Government Brexit Fightback 1) May to make major Brexit speech, Davis to unleash position paper blizzard.

“David Davis will insist all cash is off the table until they discuss the “bigger issue” of our future relations. The Brexit Secretary will bombard them with a mountain of detailed proposals covering everything from trade to migration. It is part of a determined drive to end the EU’s obsession with a cash settlement and talk about the post-2019 partnership. Theresa May will trigger a flurry of activity tomorrow when she returns from her three-week walking holiday determined to put Britain back on the front foot. The PM is planning a major speech to lay out her vision for the nation’s future partnership with the EU.” -
Sun on Sunday

Government Brexit Fightback 2) Hammond and Fox unity statement over implementation period.  There will be one. But it will be time-limited”. Britain is leaving the EU.

“After a summer of bitter Cabinet infighting, the Chancellor of the Exchequer and Dr Fox, the International Trade Secretary, appear to bury the hatchet with a joint pledge that there will be a fixed transition period after leaving the EU. In an article written for the Telegraph, the ministers – representing the Remain and Leave wings of the Tory party –  say this will be “time limited” and designed to avoid a “cliff edge” that could damage British business. Although they do not say how long this period will last, it will not represent an attempt to stay in the EU indefinitely, they say.” – Sunday Telegraph

  • Government ‘to insist on Northern Ireland border spot checks post-Brexit’ – Independent
  • Ireland to be offered free movement deal – Sunday Express
  • New ‘fast track surrender scheme’ to replace the European Arrest Warrant after Brexit – Sunday Telegraph
  • Verhofstadt sounds off on ECJ and the European Arrest Warrant – Mail on Sunday
  • David Miliband calls for second referendum – Observer
  • Freedom of movement blamed for rise of trafficking and slaves – Sunday Times (£)
  • Merkel races ahead in the polls with six weeks to go – Observer
  • Davis linked to City trader fined for insider dealing – Observer
  • Cabinet unity puts Brexit back on track – Sunday Telegraph editorial
  • Time for cocky Brussels chiefs to shut up – Sun on Sunday Editorial

In the wake of calls for a new Democrat Party, Anna Soubry says that she’s ready to put country before party over Brexit

“People have asked me two questions, if the worst happened and we staggered recklessly towards a ‘Hard Brexit’ that would destroy the lives and livelihoods of my constituents: Could I ever see myself joining with like-minded people who want to save our country from such an appalling fate? And has that moment arrived yet? The answer to the first question is ‘it is not impossible’; the answer to the second is ‘no’. But I would be betraying my principles if I did not make it clear that country must always come before party.” – Mail on Sunday

  • Remainers will get nowhere by continuing to shout: ‘Told you so’ – Anne McElvoy, Observer
  • Why a smooth Brexit deal should cost us nothing – John Redwood, Mail on Sunday

May to apologise for the election campaign at the Conservative Conference…

“Mrs May’s decision to beg the party faithful to forgive her for throwing away the party’s majority – and to let her stay in No 10 – is seen by MPs as a major gamble. Her supporters say it will ‘clear the air’ and stop the conference being dominated by recriminations over the Election and plots against her. ‘She knows she has to say sorry very loudly and clearly to the tens of thousands of our supporters who did all the door-knocking in the Election,’ said one of her advisers.” – Mail on Sunday

  • Prime Minister urged to sack McLoughlin, Javid, Leadsom and Hammond, and consider promoting Raab, Jo Johnson, Ellwood, Milton and Stewart – Sun on Sunday
  • May’s Vicar father warned German student guest not to insult England’s cricket team –
  • Mail on Sunday
  • The Tories will be lost until they learn how to be conservative – Roger Scruton, Sunday Times (£)

…As Rudd tells friends: I will stand for the Conservative leadership…

“The pro-EU Home Secretary has told friends that she intends to put herself forward and has brushed aside claims that her small constituency majority – she won Hastings and Rye by just 346 votes in June’s poll – could rule her out of the race.  Her plans will confirm suspicions of Tory Eurosceptics, who believe Ms Rudd is ‘on manoeuvres’ with Chancellor Philip Hammond, who shares her opposition to a ‘hard’ Brexit. The Brexiteers have also been alarmed by Ms Rudd’s growing friendship with Ruth Davidson, the increasingly influential Remain-supporting leader of the Scottish Tories.” – Mail on Sunday

…And, in the wake of that ConservativeHome survey showing him running second, Rees-Mogg is is “sounding out friends” about a potential candidacy, and giving his future “very careful consideration”

“The news comes days after the father of six was revealed as the second-most popular choice to become the next Tory leader in a poll of party members by the ConservativeHome website. In an interview with The Sunday Times, Rees-Mogg, 48, sidestepped questions about his ambition, saying: “I think if I threw my hat into the ring, my hat would be thrown back at me pretty quickly.” He has resolutely supported May, who lost her party’s majority in June’s general election.” – Sunday Times (£)

  • American academic: ‘I was at a lunch with Jacob very recently and he indicated he would like to be considered for the leadership when the time comes.” – Mail on Sunday
  • “ ‘I’m very interested in political ideas, developing Conservative thinking, and I’m very keen that we should have a positive message for Conservatism,’ he said. Will he never throw his hat into the ring of a future leadership election? ‘I think if I threw my hat in the ring, my hat would be thrown back at me pretty quickly,’ he said. – Rees-Mogg interview, Sunday Times (£)
  • “Could he become Tory leader? Stranger things have happened.” – Sunday Times Editorial (£)

Grayling backs learner driver lessons on motorways

From next year, learners will be able to drive on motorways with an approved driving instructor in a dual-control car. This follows a consultation exercise by the Department for Transport which reported ‘wide support’ for the reform.  Transport Secretary Chris Grayling said: ‘Younger drivers are up to seven times more likely to be killed or seriously injured compared with drivers over 25, and lack of experience is an important factor.” – Mail on Sunday

Labour MPs at odds over child abuse and Pakistani gangs

“Naz Shah accused Sarah Champion – Labour’s equalities spokesperson, with responsibility for how to prevent abuse – of making “blanket, racialised, loaded statements” that would set up stigmatised Pakistani boys to fail. In fact, the Bradford West MP said, the vast majority of abusers are white men – including, as recent scandals have revealed, football coaches and entertainers. Ms Champion, a shadow minister, hit the headlines when she warned people were failing to tell the truth about child abuse because they were afraid of being called racist.” – Independent on Sunday

Daniel Hannan: Venezuela – Why does socialist brutality get an easier ride than fascism?

“In every age and nation, some people are in the market for creeds that promise a new dawn, making no concession to past tradition or to human frailty. In this regard, if in no other, extreme socialists resemble hardline Islamists. They are happy to crack a few eggs in order to make the omelette. Still others are prepared to ally with any cause, however oppressive, provided it is sufficiently anti-Western. I fear that Corbyn is in this category.” – Sunday Telegraph

UKIP turmoil over Sharia Watch leadership candidate

“Anne Marie Waters, who founded an anti-Islam pressure group, is one of 11 people cleared to stand by the Ukip national executive committee…The decision has triggered senior Ukip MEP Mike Hookem to quit his post as a party whip today after the chief whip, Stuart Agnew, declared his support for Waters.Refusing to “turn a blind eye” to extremism, Hookem said in a statement: “I strongly disagree with the views Ms Waters and Mr Agnew promote and I would like to put as much distance between me and them as possible.” – Sun on Sunday

North Korea’s nuclear fire and fury threat to Trump

“State media also declared that the North Korean army is not afraid to back down from nuclear war should tensions bubble over, stating that Pyongyang is “capable of fighting any war the US wants”. The editorial added the US now “finds itself in an ever worsening dilemma, being thrown into the grip of extreme security unrest by the DPRK. This is tragicomedy of its own making. It continues: “If the Trump administration does not want the American empire to meet its tragic doom in its tenure, they had better talk and act properly.” It comes after Trump’s most recent comments, with the President claiming the US is “locked and loaded” and ready to deal with the threat posed by the hermit kingdom.” – Sunday Express

  • President under fire from Republicans for response to Charlottesville violence  –
  • Sunday Telegraph
  • Trump should give up the megaphone diplomacy – Malcolm Rifkind, Sun on Sunday

News in Brief

  • Strictly judge claims that he helped Osborne lose two stone – Mail on Sunday
  • Schools fear chaos over ‘tough’ A-levels – Sunday Times
  • State-school pupils missing out on university despite catching up with private ones – Sun on Sunday
  • Nearly a million people wrongly chased by HMRC for late tax – Sunday Telegraph
  • Poll claims public won’t accept “Queen Camilla” – Sunday Express
  • Chimpanzees learn to play rock, paper, scissors – Independent
  • Former Cameron advisers to advise Aggregate IQ – Observer
  • Mo Farah comes second – Mail on Sunday