Election 1) Johnson: We might strike Syria without Parliament’s prior approval

Boris Johnson 30-06-16‘Boris Johnson sparked a furious row yesterday by suggesting Britain could join the US in a missile attack on Syria without the approval of Parliament. The Foreign Secretary said there were circumstances in which Theresa May might bypass Parliament to order military action. In recent years it has become a convention for prime ministers to seek parliamentary approval before launching military action.’ – Daily Mail

  • The Prime Minister isn’t quite so specific – The Sun
  • His allies fear he might get reshuffled – Daily Telegraph
  • Rachel Johnson has joined the Lib Dems – Daily Mail
  • Trump warns of possibility of ‘major conflict’ with North Korea – The Sun
  • The Foreign Secretary apologised to mugwumps for comparing them to Corbyn – The Sun
  • Are female leaders more deadly? – The Times (£)
  • Be more serious – The Guardian Leader

Election 2) May intensifies push for ex-Labour voters

‘Speaking at a rally in the Labour heartland of Leeds East, the Prime Minister said the snap election was about the “national interest”. She declared: “This election is not about who you may have voted for in the past. Everyone in our country has a positive reason to lend me their vote.” Mrs May told Labour voters to ditch old loyalties because this election “is about voting in the national interest”. She said Mr Corbyn would be a “weak leader negotiating Brexit and higher taxes, debt and waste”. The PM said: “Vote for me to strengthen my hand at the negotiating table in Brussels.”’ – The Sun

  • After Wales, she visits target seats in Derbyshire and Yorkshire – Daily Mail
  • The Brexit heartlands are in her sights – The Times (£)
  • Strong property growth in North and Midlands – Daily Mail
  • CCHQ appeals to donors to top up the war chest – The Guardian


Election 3) Dublin warns London and Brussels not to get ‘hung up’ on Brexit bill

EU FLag‘The Irish, who believe they have more at stake in the talks than most member states, are keen to avoid an early breakdown in trust between the UK and EU over the size of Britain’s exit bill. Michel Barnier, the EU’s chief Brexit negotiator, has said the financial cost to the UK of leaving the bloc will be one of the first issues the exit negotiations will address. Some estimates put the bill as high as €60bn to cover London’s existing commitments to EU spending. In an interview with the Financial Times, Charlie Flanagan, Irish foreign minister, said an immediate row over the bill would shunt the negotiations into a cul-de-sac that would overshadow other issues.’ – FT

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Election 4) Rising knife and gun crime

‘Although some police officers blame the rise on the reduction in stop-and-search, there is no conclusive evidence to support this. The national figures follow data from the Metropolitan Police which showed rises of 24 per cent in knife crime and 42 per cent in gun crime. Earlier this month, the Met launched investigations into three separate fatal stabbings in the capital within a week. Overall, the number of crimes recorded by police in England and Wales rose by 9 per cent to 4.8 million offences last year. The ONS said that the increase largely reflected better recording practices but admitted that the rise in knife crime was genuine.’ – The Times (£)

  • More attention is needed to tackle blades – The Times Leader (£)
  • Violence in jails hits record high – FT

Election 5) The Sun calls for fundamental reform of the NHS

NHS_Logo‘Britain’s attitude to the NHS and our own health must change. Too many of us routinely eat and drink too much and do no exercise, then expect the NHS to pick up the pieces. We need to take more responsibility — and a hard-hitting new public health campaign is a must. We also know that no new money will ever be enough. It is a bottomless pit. A Tory Government with a decent majority, running a sound economy, might at last have the courage to think more radically how to create a better NHS.’ – The Sun Says

  • Pharma shouldn’t blackmail us – The Times Leader (£)
  • Former Treasury head urges May to abandon pledge not to raise taxes – FT
  • Be brave and scrap the pension lock – Jane Merrick, The Times (£)
  • Agony over policy shows difficulties ahead – FT
  • Car industry warns against diesel penalties – FT
  • Judge orders Government to publish pollution plan – The Times (£)

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Election 6) Labour think their core vote ‘floor’ is 110 seats

‘Labour figures are planning for a worst-case scenario in which they are left with only about 110 MPs in the Commons on June 9, according to party sources. Jeremy Corbyn’s party has commissioned a number of private polls and analyses, the most pessimistic of which hands the Conservatives a sweeping majority of about 200 and shows Labour losing more than 115 of its 229 constituencies, insiders said. The scenario is considered the floor for Labour’s performance on polling day.’ – The Times (£)

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Election 7) UKIP set to stand aside in dozens of Brexiteers’ constituencies

NUTTALL Carla niqab‘Ukip could be prepared to stand aside in dozens of constituencies in order to help sitting MPs who are “real Brexiteers” hold on to marginal seats. Party leader Paul Nuttall said that while Ukip candidates would contest the “vast majority” of seats, local branches have been urged to stand aside to give a “free ride” to MPs who share their views on the European Union. Nuttall also defended his party’s controversial “integration strategy”, insisting Ukip was “not at war with Muslims”.’ – The Guardian

  • Nuttall will stand, but he won’t say where yet – Daily Mail
  • UKIP adopt candidate who crusades against ‘evil’ Islam – The Guardian
  • Their collapse could help the Conservatives take 45 seats – Daily Telegraph
  • The EU mulls ‘super-MEPs’ – Daily Telegraph

Marine A goes home

‘Jailed marine Sgt Alexander Blackman has finally been freed from prison. The 42-year-old commando left HMP Erlestoke in Wiltshire in the backseat of an Audi just after 12.30am, having spent 1,277 days behind bars. Sgt Blackman, known as Marine A in his military trial, had his sentence for killing a Taliban fighter slashed by the Appeal Court last month. His wife Claire said she felt ‘like a child waiting for Christmas’ as she prepared for his release.’ – Daily Mail

Alleged terrorist suspect arrested in Whitehall

Police shield‘Whitehall and Westminster were thrown into lockdown at 2.45pm on Thursday just a month after ISIS-inspired lone-wolf killer Khalid Masood launched his deadly 82-second rampage…Images show gun cops arresting the suspect -close to the junction of Parliament Street and Westminster Bridge Road on suspicion of possessing an offensive weapon and preparing acts of terrorism. He is now being held under the terrorism act at a south London police station. After the man was detained, forensic officers in full protective gear were seen photographing evidence at the scene – including a brown rucksack featuring the Union Jack flag and the word “London” as well as at least three knives. One of the weapons appeared to be a bread knife, according to witnesses.’ – The Sun

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