‘Tens of thousands’ migration pledge will be in the manifesto

IMMIGRATION mat“Theresa May will promise again to slash migration to the tens of the thousands in the upcoming election manifesto. David Cameron’s target, which was set in 2010, has yet to be met, however. Yesterday Amber Rudd refused to say whether the pledge would feature again, sparking speculation it would be scrapped. She dodged demands to say whether the target will feature in manifestos – which are due to be released in the next few weeks… Top Tories have said in the past that the promise was “all but dead and buried” – but it appears they have changed their minds.” – The Sun

  • Home Secretary vows to push big chains to hire more Brits – The Sun

More Rudd:

  • Rudd rules out fines for web giants – Daily Mail


  • The Tories beat UKIP, but they must not become UKIP – Matthew d’Ancona, The Guardian


>Yesterday: ToryDiary: The Conservative manifesto. Our survey finds that Party members want more homes built – but don’t back energy price caps

May to promises older voters a social care cost cap

“Theresa May is set to promise older voters that they will not be asked to pay more than about £85,000 for their social care costs. The lifetime cap being considered for the Conservative election manifesto is less generous than that offered by David Cameron. That promise was quietly shelved until at least 2020 shortly after the Conservatives won an overall majority in 2015. Mrs May is considering repeating the pledge that the state will cover social care costs if they exceed a set amount. The Dilnot commission recommended a cap of £72,000 in 2011 but Mrs May is said to have been persuaded that this is no longer affordable.” – The Times (£)

  • Power companies raise prices after threat of cap – FT
  • Call to ban ministers seeing official figures early – The Times (£)

More May:

  • Tories aim to keep campaign spotlight on the Prime Minister – FT
  • Philip May to step up campaign appearances – Daily Mail
  • May orders her ‘local candidates’ to work flat out for victory – Daily Express


  • The Prime Minister must come clean on social care – Adam Lent, Times Red Box
  • What May has learned from Thatcher – Philip Stephens, FT
  • We must not allow entrepreneurs’ voices to be lost – Jamie Kerr, Times Red Box

>Today: Gary Porter in Local Government: This is the first time I can remember our candidates being greeted with joy by voters

Davidson urges Scots to cut the SNP down to size

Ruth Davidson“Ruth Davidson will today urge Scots to retaliate against an “all-powerful” Nicola Sturgeon taking them for granted over a second independence referendum by using their general election votes to “bring the SNP down to size”. The Scottish Tory leader will downplay expectations for her party’s prospects on June 8 by warning it is the “underdog” and faces a “Herculean” task against an SNP that holds 54 out of 59 Westminster seats north of the Border, many with huge majorities. But, officially launching her party’s general election campaign with a month to go until polling day, she will say many Scots are sick of Ms Sturgeon pretending she speaks for them and are “looking for somebody to stand up” to her. She will hit out after Ms Sturgeon vowed to plough ahead with her plans for a second independence referendum despite the SNP winning only a third of votes in last week’s local authority elections.” – Daily Telegraph

  • Salmond tops Tories’ Scottish hit-list – The Scotsman
  • May cares nothing for Scots, insists Sturgeon – The Times (£)
  • Opponents downplay working class Tory support – FT


  • The SNP overplayed their hand on independence – Brian Monteith, The Scotsman

Eurocrats are trying to damage the Tory campaign, claims Hunt

“Theresa May is “battling for Britain” against EU bureaucrats who want to damage the Conservative election campaign, Jeremy Hunt has said. The health secretary intensified the rhetoric against Brussels after the fallout from the prime minister’s dinner with Jean-Claude Juncker. Mr Hunt reiterated the prime minister’s claim that European officials were trying to meddle with the outcome of the poll on June 8. “The choice that people face is, do they want a strong Theresa May doing those difficult negotiations? There are 27 countries lined up against us. Some of them appear to think that for the EU to survive Britain must fail,” he told the BBC’s The Andrew Marr Show.” – The Times (£)

  • Tories intensify attacks on ‘Labour-supporting’ Brussels – The Guardian

More Brexit:

  • Government hires expert negotiator for Brexit talks – The Independent
  • More than 20 Remain MPs face defeat from ‘Brexit alliance’ – The Sun
  • Greens stand aside in ‘crucial’ seats to keep Tories out – The Independent
  • City firms say they won’t be ready in two years – The Guardian

More Hunt:

  • Bad Brexit deal a disaster for the Health Service, warns Hunt – The Guardian
  • Health Secretary says £350 million per week for the NHS is undeliverable – The Independent


  • Greece’s sorry tale provides five key lessons for negotiating Brexit – Juliet Samuel, Daily Telegraph
  • We can deliver a Brexit deal which works for all – Guy Verhofstadt, FT



McDonnell suggests he and Corbyn may stay in place even if Labour loses

Labour holes“John McDonnell has hinted that Jeremy Corbyn could cling on as Labour Party leader even if they lose the General Election. And the left-wing shadow chancellor said the world has a lot to learn from Karl Marx – the German communist whose writings led to revolutions around the world. It comes after Labour hinted that they plan to slap those earning more than £80,000 with a tax hike if they are elected. Mr McDonnell risked derision making the comments just days after Labour lost more than 380 council seats across the UK in a crushing defeat.” – Daily Mail

  • Shadow Chancellor faces revolt over ‘Das Kapital’ comments – Daily Telegraph
  • No cheers for the Labour leader in the city of culture – The Times (£)
  • Decorated war hero to stand against Corbyn – The Sun
  • Miliband’s PR moment backfires – Daily Mail

More Labour:


  • Corbyn will lose, but don’t assume he’ll leave – Clare Foges, The Times (£)
  • These tax pledges are all small-beer electioneering – Philip Inman, The Guardian
  • Our children deserve to be the healthiest of all – Jon Ashworth, Times Red Box

>Yesterday: Video: WATCH: Alan Johnson says that “it’s bad enough” to lose two elections

David Gauke: Labour could turn our country into a hard-left experiment

“John McDonnell was, for once, absolutely correct on Sunday when he said that reading Das Kapital could teach us some important lessons. It may not have been quite what the shadow chancellor meant, but the collected works of Karl Marx tell us an awful lot about what the consequences of a future Labour government might be. Nonsensical in idea and catastrophic in implementation, the Marxist agenda that Jeremy Corbyn and John McDonnell have pursued for decades has proved disastrous for the people who have to endure its consequences. Test cases have led to poverty, disease and unhappiness whether it was in South America, Asia or closer to home in eastern Europe.” – Times Red Box

  • Corbyn’s supporters must stop shifting the blame – Jane Merrick, Times Red Box
  • Local action could save Labour – Zoe Williams, The Guardian


  • Marxist fantasy of the Labour throwbacks – Daily Mail
  • Tories should cut taxes, not ape Labour – Daily Telegraph
  • The great British political realignment – FT

>Yesterday: Video: WATCH: McDonnell counters suggestions of a “stealth tax”

Farage suggests that UKIP could disband

CONSERVATIVES SQUEEZE UKIP Krieg“Nigel Farage has suggested that Ukip could be disbanded if Theresa May delivers a proper Brexit. The party faced near total electoral wipeout in the local elections, retaining just one of its 147 councilors. Its former leader said Ukip still has a role to play as an ‘insurance’ policy until Britain leaves the EU, he said. He told ITV’s Peston on Sunday: ‘I think if in two and a half years’ time Mrs May has delivered the progress that the voters wanted, then I think you can ask the question – what is Ukip’s future? Where does it go from here?’ And he said the PM’s warning that a coalition of chaos hellbent on derailing Brexit could be elected if she is not had convinced Ukip voters to switch to the Tories.” – Daily Mail

News in Brief:

  • Iraqi Kurds prepare for independence referendum – The Times (£)
  • Macron threatens to be tough on Brexit – Daily Mail
  • Frech election results sends the pound soaring – Daily Express
  • Nearly half of young French voters backed Le Pen, projections suggest – The Independent
  • Obama’s ‘fervent hope’ that Congress ‘treads carefully’ on healthcare – Daily Telegraph
  • Facebook campaigns against fake news in the UK – FT

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