Terror at Westminster 1) May vows that Britain won’t yield to ‘voices of hate and terror’

Telegraph Front Page (Westminster Terror Attack)“Prime Minister Theresa May has vowed the UK will ‘not give in to terror’ following a ‘sick and depraved’ terror attack in London today in which three people and a terrorist were killed. Speaking outside 10 Downing Street after chairing a meeting of the Government’s Cobra emergencies committee, Mrs May paid tribute to the ‘exceptional men and women’ of the police force who responded to the attack. She confirmed that a ‘lone wolf’ attacker drove a car into pedestrians walking on Westminster Bridge, killing two of them, before running with a knife through the front gates of the Palace of Westminster, where he killed a police officer before being shot dead. Mrs May said that any attempt to defeat the values that Parliament stands for was ‘doomed to failure’.” – Daily Mail

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  • America and Europe stand united with Britain – Trevor Kavanagh, The Sun

>Today: Garvan Walshe’s column: McGuinness – a planner and executor, we should remember today, of attacks on our democracy


Terror at Westminster 2) A strike at the heart of British democracy.

Mirror Front Page (Westminster Terror Attack)“In the largest-scale terrorist incident in the UK since suicide bombers killed 52 people in London in July 2005, at least five people died, including the attacker. A further 40 were injured, according to police. The attack paralysed the heart of British government as members of parliament and officials were held in lockdown for hours in the House of Commons, while Theresa May, the prime minister, was whisked away to safety by car. It was the latest in a series of terror assaults in Europe and came exactly one year after suicide bombers attacked Brussels, targeting the airport and a metro station in the city centre. It bore similarities to the attack in Nice last year when a man drove a truck through a crowd of pedestrians, killing 84 people.” – FT

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Terror at Westminster 3) Death toll mounts. At least five people dead.

Daily Mail Front Page (Westminster Terror Attack)“Dozens of tourists and workers were mown down by a car on Westminster Bridge before the driver stabbed to death an unarmed police officer outside the Houses of Parliament. The assailant, described as an Asian man in his forties who wielded two large knives, was shot dead by other police. Several of the wounded were understood to be critical, with fears that the death toll could rise. Among the victims were a group of French schoolchildren.” – The Times (£)

  • French students and Korean tourists amongst victims – Daily Mail
  • Four British students amongst the 40 injured – The Sun


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  • Attack fits increasingly familiar pattern – FT
  • ‘Weak spot’ in Parliamentary perimeter was targeted – The Sun


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Terror at Westminster 4) Slain police officer named as PC Keith Palmer, husband and father

“The unarmed police officer who was killed inside the gates of Parliament was named as Pc Keith Palmer, a 48-year-old husband and father. One of the three civilians was a 43-year-old British woman of Galician origin, Spanish media has reported, naming her as Aysha Frade. PC Palmer had worked for the Metropolitan Police for 15 years, having previously served in the armed forces… “I’ve known Keith for 25 years. We served together in the Royal Artillery before he became a copper. A lovely man, a friend. I’m heartbroken,” Mr Cleverly said. “My thoughts are with the family, friends and colleagues of PC Keith Palmer. A brave man.”” – Daily Telegraph

Harry Cole: How I saw Ellwood fight to save policeman’s life

i Front Page (Westminster Terror Attack)“Fifteen years ago Tobias Ellwood’s brother Jon was one of 202 people killed in the Bali terrorist bombings. Yesterday I watched with horror and admiration as the Tory MP was forced to once again confront terrorism — fighting to save PC Keith Palmer who was repeatedly stabbed by the Westminster Bridge attacker. The Foreign Office Minister was one of the first to rush to the officer’s aid as other coppers darted across the grass to help their fallen comrade. Ellwood was on his knees, massaging the chest of the dying man. Blood became smeared across his forehead and on the cuffs of his blue suit as he knelt to give mouth-to-mouth resuscitation.” – The Sun

  • What a mad world, says MP who tried to help – The Times (£)
  • WPC’s tears as colleague dies despite Ellwood’s heroic intervention – Daily Mail

>Yesterday: MPs Etc.: Tobias Ellwood, who battled today to save the life of a police officer – and whose life is tragically intertwined with terror

Police swoop on Birmingham address linked to rented car and make arrests

“Armed police were involved in a raid at a residential property near to a curry house in Birmingham last night, closing off part of the city for more than two hours. Dozens of officers, some response and some with weapons, were seen swooping an address near to the Bearwood part of the city this evening. Hagley Road was closed for a period of time and then reopened. BBC Newsnight has claimed the vehicle used in the London terror attacks could have been rented from the same road. The road was closed from 11pm and reopened by 2am, with witnesses in the area saying people had been taken away by the address. They believe the officers may have been from a counter terrorism unit.” – Daily Mail

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Jonathan Freedland: Bravery and humanity show Westminster at its best

Times Front Page (Westminster Terror Attack)“Last year, on this very day, Brussels was targeted by suicide bombers who killed 32 people. For a few days, it stopped being the despised “Brussels” of anti-EU rhetoric and became Brussels, scene of tragedy. More than 20 years ago I witnessed the same transformation, when a US government building in Oklahoma City was bombed, killing 168. “Federal bureaucrats” had been a hated class – until people saw them carrying their wounded and grieving for their children. Today it was “Westminster’s” turn. Not a metaphor, not a far-off citadel of wicked, scheming politicians but a real place, filled with real people – as vulnerable to an act of murderous violence as anybody else.” – The Guardian

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Scottish Parliament suspends debate on independence… but not without controversy

“The Scottish Parliament was suspended amid bitter exchanges halfway through a flagship debate on a second independence referendum following the attack on Westminster. Environment secretary Roseanna Cunningham was seen to gesticulate at the Tory benches in the Holyrood chamber after the decision was taken to call a halt to proceedings. The minister was opposed to the session being suspended in the face of terrorism. But it prompted an angry response from the opposition.” – The Scotsman

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News in Brief:

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