Brexit 1) Irish want ‘sea border’ with Britain

“Leo Varadkar, the Republic of Ireland’s prime minister, is pushing for the Irish Sea to become the post-Brexit border with the UK after warning Mrs May that her plan was doomed and would jeopardise the peace process. British officials were said to be taken aback by Dublin’s change in tone, expressed at a European Union summit in Brussels last week. The British government had proposed using technology such as surveillance cameras to allow continued free trade between the north and south of the island. Dublin called on British ministers to come up with new ideas that guaranteed absolute freedom of movement of goods and people across Ireland, irrespective of any wider Brexit deal.” – The Times (£)

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  • DUP vows to block Irish plan – Daily Telegraph
  • Proposal would ‘finish Northern Ireland’ – Daily Express

Brexit 2) Davis insists there will be no delays in the talks

“David Davis has hit back at Brussels saying the Brexit trade talks will not be delayed after Michael Barnier attacked a lack of progress on the so-called “divorce bill”. The Brexit Secretary gave an upbeat assessment despite the EU’s chief negotiator saying the next round of negotiations would be held up by two months due to the wrangle. It was reported this morning Mr Barnier had told a private meeting of ambassadors his team would not talk about trade or the UK’s future relationship with Brussels until “sufficient progress” had been made on the exit payment, citizens’ rights and the Northern Ireland border issue.” – The Sun

  • Barnier says lack of progress means talks unlikely to start in October – Daily Mail
  • Brussels could block UK-USA trade deal – Daily Express
  • EU threaten to suspend talks over divorce bill – Daily Telegraph
  • Juncker cancels holiday for EU’s Article 50 staff – Daily Express


  • May must make a Brexit cabinet to triumph in the negotiations – Frank Field, Times Red Box
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Brexit 3) Hammond says no new trade deals until 2022

“The UK will be unable to sign new trade deals until after 2022, Philip Hammond has suggested as he said transitional Brexit arrangements could last for up to three years. The Chancellor said that during a transitional period with the EU the UK would seek to keep access to the European single market and as a result would likely be unable to bring new trade deals into effect. Meanwhile, Mr Hammond said that while freedom of movement will end at the point of Brexit in March 2019, there would be a phased shift away from the UK’s existing relationship with the bloc to a new, long-term arrangement.” – Daily Telegraph

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  • Tories pushed for clarity on immigration – Daily Mail
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  • Lewis insists freedom of movement will end in 2019 – Daily Telegraph
  • Target is ‘absurd and amateurish’, says Cable – The Independent


  • Rudd’s colleagues must move with her on migration – The Times (£)

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May says Conservatives were wrong about gay rights

“Theresa May today admitted the Tories have been ‘wrong’ on gay rights in the past and that some people will be ‘sceptical’ about their bid to champion equality. The Prime Minister said that both she and the Conservatives have ‘come a long way’ in changing their views. And she said she is ‘proud’ of her party’s role in tackling discrimination in recent years, but admitted there is ‘much more to do’. She made the comments to mark the 50th anniversary of the Sexual Offences Act, which partially decriminalised homosexuality in England and Wales.” – Daily Mail

  • All our politicians are stuck in the past – Philip Collins, The Times (£)

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Gove’s plan to teach white van drivers to drive less aggressively

“Thousands of White Van drivers could be trained to drive less aggressively as part of Michael Gove’s radical plan to slash air pollution. Motorists are to be encouraged to take part in Government-backed courses which teaches Brits to adapt their “driving style” to cut emissions. The details are buried in the Air Quality Plan released by the Environment Secretary on Wednesday. The courses run by the Energy Savings Trust already teach motorists how to save money by running their car “more efficiently.”” – The Sun


McDonnell challenged by 147 Conservative MPs on spending

“Shadow Chancellor John McDonnell was under pressure to come clean about the cost of Labour’s plans, amid Tory claims they would add £250 billion to the national debt. In a joint letter today, 147 Conservative MPs challenge Mr McDonnell to set out how he will fund the additional £5.8 billion a year in debt interest that Labour’s profligate plans would create. The letter says analysis by the Institute for Fiscal Studies (IFS) of Labour’s manifesto suggested the national debt would be £106 billion higher than under the Tories. But it warns that Jeremy Corbyn has made fresh commitments costing £12.9 billion since the election, and says Labour’s nationalisation plans would cost £134 billion ‘at the very least’.” – Daily Mail

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News in Brief:

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