EU 1) Duncan Smith urges May to sack anti-Brexit trade envoys

“Theresa May was last night urged to sack four British trade envoys who have spoken out against Brexit. Former Tory leader Iain Duncan Smith said it was ‘absurd’ for those who were ‘viscerally opposed to Brexit’ to represent the UK during trade negotiations. David Cameron appointed a cross-party network of 20 ‘trade envoys’ in 2012 to represent the UK in emerging markets around the world. But four of them are battling to keep Britain in the EU, even though this would make it much harder to strike trade deals around the world.” – Daily Mail

  • Job advert reveals surprise plan for new trade unit – FT
  • Gove suggests EU ships can negotiate access to British fishing waters – Daily Express
  • British Government aims to ‘drive down whisky tariffs – The Scotsman

More EU:

  • Aviation minister Callanan vows to take EU to task for airport chaos – Daily Mail
  • Row escalates as airlines accuse ministers of ignoring warnings – Daily Telegraph
  • French bank chief says Brexit won’t cause any large relocation – Daily Express
  • Top universities demand rethink on citizens’ rights – The Independent


  • Britain can start trade talks before Brexit, so get on with it – David Collins, Daily Telegraph

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EU 2) BBC dismisses claims of pro-Remain bias ‘out of hand’

“The BBC was accused of a ‘whitewash’ last night after it rejected claims of anti-Brexit bias out of hand. In a dismissive letter to MPs, the corporation’s director of news James Harding insisted the corporation was ‘impartial’ over Brexit. A cross-party group of MPs wrote to the BBC last month to complain that the corporation’s coverage of the EU had become biased against Brexit in the wake of last year’s referendum. MPs cited analysis of BBC Radio Four last year suggesting listeners were two-and-a-half times more likely to hear a pro-EU voice than a pro-Brexit one.” – Daily Mail

  • Corporation bosses reject calls for new guidelines – The Sun

EU 3) Corbyn could ‘split Tories’ with vote on Single Market membership

“Jeremy Corbyn may force a vote on continued membership of the single market and customs union in the autumn and appeal to Tory MPs for support. The Labour leader has embraced retaining single market membership during a transition phase and the party has not ruled out backing continued membership after Brexit. Both positions could be put to the test within months with some Tories admitting that they might side with Labour to avoid a hard Brexit. Even with the support of the Democratic Unionist Party it takes only seven MPs to defeat the government if all the opposition parties are united.” – The Times (£)

  • Starmer accused of ‘betraying voters’ with new EU stance… – The Sun
  • …as Tories say he’s trying to kick Brexit into the long grass – The Guardian

More Brexit:

  • Brussels fears UK has been playing up impression of unpreparedness – Daily Express
  • Outgoing French ambassador praises Hammond’s Brexit stance… – The Sun
  • …as she says election result has allowed for ‘real debate’ – The Guardian

More Labour:

  • Businesses seek links with the Opposition – The Times (£)
  • Prospect of ‘trench warfare’ in Parliament as pairing deal fails – FT


  • Remainers blame Cameron because they think voters stupid – Tom Harris, Daily Telegraph
  • Can and should Britain remain part of the EEA? – David Allen Green, FT
  • A second referendum looks more likely by the day – Vernon Bogdanor, The Guardian


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Transport: Plans to remove speed humps criticised by safety campaigners

“Removing speed bumps to improve air quality is a “daft and irresponsible” idea, road safety campaigners have claimed as they urged ministers to rethink the plans. The Government’s newly published strategy to reduce air pollution urges councils to change road layouts and get rid of street furniture to cut down on harmful emissions. Ministers have insisted that road safety must not be compromised by any changes. But campaigners fear that ripping up speed bumps would make pedestrians less safe and could actually cause pollution to increase.” – Daily Telegraph

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Housing: Ministers announce reforms to make private rental market ‘family friendly’

“Ministers are to change the national planning rules to put pressure on landlords to offer tenancies of three years rather than one. It is part of a switch in government policy to encourage developers to build new rental properties rather than concentrate on houses for sale. The government is seeking to push councils and developers to boost the private rental sector and tackle affordability with a scheme known as Build to Rent. Institutional landlords have promised to offer three-year tenancy agreements after pressure from the government to make renting more family friendly.” – The Times (£)

  • Tories need a new vision for a property-owning democracy – Kwasi Kwarteng, Daily Telegraph

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Shadow minister criticised US for imposing sanctions on Venezuela

“A key ally of Jeremy Corbyn has criticised the United States for imposing sanctions on Venezuela amid accusations that the country’s president, Nicolas Maduro, is behaving like a “dictator”… The US has reacted to the election by imposing financial sanctions on Mr Maduro, with Boris Johnson, the Foreign Secretary, accusing him of acting like the “dictator of an evil regime”. But Chris Williamson, a shadow Home Office minister, condemned the move by the US as he said it “can’t be right” to impose sanctions at a time of “massive crisis” in the country.” – Daily Telegraph

  • Labour’s chief spin doctor accused US of ‘destabilising’ socialist regime – The Sun
  • MPs’ concerns heap pressure on Corbyn to speak out – The Guardian
  • Sinn Fein claim election of Venezuelan despot was ‘free and fair’ – Daily Mail
  • Government threatens Maduro regime with sanctions – The Sun


  • Labour MP welcomes prospect of Northern Irish border poll – The Times (£)
  • DUP leader slams ‘disrespectful’ Irish prime minister – The Sun


  • Corbyn’s silence on Venezuela speaks volumes – David Aaronovitch, The Times (£)

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News in Brief:

  • Drug deaths hit record levels in England and Wales – The Sun
  • Prince Philip carries out his last public engagement – Daily Mail
  • ‘Jungle’ camp returns to Calais – The Times (£)
  • Scientist’s call for Britain to take the lead on gene editing – Daily Telegraph
  • FTSE 100 chiefs hit with £1 million pay cuts after outcry – FT
  • Italy rejects Macron’s compromise in shipyard dispute – Daily Express
  • Russia threatens ‘trade war’ over Trump’s sanctions bill – The Independent
  • Whitehall blocks release of record number of documents – The Sun
  • ‘Toxic’ mix of reforms blamed for jails crisis – Daily Mail

And finally… Rees-Mogg invites ‘Moggmentum’ fan to Parliament

“Eccentric Tory MP Jacob Rees-Mogg today pledged support for a young fan who has had the word “Moggmentum” tattooed on his chest. The backbencher invited 24-year-old Conservative activist Ross Atkinson to have tea with him in Parliament after hearing about his extreme devotion. He said he was “enormously flattered” when he heard about the tattoo – and warned his fan not to turn to the left or he would risk regretting his decision. Mr Atkinson, from Doncaster, paid £50 to get the word “Moggmentum” tattooed on his pectoral muscle.” – The Sun