Brexit 1) Brussels says May’s deal for EU nationals is not enough

“Theresa May insisted her offer to let 3.2 million EU nationals stay after Brexit was ‘fair’ today – despite it being bluntly dismissed by top Eurocrats today. The PM defended her bid to break the deadlock on reciprocal rights for citizens, making clear she was determined to take back control of the UK’s borders and laws. But European Council president Donald Tusk complained that the proposals were ‘below our expectations’. And EU commission chief Jean-Claude Juncker waded in to brand the plan ‘not sufficient’. With formal Brexit negotiations less than a week old, the stage is now set for a major row over whether European courts can keep meddling after we leave.” – Daily Mail

  • Offer met with silence at summit – The Times (£)
  • EU expats condemn ‘pathetic’ proposals – The Guardian
  • May’s proposal falls flat – FT

More EU:

  • France says ‘non’ to new Calais centre for UK-bound migrants – Daily Mail
  • Europe’s trade deal with Canada is once again in doubt – Daily Express
  • EU states withhold support from Britain on UN vote over the Indian Ocean Territory – FT


  • Critics will have to accept that May’s offer is better late than never – Tom Harris, Daily Telegraph

>Today: ToryDiary: No, May could not have avoided this battle over EU nationals

Brexit 2) James Forsyth: Prime Minister forced to consult ministers over DUP deal

“Six Cabinet ministers will have to approve any confidence and supply deal with the DUP. Mrs May’s involvement of this Big Six – made up of Philip Hammond, Boris Johnson, Amber Rudd, Michael Fallon, David Davis and the Prime Minister’s close ally, First Secretary of State Damian Green – is a recognition of her weakness. She knows she cannot just sign this off unilaterally. It also means that the confidence and supply arrangement isn’t just Mrs May’s deal, meaning it is more likely to survive her departure from No 10. I am told that Hammond is the most involved in these discussions as “the financial side all lands on the Treasury”.” – The Sun

  • Leadsom in furious clash with BBC presenter over claim media should be more patriotic – Daily Express

More Parliament:

  • Unionists in talks with Labour and the Lib Dems on Queen’s Speech amendment – Daily Mail
  • Alliance of MPs will try to thwart ‘hard Brexit’ – The Independent

More Brexit:

  • Senior Leave campaigner wishes referendum had not been called – The Independent
  • New legal challenge to seek corporate compensation for leaving the single market – Daily Mail
  • One year on, Osborne apocalyptic forecasts have almost all failed to come true – The Sun
  • Expert warns that Labour may drop Brexit commitment – Daily Express


  • The Tories must rediscover Conservatism – Fraser Nelson, The Spectator


>Today: Andy Cook in Comment: The Conservatives don’t need a majority to transform Britain


Brexit 3) Sturgeon may ‘hold Repeal Bill to ransom’

“The SNP is set to demand a seat at the Brexit talks in return for ensuring the Scottish Parliament does not disrupt Theresa May’s plans. The Prime Minister has admitted the Government’s flagship Repeal Bill – which is essential to Brexit – may require a ‘legislative consent motion’ in Holyrood. Her admission potentially hands a veto to the Parliament in Edinburgh where the SNP governs as a minority administration. SNP Westminster Leader Ian Blackford said today the nationalists could pass the legislation in return for a place at the Brexit talks. While Westminster can overrule the Scottish Parliament, doing so could trigger a constitutional crisis that fuels SNP demands for independence.” – Daily Mail

  • First Minister says she might not need independence if Brexit softens – The Sun
  • SNP leader apologises for second year of farm payment shambles – Daily Telegraph
  • Farmers ‘fed up’ with Scottish Government over CAP payments – The Scotsman

>Yesterday: ToryDiary: The Repeal Bill’s Scottish challenge is political, not constitutional

Brexit 4) Matthew Parris: Our only options are hard Brexit or turning back

“So what a loss of sovereignty either soft Brexit or transitional Brexit would be! The whole damn Leave thing would have ended up with less sovereignty, not more. The question, then, as we stand at the gate in March 2019, would be the old, old question that logic whispered we would face in the end: “How is this better than what we had?” And the whisper “you don’t have to do this, you know”, will be growing more insistent from this week onwards. We are at our strongest before we take the plunge, and I believe that to keep us in, our European partners might at last be prepared to talk about a system of shock absorbers on internal migration – not just for Britain but for the whole EU. To turn back would still be a national humiliation, though. So was our climbdown at Suez in 1956. For a new century it would teach us the same lesson Suez taught us in the last: that we can no longer afford to walk alone.” – The Times (£)

  • May’s concessions risk undermining a key tenet of Brexit – Leo McKinstry, Daily Telegraph
  • What Brexiteers might learn from the Poll Tax – David Allen Green, FT
  • This country has come through many crises but this is a big one – Charles Moore, Daily Telegraph
  • The idea of changing course on Brexit has not gained traction – James Blitz, FT

Davidson made honorary colonel of her old regiment

Ruth Davidson has expressed her delight after being appointed Honorary Colonel of her former British Army regiment. The Scottish Conservative leader, formerly a member of 32 Signal Regiment, will fill the post for the next five years and will be asked to act as a figurehead, and counsellor and supporter for its leadership team. She was asked to take on the role the regiment due to her work in the Territorial Army, before she became an MSP, and her consistent support for the reserve forces during her period in parliament. Ms Davidson has often credited her military background, in particular the instruction she received during her officer training, as helping her political leadership.” – Daily Telegraph

  • Labour leader turns down another chance to honour the Armed Forces – The Sun

Corbyn will attempt to ‘force an early election’ as polls put him ahead

“Jeremy Corbyn has said he will look to “force an early general election” after claiming it was “ludicrous” to suggest Theresa May could stay in power. The Labour leader made the claim before speaking at Unison’s annual conference in Brighton and also added he was pleased with the party’s recent surge in opinion polls. Mr Corbyn’s approval rating has been on the rise since the general election and it appears he will now attempt to pile pressure on the Prime Minister. “Mrs May called the election so not to have a coalition of chaos, but that is exactly what we have got, they don’t seem to have come to an agreement with the DUP two weeks after the election,” Mr Corbyn told the Daily Mirror.” – The Independent

  • Labour’s living wage plans could price 16-year-olds out of work – Daily Telegraph
  • ‘Jeremania’ hits Glastonbury – The Guardian


News in Brief:

  • Church of England needs miracle to solve gay rights row, Archbishop says – Daily Mail
  • Camden Council evacuates hundreds from flammable tower blocks – The Times (£)
  • Police eye manslaughter charges over Grenfell Tower fire – FT
  • Saudi security forces thwart suicide bomb attack on Mecca – Daily Telegraph
  • UK’s biggest political donor to end contributions – The Guardian
  • Repealing Nationalist law on football behaviour would be ‘historic’, claims MSP – The Scotsman
  • Police chiefs consider arming constables with pistols – Daily Mail