a head crowd – Sunday Express