Hunt to announce rebalancing of mental and physical healthcare

“The mental health workforce is to gain 21,000 new posts treating an extra million patients a year to help deliver Theresa May’s promised “revolution” in the sector, the Government has announced. Jeremy Hunt today reveals his plan to redress the “historic imbalance” between physical and mental health by 2021, which has seen rising numbers of patients being treated miles from home. The health secretary is promising round-the-clock, integrated psychiatric services for the first time, including an additional 4,600 specially trained nurses working in crisis centres.” – Daily Telegraph

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Hammond 1) Senior Conservative MPs warn him against middle-class tax hike

“Tory MPs have warned Philip Hammond that the Conservatives will pay a “heavy price” if he mounts a tax raid on middle-class families to plug a multi-billion pound black hole in the public finances. Treasury officials met last week and reportedly discussed increasing tax on fuel, homes and income as part of a plan to find billions of pounds ahead of the Autumn budget. But senior Conservative MPs have warned that Theresa May risks losing support from voters if tax hikes target those on middle-incomes, while a former minister said increasing fuel duty would hurt small businesses, prompting higher prices in the shops.” – Daily Telegraph

Hammond 2) He says post-Brexit Britain will be more European than Singaporean…

“Britain will not slash taxes and regulations after Brexit to undercut European rivals, Philip Hammond has said. In a marked softening of tone, the chancellor said that Britain’s social, economic and cultural model would remain “recognisably European” after it left the EU. The comments to a French newspaper appear to rule out Britain reinventing itself as a Singapore-style corporate tax haven to attract global businesses. Such an idea was floated by Mr Hammond in January as a proposed response to other EU nations blocking access to the single market.” – The Times (£)

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…As the Cabinet Brexit clash circles around transitional arrangements

Senior Conservative MPs are urging members of Theresa May’s cabinet to stop publicly setting out their demands for a transitional deal on Brexit, saying the move could make negotiations with the European Union more difficult. The warnings from senior leave campaigners and allies of the Brexit secretary, David Davis, come as ministers prepare to clash over issues of immigration and trade in a series of key meetings this autumn.” – Guardian

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  • Fox says continuing free movement would deny vote result – FT 
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…And Johnson says Cable is “lying” over claim former might stand down over Hammond plans

“Boris Johnson has accused Sir Vince Cable of “peddling lies” after the Liberal Democrat leader claimed he is poised to stand down as Foreign Secretary over Brexit. Sir Vince claimed he had been told by a senior civil servant that Mr Johnson is preparing to stand down over Philip Hammond’s plans for a three-year transition deal after Brexit. A spokesman for Mr Johnson denied the claim. He said: “Boris Johnson and Philip Hammond are working closely to take the UK out of the EU and are not going to be diverted from that important task. “Vince Cable is making this stuff up and maybe he should take more time to think up some policies rather than wasting his time on peddling lies.”” – Daily Telegraph

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May and Merkel to play bigger roles in Brexit trade talks

“Theresa May is expected to play a key role in moving the Brexit negotiations forward this autumn as Germany appeared ready to broker a deal to start trade talks. EU diplomats believe that Angela Merkel, the German chancellor, will become more involved after the country’s elections in September to help to secure agreement to move to “phase-two” talks, including a transition deal. The diplomats also believe that the prime minister must show willing by demonstrating Britain’s commitment to a financial settlement, possibly at the European Council of EU leaders in October.” – The Times (£)


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Ridley: Hinkley is “worst example” of policy based on “picking losers”

“…Hinkley is but the worst example of a nationalised energy policy of picking losers. The diesel fiasco is another. … The liberalised energy markets introduced by Nigel Lawson in 1982, embraced by the Blair government and emulated across Europe, delivered both affordability and reliability. But they were abandoned and, in the words of the Lords committee, “a succession of policy interventions has led to the creation of a complex system of subsidies and government contracts at the expense of competition. Nobody has built a power station without some form of government guarantee since 2012.” – The Times (£)

Sunday Times apologises for anti-semitic column and sacks writer

“The Sunday Times has been forced to apologise for printing “anti-Semitic” comments in a column which suggested that Claudia Winkleman and Vanessa Feltz are among the best paid BBC women because they are Jewish. The column, penned by Kevin Myers, appeared in the Irish edition of the newspaper and was titled “Sorry, ladies – equal pay has to be earned”. The newspaper’s editor Martin Ivens said the comments were “unacceptable” and it was an “error of judgement” that they were printed. A spokesman later confirmed that Mr Myers has been sacked as a columnist for the Irish title.” – Daily Telegraph


  • Myers has done this before – Joshua Zitser, Independent

Putin warns of “gridlock” in relations with America

“Vladimir Putin on Sunday said the United States would have to cut 755 diplomatic staff in Russia and warned of a prolonged gridlock in its ties after the US Congress backed new sanctions against the Kremlin. The Russian president added bluntly that Russia was able to raise the stakes with America even further, although he hoped this would be unnecessary. A US State Department official denounced the move as a “regrettable and uncalled for act,” adding that Washington was now weighing a potential response.” – Daily Telegraph

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