May delays National Insurance tax raid…

MAY Theresa pensive“Theresa May hit the pause button on Philip Hammond’s controversial raid on the self-employed, in a bid to head off a humiliating Commons defeat by furious Tory MPs. The Prime Minister moved to delay legislation on the £2 billion hike in National Insurance on solo workers until the autumn, after Tory whips warned her they ‘didn’t have the numbers’ to push the Budget measure through the Commons. Speaking at a press conference in Brussels, Mrs May tried to shore up her beleaguered Chancellor by defending the tax raid, which breaks the Tories manifesto pledge not to raise NI.” – Daily Mail

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…as up to a hundred MPs gear up for rebellion against the Budget

“Senior Conservatives including a minister and Government whip denounced the key pillar of Philip Hammond’s Budget and said they would seek to overturn it when it comes before Parliament. The Telegraph has learnt that the leader of the mutiny, the MP for  Berwick upon Tweed Anne-Marie Trevelyan, is in the process of drafting an amendment designed to kill off the proposed increase, which has the backing of 30 Tory MPs. The rebels claim 100 Tory MPs will either defy the whip or abstain if the NI tax rise for 2.5 million people is put to a Commons vote.” – Daily Telegraph

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Ed Conway: This could be the beginning of the end for National Insurance

tax“Of all the complex, incentive-skewing elements of Britain’s tax system, national insurance is surely the worst. A charge introduced a century ago as the central pillar of Britain’s contributory welfare system has evolved into just another wing of income tax — primarily thanks to Gordon Brown, who hiked it repeatedly to avoid breaking yet another silly manifesto pledge (not to raise income tax). The best thing the chancellor could do is to be the man who finally merges NI and income tax for everyone. Had he done so this week, he would even have swerved accusations about breaking a manifesto pledge (you can hardly be accused of raising a tax if it no longer technically exists).” – The Times (£)

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Prime Minister insists she’ll resist £52 billion EU ‘divorce bill’

“Theresa May insisted last night she will fight any demands for Britain to pay a £52 billion ‘divorce bill’ when it leaves the EU. The Prime Minister warned European leaders the British people did not vote for Brexit only to keep sending huge sums to Brussels. The row over a potential bill intensified yesterday as EU figures claimed the amount would have to be settled before talks on a new trading relationship start. But Mrs May, in Brussels for an EU leaders’ summit, said: ‘I’m clear that the way people voted on June 23 for us to leave the European Union, they voted for us in the future not paying huge sums of money into the EU every year.'” – Daily Mail

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Goodwill challenges SNP over immigration claims

Britain shield“Nicola Sturgeon has been challenged by the Home Office to provide evidence that Scotland needs its own immigration policy after it emerged there is flexibility in the current system that has barely been used. Robert Goodwill, the Immigration Minister, said there is a Scotland-only Shortage Occupation List (SOL) for employers wanting to bring in the skilled personnel they need from outside the European Economic Area. But he said it is “largely aligned” with the UK’s list despite “extensive” consultation with Scottish employers about the sort of posts they need people from other countries to fill.” – Daily Telegraph

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>Yesterday: David Shiels in Comment: The Stormont elections were more a blow to Unionism than the Union

Split with Republican legislators slowing Trump

“Two days into a frantic battle to repeal and replace Obamacare, Donald Trump’s White House is struggling to win over fellow Republicans in Congress. The strength of resistance to the new healthcare bill within the party points to a broader problem for Mr Trump – almost two months in to his presidency he is struggling to control the legislative agenda. “The White House doesn’t have a plan and they’re not providing any leadership,” says Peter Wehner, former speech writer for George W Bush. “The House and the Senate are at odds. They need a president to weigh in on an option and guide it and they’re not getting it.”” – FT

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