May says Britain ‘stands with Spain’ after terror attack

“Theresa May has said the UK ‘stands with Spain against terror’ following the deadly attack in Barcelona. The Prime Minister condemned the ‘terrible’ assault in the Spanish city which saw a van plough into pedestrians and follows a spate of similar attacks in London in recent months. She said: ‘My thoughts are with the victims of today’s terrible attack in Barcelona and the emergency services responding to this ongoing incident.’ – Daily Mail

  • Police kill ‘terrorists’ to halt second attack – The Times
  • Juncker pledges EU-wide response – The Independent
  • Disgust as Trump quotes apocryphal take of US general’s anti-Muslim tactic – Daily Mail
  • Lessons from Eta years taught Spain to prepare – The Times


  • The need for clear condemnation from Muslim clerics is clearer than ever – The Times

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Ministers 1) Javid backs ex-Shadow Cabinet member over article on grooming gangs

“A cabinet minister led an outcry from MPs, campaigners and the public yesterday after a Labour MP who spoke out over Pakistani men and grooming gangs was forced to quit. Sarah Champion resigned from the Shadow Cabinet on Wednesday after she wrote that the UK had a ‘problem’ with British Pakistani men abusing white girls. Yesterday Communities Secretary Sajid Javid, who is from a Pakistani background, wrote on Twitter: ‘Corbyn wrong to sack Sarah Champion. We need an honest open debate on child sexual exploitation, including racial motivation.’” – Daily Mail

  • Corbyn’s remarks on grooming gangs compared to Trump – The Times


  • Labour should applaud Champion, not silence her – Lord Blunkett, Daily Mail
  • She was right, and badly let down – Denis Macshane, The Times

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Ministers 2) Fallon apologises over soldier’s death

Defence Secretary Sir Michael Fallon has apologised to the mother of a British soldier who was killed by a roadside bomb while travelling in a Snatch Land Rover, according to reports. In a letter seen by the BBC, Sir Michael said bringing alternative protected vehicles into service “could have saved lives”. Private Phillip Hewett, 21, of Tamworth, Staffordshire, died in July 2005 after a Snatch Land Rover was blown up. Last year, the Chilcot Inquiry found a string of Ministry of Defence failings in the preparation for the Iraq War, including a delay in replacing the lightly-armoured Snatch Land Rovers which are vulnerable to bombs.” – Daily Telegraph

Brexit: Government revives Cameron’s plan to restrict migrants’ access to welfare…

“EU migrants will be barred from claiming in-work benefits unless they have been employed for at least four years after Brexit under plans to revive a pledge by David Cameron. The Telegraph understands that ministers are examining plans to bar migrants who arrive in the UK after March 2019 from claiming in-work benefits. Officials said that under the plans, to be published by the Home Office later this year, migrants could be barred from claiming benefits unless they have worked in the UK and “contributed” for four years. Another more generous plan would enable migrants to claim in work-benefits if they had lived in the UK for four years, regardless of their employment status over that period.” – Daily Telegraph

  • Hague urges May to pursue ‘liberal’ migration rules – Daily Telegraph

…as Remainers hope a poor deal will encourage reentry

“Remainers are hatching a fresh plot to take Britain back into the EU in the mid-20s, it emerged last night. Pro-EU MPs hope a poor post-Brexit trade deal with Brussels may open the way for a second referendum, reports the New Statesman. They believe voters will be more likely to vote for EU membership after they see what our new trading relationship with Brussels looks like – hoping it’s a failure. Government insiders say a new UK-EU trade deal won’t be ready until 2024. Remainers believe voters could then be offered a choice between the new arrangement and rejoining the EU through rules set out under Article 49 of the Lisbon Treaty.” – The Sun

  • Cable says there’s a ‘significant possibility’ Brexit won’t happen – The Independent
  • UK insists that trade talks will start in October – Daily Express
  • IEA claims that ‘no deal’ Brexit would not be a disaster – The Guardian
  • There’s ‘a lot to be done’, says May – The Scotsman
  • Local Government Association says cutting EU red tape could boost growth – The Sun


  • Tories must embrace capitalism to prepare Britain for Brexit – Francis Maude, Daily Telegraph

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Norman reveals that he’s been swept up by ‘Moggmentum’

“A Tory minister has revealed himself to be the most high-profile supporter of the movement to make Jacob Rees-Mogg Prime Minister. Jesse Norman said the eccentric backbencher “would be an outstanding candidate” to take over from Theresa May as Tory party leader. The Transport minister, who like Mr Rees-Mogg is an old Etonian, said he admired the so-called “Moggmentum” behind the MP. The 48-year-old has sought to distance himself from recent speculation that he is planning a tilt at the top job, despite a groundswell of support.” – The Sun

  • The Tories need cosmopolitan free-marketeers, not Rees-Mogg – Kate Maltby, The Guardian

Fraser Nelson: May is all the Tories have for now, but she may yet rise from the ashes

She is ready to try again, and has started by bringing fundamental change to No 10. The two advisers whom her colleagues blamed for the reign of terror have slowly been replaced by a new inner circle, chosen from MPs. They are James Brokenshire, Northern Ireland Secretary, Karen Bradley, the Culture Secretary, and Damian Green, whom she has appointed First Secretary of State. All three are marked out by loyalty, a quality that she values above all others. This is the basis for the restoration of functioning government.” – Daily Telegraph

Amess urges faster work on Big Ben

“Staff should work through the night on Big Ben renovations to cut the time the bell is silenced for, a member of the committee that signed off the work has said. Speeding up working on the Elizabeth Tower and the clock and bell it houses could be more expensive but if the work is completed in half the time everyone benefits, according to Sir David Amess. Parliament said it will review plans to silence the Great Bell for four years after Theresa May joined the backlash against the move but the bongs will still be halted after noon on Monday.” – Daily Mail

  • Nonsense to silence Parliamentary bell, says clockmaker – Daily Telegraph

Scottish Conservatives renew calls for SNP to scrap ‘Named Person’ legislation

“Nicola Sturgeon’s government had to redraw its plans to assign every child a “state guardian” after an embarrassing defeat in the UK Supreme Court, which ruled last year that parts of the original proposal breached parents’ human rights. Ministers have since published fresh legislation that waters down the named person’s ability to interfere with a child’s upbringing… Liz Smith, Scottish Conservative education spokesman, said the new bill did not fully address the concerns raised by the court and ministers had caused further confusion by telling parents “they are no longer obliged to accept the advice of a named person”, while also telling councils they have to provide a named person for every child.” – Daily Telegraph

  • Liberal Democrat deputy leader caught in spending row – The Times

Khan and Burnham risk being ‘frozen out’ of Labour conference

“Sadiq Khan and Andy Burnham face being frozen out of Labour conference this year as members push for more airtime to debate their own issues. Jeremy Corbyn, plus four top members of his shadow cabinet, are set for “starring” roles at Brighton’s annual gathering at the end of September… Other shadow ministers are set to speak, but are reported to have had their times cut compared to recent years. But the London Mayor has not yet been asked to speak, and Andy Burnham is also facing being squeezed out, HuffPost UK reported. The party, which has seen an influx of members since Mr Corbyn took to the helm in 2015, is now far more driven by its members.” – The Sun

News in Brief:

  • Ministers order companies to shrink savoury foods to cut obesity – Daily Mail
  • Boys outperform girls at A Level for the first time in almost 20 years – The Times
  • Judge rejects landmark challenge to Ulster’s gay marriage ban – Daily Telegraph
  • Waning fuel duty sparks interest in road pricing – FT
  • Commons chiefs snub offer of cats to solve mouse problem – The Sun
  • Trump will have resigned by autumn, claims former ally – Daily Express
  • Bannon claims there is ‘no military answer’ to North Korea – The Scotsman
  • Number of NHS patients on mixed-sex wards doubles in a year – The Independent
  • NHS chief sacked after ‘Carry On’ sex ring row – Daily Mail
  • Commonwealth migrants want equal rights to Europeans post-Brexit – The Times