At Davis’s Brexit summit today, the CBI will demand an indefinite delay to leaving Single Market

‘Business leaders are to demand that ministers agree an indefinite delay in Britain’s departure from the European single market and customs union to give more time for talks on a long-term trade deal. In a dramatic escalation of the battle to soften the government’s Brexit strategy, groups representing thousands of UK employers aim to present a united front during a summit at Chevening country house hosted by the Brexit secretary, David Davis. “This is a time to be realistic,” Carolyn Fairbairn, director general of the CBI, was due to say in a London School of Economics speech on Thursday outlining their demands. “Instead of a cliff edge, the UK needs a bridge to the new EU deal. Even with the greatest possible goodwill on both sides, it’s impossible to imagine the detail will be clear by the end of March 2019.”’ – The Guardian

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The Prime Minister urges the G20 to adopt modern counter-terrorism tactics

‘Lone wolf terrorists could one day be identified in advance from their financial records, under plans to be put forward by Theresa May today. The Prime Minister will urge world leaders to pour resources into new technology to identify patterns of financial transactions in the build-up to a terrorist attack. Speaking at the G20 summit in Hamburg, Mrs May will also call on leaders to close ‘safe spaces’ in the world’s financial system that are being exploited by terror groups plotting attacks on the West…Mrs May, who flew to Hamburg for the summit last night, said: ‘We know that the terrorist threat is evolving. We have seen the threat spread out of Syria and Iraq into other countries and online. We must combat the threat from every angle. This includes taking measures against permissive environments for terrorist financing and monitoring the dispersal of foreign fighters from battle.’ – Daily Mail

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Speculation that she could face a coup attempt in the Autumn

‘Furious mid-ranking Tory ministers are trying to engineer a coup of mass resignations in a bid to oust Theresa May this Autumn, The Sun can reveal. Fears the Prime Minister is a “horse with a broken leg” propped up by a “self-indulgent” Cabinet, have left junior members of the government despairing. The growing disquiet amongst the junior ranks came after the Cabinet ruled out challenging the wounded premier for at least two years. Now a secret circle of lower-rung ministers are weighing up whether to try dethrone the PM by stepping down before the party’s conference in October. And one senior minister told The Sun they were considering resigning to spark a challenge before the party’s annual gathering scheduled to open in Manchester in three months time. A government source said they were fed up of seeing the “ragdoll” PM “pushed around” on issues like public sector pay by the “self-indulgent” Cabinet “clearly just positioning for a contest in two years’ time.”’ – The Sun

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Gibb hired as Downing Street head of communications

‘The first hint that an increasingly bullish Mrs May believes she can remain as Prime Minister until 2022 came on Monday when her spokesman said she would serve the full five years. That came after weeks of avoiding the question since the disastrous June 8 election result. Then at a summer reception in west London on Wednesday night she told donors and MPs that now was “not the time to lick our wounds”. Now she has won the considerable coup of persuading Mr Gibb to leave his high profile job as head of BBC Westminster, where he edited the Daily and Sunday Politics, and was executive editor of This Week and the Andrew Marr Show. Mr Gibb is well known to Mrs May as the BBC’s head of political programmes and was the chief of staff to Francis Maude between 1997 and 2000 when he was shadow Chancellor.’ – Daily Telegraph

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Momentum calls for 49 Labour MPs to leave the Labour Party

‘A fifth of Labour MPs have appeared on a deselection hitlist drawn up by left-wing activists emboldened by Jeremy Corbyn’s general election success. The uneasy truce between the party’s factions is at risk of breaking down amid fears of a radical plot to oust moderates. A grassroots Momentum group in South Tyneside published a list of 49 prominent Labour figures, including Chuka Umunna, Chris Leslie and Jess Phillips, suggesting that they should “join the Liberals”. Labour won 262 seats in the election a month ago, up from 229. A new YouGov poll for The Times gives Labour an eight-point lead over the Conservatives — the first time that Labour has been ahead since the height of Tory infighting during the Brexit referendum.’ – The Times (£)

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Conway: After austerity, we have to spend on infrastructure

‘On her first day in office Theresa May promised change. In her extraordinary speech outside No 10 she promised to govern for the forgotten majority. She acknowledged that Britons have tired of austerity. And yet she made no progress towards this goal in her first nine months. Instead, it was left to Labour to sketch out a vision of a post-austerity Britain in its manifesto. In the wake of the election some Conservatives are attempting to plunder Labour’s platform for solutions — but they are plucking out precisely the wrong bits. Scrapping the public-sector pay cap and rethinking tuition fees might make some voters happy, but if you’re ditching austerity and borrowing, the very best way to do it is to invest in infrastructure.’ – Ed Conway, The Times (£)

Builders fail to construct a third of new homes that have been granted permission

‘Fat cat developers have failed to build one in three of all new homes they have been given permission for in the last five years. Shock new research has revealed more than 320,000 new flats and houses given the green light since 2012 have not appeared. The lengthy delays are blamed for deepening Britain’s already chronic housing crisis. But over the same time period, profits made by the country’s top five housebuilders have soared by 388% to a jumbo total of £3.3bn. The revelations from homeless charity Shelter will fuel the outcry over suspected ‘landbanking’…The findings come as Communities Secretary Sajid Javid prepares to unveil strict new rules to force NIMBY local councils to build more homes in desirable areas. Mr Javid told The Sun: “We don’t build enough homes in this country, and we don’t build them quickly enough.’ – The Sun

Manchester bomber ‘did not act alone’

‘The Manchester Arena suicide bomber did not act alone when preparing his device and further arrests are possible, police believe. The update came as it emerged that the bomber, Salman Abedi, carried the device around the city for hours before detonating it…Speaking at Greater Manchester police headquarters yesterday Detective Chief Superintendent Russ Jackson, head of counterterrorism in the northwest, said investigators did not believe that Abedi, 22, acted alone. He said that others were “aware or complicit” in Abedi’s intentions, although he was not part of a “larger terrorist network”.’ – The Times (£)

  • Milwall fan hailed as London Bridge hero filmed shouting racist abuse – The Times (£)

Thatcher statue blocked over vandalism fears

‘Plans for a statue of Margaret Thatcher outside the Commons have been blocked amid fears it could be vandalised. Campaigners had hoped to install a ten-foot bronze of Britain’s first woman prime minister in Parliament Square. But a formal objection has been lodged by the Royal Parks quango, which owns the land on which it would have been erected. Officials said they would not back the proposal because the £300,000 statue has not received the support of Baroness Thatcher’s family. It also emerged last night that a residents’ association has objected on the grounds that the former Tory leader was ‘controversial enough to risk vandalism’.’ – Daily Mail

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