Blueprint shows Britain “planning to outsource border checks” to Irish government

European Union citizens will be able enter Britain by crossing the unmanned Irish border after Brexit, the Government has admitted. A Whitehall blueprint about the relationship with Ireland made clear that Britain will effectively outsource border checks to in Northern Ireland to the Irish Government. The news will raise fears of a backdoor into Britain for migrants from the European Union after Britain quits the EU in March 2019.” – Daily Telegraph

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May says leaders should “condemn far right views wherever we hear them”

“Theresa May has criticised Donald Trump and said he has a responsibility to condemn far right views following his response to the violent white supremacist rally in Charlottesville. However, despite this, Number 10 has confirmed that the state visit from Donald Trump will go ahead, despite anger from MPs” – Daily Telegraph


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Timothy: Tuition fees are a “pointless Ponzi scheme”

“Tuition fees were supposed to make university funding fairer for the taxpayer, but more than three quarters of graduates will never pay back their debts. The Office for Budget Responsibility calculates that student loans will add 11.1 per cent of GDP to the national debt by the late 2030s. We have created an unsustainable and ultimately pointless Ponzi scheme, and young people know it. With average debts of £50,000, graduates in England are the most indebted in the developed world.” – Daily Telegraph

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More higher education

  • Government “to crack down” on increasing number of top degrees – Independent

Regulator says legislation would be needed for government to lower energy bills

“The man in charge of policing Britain’s energy sector admitted he is “concerned” at the slew of electricity and gas price rises this year but stressed that legislation would be required for the government to deliver on its promises of lower household bills. Dermot Nolan, chief executive of Ofgem, has faced criticism for proposing a limited safeguard tariff that would extend protections to only about 2.2m “vulnerable” customers. The move in July angered campaigners lobbying for a more extensive cap on energy prices following a pre-election pledge by prime minister Theresa May to cut annual bills by £100 for 17m UK families.” – FT

  • Pressure on review adviser to quit over financial interest – Daily Telegraph

May to announce mental health awareness course as part of National Citizen Service programme

“More than 100,000 teenagers a year will be given mental health training to help them cope with the pressure of exam and build up their self-esteem, the Prime Minister announces today. Theresa May will unveil plans to make a new mental health awareness course part of the National Citizen Service programme for teenagers in a bid to reduce the levels of depression and anxiety. Mental health issues disproportionately affect young people, with over half of mental health problems starting by the age of 14 and 75 per cent by the age of 18.” – Daily Telegraph

  • This follows fears of growing teenage stress levels – The Sun

Corbyn “forces Champion to resign” over comments about Pakistani involvement in grooming gangs

“Jeremy Corbyn has forced one of his senior ministers to resign after she claimed that some Pakistani men groom and rape young white girls, it has emerged. Sarah Champion, the Labour MP for Rotherham and former shadow secretary of state for women and equalities, was asked to resign after writing an article in The Sun newspaper warning that more must be done to stop gangs of Pakistani men targeting young girls for sex.” – Daily Telegraph

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>Yesterday: Rob Halfon in Comment: What Littlefinger thinks about ladders. Why he’s wrong. And why Corbyn is wrong about them too.

News in Brief

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