Election 1) May considering vouchers to help pay for elderly care…

ELECTION 2017 May Corbyn Farron“Theresa May is considering tax breaks to help families meet the crippling cost of elderly care. As part of radical reforms to confront the social care crisis, middle-aged workers could be given rebates to ease the financial burden of looking after their parents. Sources said the measures, which would mirror childcare vouchers, were a ‘real option’ as the Prime Minister finalised her election manifesto. Mrs May yesterday set out more detail of her plans for what she said was the most important election this country had faced in her lifetime. Touring TV studios five weeks before polling day, she insisted the Tories were the only party that ‘believed in lower taxation’.” – Daily Mail

  • Tories may block foreign firms from seizing British businesses – Daily Mail
  • Prime Minister rules out VAT increase before 2022 – Daily Telegraph
  • May vows to cut taxes for working families – The Times (£)

More election:

  • Stop cutting my time on the doorstep, Prime Minister tells aides – Daily Mail
  • Tories on cusp of northern breakthrough, claims Street – Daily Telegraph
  • Davidson blasts SNP’s ‘week of chaos’ – Daily Express
  • Scottish voters tell May to ‘talk to us’ – The Independent
  • SNP denies split on election’s implications for independence – The Independent


  • There’s no money left, so we should praise May for fiscal discipline – Robert Colvile, Daily Telegraph
  • Peston and Marr bounce off Battleship May – Quentin Letts, Daily Mail




Election 2) …and reaffirms her willingness to walk away from Brussels with no deal

“Theresa May insisted that she was “not in a different galaxy” from her EU counterparts and declared yesterday that she would complete a trade deal with Brussels within two years while negotiating the Brexit divorce bill. The prime minister dismayed Europe by resurrecting her threat to walk away if the EU offered a bad deal on Brexit. Asked by Andrew Marr on BBC One yesterday whether she stood by her remark in a speech at Lancaster House in January that no deal was better than a bad deal, Mrs May said: “Yes I do. I think it’s important.” She hit back after a bruising week-end during which Jean-Claude Juncker, president of the European Commission, told Europe’s leaders on Saturday that talks could collapse because of the gulf between Britain and EU on key issues.” – The Times (£)

  • Only I can get Britain a good deal, Prime Minister tells voters – Daily Mail
  • May holds firm on double-track Brexit deal – FT
  • Prime Minister rejects hard-line demands from Brussels – Daily Express
  • UK may need to respect ECJ rulings to keep security cooperation – The Guardian

Home Nations:

  • Trimble attacks EU chiefs for ‘playing games with nationalist feelings’ – Daily Express
  • Unification referendum would be ‘dangerous’, warns Ahern – The Guardian
  • Wales could ‘disappear into England’, warns Plaid Cymru – The Independent

More EU:

  • Blair says he’s going to ‘get his hands dirty’ opposing Brexit – Daily Mail
  • I’m a Eurosceptic (but still a Remainer) claims Farron – The Times (£)

>Yesterday: Video: WATCH: Farron – “The Liberal Democrats will be the strong opposition that Britain needs”

Election 3) Juliet Samuel: May can’t afford to bluff – she needs to plan for ‘no deal’ with Brussels

EU UK deal Krieg“Chancellor Angela Merkel appears to have bought into the idea that the EU must make an example of Britain in order to protect itself. The wrong side is winning the argument. This may be because most EU governments don’t yet believe they have much to lose. They cannot conceive that Britain would ever walk away from a deal, however unpalatable its terms. On this, they have misjudged. A major task of Mrs May’s government will be to make it clear that if Brussels were to insist on some of its more outlandish ideas, like the suggestion that EU courts will retain jurisdiction over EU citizens’ rights in Britain, then Brexit talks will simply collapse. Preparations for this outcome must be stepped up, as visibly as possible.” – Daily Telegraph

  • Hard Brexiteers should fear an all-powerful Theresa May – Matthew d’Ancona, The Guardian
  • Unless we cut regulation we’ll be stuck in the slow lane – Matt Ridley, The Times (£)
  • We must not destroy the EU’s environmental protections – Stanley Johnson, Times Red Box
  • It’s time for a modern ‘Buy British’ campaign – Clare Foges, The Times (£)
  • Let the people vote on the final deal – Clive Lewis MP and Rachael Maskell MP, The Guardian
  • Moderate Macron is using the tools of populism – Ian Birrell, The i


  • Why these EU bully boys fear democracy – Daily Mail

>Yesterday: Daniel Downes in Comment: Beware of what you wish for – in this case, an election landslide

Election 4) Candidates: CCHQ faces row with grassroots over imposing Downing Street favourites…

Theresa May is facing an election cronyism row after party bosses attempted to parachute four Number 10 aides into seats with vast Tory majorities… Mark Wallace, the executive editor of Conservative Home – a website that has been revealing candidate selections – said there had been disquiet among some party associations. “Even in normal times, selections leave a lot of people unhappy – particularly, of course, those who don’t get shortlisted or selected,” Mr Wallace said. “But the snap election has compressed what would normally be a two year process into two weeks.”” – Daily Telegraph

  • Afghan war veteran to be Tory MP – The Sun

Election 5) …and ‘malleable’ options on local associations

CONSERVATIVE tree“However, Paul Goodman, editor of Conservative Home, a political website that focuses on the Tories, said he saw the main determinant of candidate choice as being a preference for malleable candidates. Few involved believed Mr Hannan would have fitted that compliant mould. “There seems to be a preference for people who will toe the line, rather than those who will make a splash,” Mr Goodman said. Those chosen were not precisely “creatures” of the party’s central command, Mr Goodman said. But he added: “Anyone who gets into a selections final is not regarded with hostility by central command, put it that way.”” – FT

>Yesterday: MPs Etc.: Exclusive: Farris completes Saffron Walden shortlist. Trouble in Wales. Latest selections news.

Election 6) Labour to take pay policy back fifty years

“Labour intends to reintroduce sector-by-sector pay deals if the party wins the election, reversing 50 years of market liberalisation. Jeremy Corbyn and John McDonnell, his shadow chancellor, have pledged to “roll out sectoral collective bargaining” as part of Labour’s 20-point plan to end the “rigged economy”. This would represent an end to the system where unions negotiate company by company and, instead, give them power effectively to set national standards on pay and conditions. Labour said it would “fix the going rate” in each industry and “set fair conditions” for the sector.” – The Times (£)

  • Opposition to take Britain back to 1970s with trades union membership in every workplace – Daily Telegraph
  • Party pledges crackdown on bad landlords – The Independent

More Labour:

  • Senior figures urge party to pull out of several seats to boost Greens – The Independent
  • Twenty years after New Labour’s landslide, the Tories are back on top – FT
  • Blair ‘hurt’ by hatred – The Sun

More employment:

  • MPs slam ‘free riding’ gig-economy companies – FT


  • Policy is struggling to keep up with the labour market’s rapid shifts – Frank Field, Times Red Box
  • We’ll be sneered at, but a progressive alliance can win – Zoe Williams, The Guardian

Election 7) Corbyn’s unfunded £3 billion pledge for schools

Jeremy Corbyn (Tory Poster)“Jeremy Corbyn yesterday made an off-the-cuff pledge to spend an extra £3 billion on schools over the next three years without saying where the money would come from. The Labour leader insisted he would make up a shortfall in education funding and end the cash crisis. The pledge, which came at the annual conference of the National Association of Head Teachers, received a standing ovation from delegates. School leaders have complained of having to cut staff and stationery budgets to make ends meet. Some are asking parents for donations. Mr Corbyn said schools were losing out to the super rich and he vowed to change this. A party source said details of how the policy would be funded would be in the election manifesto.” – Daily Mail

Election 8) Veterans warn away Labour candidates over Corbyn’s IRA links

“Forces veterans are warning wannabe Labour MPs to stay away from their homes because of Jeremy Corbyn’s IRA sympathies. Copycat messages posted on signs and in windows have been popping up all over the country, in another setback for the struggling party. They read: ‘Dear Labour canvassers, a proud forces veteran lives here. Your leader supports the IRA. Knock at your own risk!’. Some Tory MPs have posted snaps of the warnings on social media, including Conservative MP for Morley and Outwood Andrea Jenkyns – who ousted Ed Balls in 2015.” – The Sun

  • McDonnell’s repeated calls for taxpayers to be able to opt out of military support – The Sun
  • Major party donor to contest Corbyn’s seat – The Sun

>Today: Nadhim Zahawi MP’s column: Labour MPs know that Corbyn is weak on defence, Trident and our enemies. So how on earth can they support him?

Prosecute web giants who fail to police content, MPs suggest

Computer“Google, Twitter and Facebook have shamefully failed to tackle terrorism, violence and hatred online, MPs say. The social media giants are labelled a disgrace in a report that accuses them of ignoring pleas to remove illegal and dangerous content – including images of child abuse – despite being among the wealthiest organisations in the world. Google is accused of having “profited from hatred”. The next government should consider urgently changing the law so that social media operators would be prosecuted for leaving unlawful messages on their sites, the select committee report says.” – The Times (£)


News in Brief:

  • Police reveal that they’re already monitoring two more planned ISIS attacks on London – Daily Mail
  • Renters on housing benefit barred from buy-to-let homes – The Times (£)
  • More British troops could be heading to Afghanistan – Daily Telegraph
  • Banks fear interest-free credit cards are a ‘ticking time bomb’ – FT
  • Heathrow staff ordered not to interrogate potential illegal immigrants – The Sun

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