Timothy warns Tories not to retreat into their comfort zone after shock electoral setback

Timothy believes the Party must return to a message of change to avoid an even worse result at the next general election. He says: “Overall the lesson of the election for the party and for the Government cannot be ‘Oh well, we tried that and we didn’t win the election we were hoping for so let’s not try it any more’. “If the party retreats to a much more orthodox Conservative proposition then I worry that won’t be sufficient to tackle the big problems that the country has and in five years’ time we do risk the election of a dangerous left-wing alternative.”” – Daily Telegraph

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Rudd ‘restarts’ leadership speculation after meeting with Davidson

“Home Secretary Amber Rudd sparked a fresh wave of leadership speculation after a secret summit with popular Scots Tory boss Ruth Davidson, it was revealed. The Cabinet Minister met Ms Davidson for a half hour drinks meeting in a plush Glasgow hotel last week – prompting rumours Ms Rudd is positioning herself for a tilt at the top job. The Scottish Conservatives leader, who kept Jeremy Corbyn out of Downing Street thanks to 12 Tory gains north of the border, is now considered “kingmaker” among Tory MPs. With her soaring popularity among grassroots members and colleagues she is being courted by ambitious MPs and ministers who all want her backing.” – The Sun


  • Whomever Davidson backs is halfway to Downing Street – James Forsyth, The Sun

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EU 1) Varadkar tries issuing ultimatum to May on customs union…

“Ireland’s prime minister has called on Theresa May to tear up her Brexit blueprint and work to keep Britain part of the European customs union and the single market. In a marked shift of tone from Dublin, Leo Varadkar used his first official visit to Northern Ireland to demand that London drop its proposal for a “technological solution” to the Irish border. He also appeared to hint that Dublin could block Brexit negotiations from moving on to trade talks in the autumn unless London changed its approach. The EU has demanded that Britain convince member states that “sufficient progress” has been made in resolving issues of citizens’ rights, the financial settlement and the Irish border before talks on a future relationship can begin.” – The Times (£)

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EU 2) Carney criticised for ‘blaming Brexit for everything’

“Mark Carney faced fierce criticism from Leave campaigners yesterday for another gloomy forecast of Britain’s economy after Brexit. British economist Gerard Lyons said ‘one almost had to squeeze out of him reasons to be optimistic’ after the Governor of the Bank of England gave a speech on the UK’s financial future. The former adviser to Boris Johnson said Mr Carney’s views were ‘unbalanced’ his stance was ‘very cautious’. He said the Canadian ‘almost blamed Brexit’ for everything. Speaking to BBC Newsnight on Thursday, he said it was hard to detect any positive information about the future of the British economy.” – Daily Mail

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EU 3) Minister calls for UK-only lanes as British airports

“Britain should introduce UK-only passport lanes at its own airports in retaliation for the customs chaos suffered in Europe, a minister said today. The unnamed Tory has suggested that it is ‘subterfuge’ by EU neighbours including France and Germany to warn what they’ll do to British travellers post-Brexit. EU rules that mean travellers from outside the Schengen free movement zone are subject to stricter vetting at passport control because of the terror threat in Europe. It has caused airport carnage with people queuing for up to four hours at passport control – sometimes twice the duration of their flight.” – Daily Mail

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Tory activists plan ‘festival of ideas’

“Camping. Slow food. Inspirational speakers. A Pyramid stage. It could be Glastonbury, except for one feature: Tory activists. Organisers of a new “Conservative Ideas Festival” are hoping to revive the spirit and popular appeal of Theresa May’s party after its battering in June’s general election. George Freeman, the Norfolk MP who chairs Mrs May’s policy board, came up with the idea after Labour’s Jeremy Corbyn took the Glastonbury Festival by storm this summer. “Why is it just the left who have all the fun in politics?” he said after Mr Corbyn’s appearance.” – FT

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Ministers 1) Hammond criticised for ‘shelving’ crackdown on gambling machines

“A clampdown on betting machines labelled the ‘crack cocaine of gambling’ has been shelved following an intervention by Chancellor Philip Hammond. Last year, ministers ordered a review of fixed-odds betting terminals, which are linked to addiction, family breakdown, debt and money laundering… The Department for Culture, Media and Sport wants to reduce the maximum stake on the machines to as little as £2. But the Treasury opposes the drastic cut, warning it could slash tax receipts.” – Daily Mail

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Ministers 2) Rudd announces new cash for police to hunt child abusers as they warn against vigilantes

“Self-styled paedophile hunters were yesterday told by police to ‘leave it to the professionals’. Senior officers said vigilante groups such as Dark Justice or The Hunted One could put child abuse investigations at risk. Their warning came as Home Secretary Amber Rudd announced a £20 million grant to extend an initiative where undercover detectives infiltrate internet chat rooms and forums used by suspected offenders. Forty-three people were arrested and 19 charged during a year-long pilot scheme. Norfolk Police believe they have protected at least 25 children as a result.” – Daily Mail

Government warned against cuts to the British Council

“A colonial-era institution that has promoted British culture and values around the world for 80 years faces winding up its work in key countries before Brexit, The Times has learnt. The British Council is seen as the leading player in the use of “soft power”, complementing the country’s military and diplomatic strength by sending writers, artists, musicians and actors around the globe… But critics have warned that the government is ending its funding for the council’s work in developed countries just as it is becoming increasingly important before the exit from the EU. The Foreign Office’s £39 million-a-year grant to fund much of its cultural activity in countries not entitled to aid is being cut to nothing over the next three years. It is reallocating the funding towards poorer countries.” – The Times (£)

Unite union’s links to Venezuelan regime

“An organisation that defends the left-wing Venezuelan regime is closely linked to the trade union Unite, The Times has learnt. The Venezuelan Solidarity Campaign (VSC) said that Britain and other governments should be “respecting the democratic decisions of the Venezuelan people”. It has also highlighted a group of observers who defended the integrity of the recent election. The VSC says online that the “progressive developments under way in Venezuela today are some of the most inspiring in the world… Yes to social progress! No to US intervention!” The group gives its address as a north London building that houses Unite’s regional office.” – The Times (£)


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Momentum take over moderate MP’s constituency party

“Hard-left activists emboldened by Jeremy Corbyn’s election success have staged a takeover of a leading moderate MP’s constituency party, renewing fears that centrist MPs could be at risk of deselection. Last week a slate of candidates backed by Momentum, the grassroots network supportive of the Labour leader, won all but one position on the party executive in Nottingham East, where Chris Leslie, the former shadow chancellor, is MP. Mr Leslie, who increased his majority to 19,590 in June, is an outspoken critic of Mr Corbyn and condemned the party leadership for missing “an open goal” in the wake of the election.” – The Times (£)

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