The first shot is fired over Javid’s housing plans. Mitchell accuses him of dishonesty over a Green Belt scheme.

Andrew Mitchell 16-06-16“Writing in today’s Mail on Sunday, Mr Mitchell warns: ‘All the signs coming out of Whitehall are that Ministers will use the Housing White Paper to find a back-door route to concrete over our glorious countryside’. He also claims that shortly after Mr Javid told the Commons last year that the Green Belt was ‘sacrosanct’, he ‘was enjoying lunch with the Home Builders Federation’ – and then decided to authorise 6,000 houses to be built on Green Belt land in Mr Mitchell’s Sutton Coldfield constituency. Mr Mitchell adds: ‘Saying one thing in the House of Commons and then another to a pressure group… brings politics and politicians into disrepute.’ “ – Mail on Sunday

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Carmichael fronts Tory remainer revolt over Brexit Bill. With Clarke, Morgan, Grieve and Soubry, he seeks to send May back to Brussels if she returns without a deal

CARMICHAEL Neil“Up to a dozen Tories are threatening to back a Commons move to give MPs the power to reject a so-called ‘cliff-edge’ Brexit outcome. The rebels, who include ex-Ministers Ken Clarke, Anna Soubry, Dominic Grieve and Nicky Morgan, say Parliament must have the right to tell the Government to go back and get a better deal. With a Commons majority of 16, in theory if nine Tories vote against the Government, Mrs May could lose. Rebel leader Conservative MP Neil Carmichael told The Mail on Sunday it was ‘illogical’ for Mrs May to have offered a Commons vote on any Brexit deal after two years of EU talks, but no vote if there was no deal.” – Mail on Sunday

  • Steve Baker claims 27 Tories are ready to rebel – Sunday Telegraph
  • Anti-Brexit Tory Baronesses Altman and Bowness call cross-party campaigners against it “the network” – Sunday Times (£)
  • Peers could delay Brexit for a year – Sunday Express
  • If the Lords tries to stop Brexit, it will be time for it to go – Norman Lamont and Angela Smith, Sun on Sunday
  • Government to draft Singapore-style tax-slashing laws – Sunday Telegraph
  • Turkey seeks free trade deal in return for freedom of movement – Sunday Express
  • Hannan says EU could restructure – Sunday Express
  • MEPs’ campaign for associate citizenship for Brits rolls on – Independent on Sunday
  • Copy of Article 50 Bill to be auctioned at Tory dinner – Observer
  • Tory splits on Europe are healing, and Labour is newly divided – Dominic Lawson, Sunday Times (£)
  • May cannot be both a bridge builder and a bridge destroyer – Andrew Rawnsley, Observer
  • Nothing can stop Brexit now – Tony Parsons, Sun on Sunday
  • Does May have anything to offer Britain other than leaving the EU? – Simon Heffer, Sunday Telegraph

> Yesterday: John Lindberg on Comment: Leaving Euratom would be a disaster

A Black and White Ball for the Just About Managing?

MCLOUGHLIN Patrick“More than 100 activists have been bussed in on cut-price £75 tickets so it is not just millionaires and frontbenchers at the event.  Donors have been told to dress in suits rather than the traditional black tie to avoid an out-of-touch image in any leaked photographs. Tory spinners are even insisting the event – which raises hundreds of thousands for the party – is not a ball at all but simply a “party”.  “We’ve been clear that we want to open it up, but we still need to raise funds so we can campaign effectively,” explained a Tory source.” – Sunday Telegraph

  • Terrorists “can follow every movement of the Prime Minister’s official aircraft live by using a mobile phone app” – Mail on Sunday

Adam Boulton: Osborne can only return if May falls

“It is just possible that the wind could change, leaving Osborne with the keys to No 10. In France, turmoil on the left and right has made Emmanuel Macron the surprise favourite to be elected president in May. Macron, 39, a former economics minister and pro-EU social democrat broke with François Hollande’s government last year to form his own party, En Marche!…Having defied May so blatantly, Osborne has embarked on his biggest gamble yet. His restoration to power depends on the May government and the Brexit project blowing up.” – Mail on Sunday

Abbott gives Corbyn a headache

Diane Abbott 01-05-16“Diane Abbott’s future in the shadow cabinet was in doubt on Saturday night after she failed to guarantee that she would vote to trigger Brexit negotiations in the Commons this week. The shadow home secretary missed a vote last Wednesday, citing a migraine, after Jeremy Corbyn imposed a three-line whip on his MPs to support a government bill to trigger article 50. Corbyn’s attempts to impose discipline on his MPs had little effect at any level of the party. About 47 Labour MPs voted against the bill at its second reading on Wednesday.” – Observer

Nuttall: I was at Hillsborough. Don’t believe lies to the contrary.

“I was at Hillsborough with my two uncles and my dad and I was in the Leppings Lane end,” he said. “If I have been accused of lying then they are sick people frankly. These are the depths this kind of scum would go to and they are the scum of the earth.” He added: “It was horrific and it’s something I don’t really talk about but this is the one sure fire thing that is going to make me blow a fuse and if anyone suggests that then they are an absolute scumbag.
We were in the upper tier at the Leppings Lane end and that is where people were being pulled out.” – Sunday Express

  • Farage shares flat with French politician accused of illegal funding of UKIP – Mail on Sunday

Trump may expel the EU’s Ambassador to America if it won’t accept his to Europe

TRUMP and MAY Gone with the wind“A source close to Mr Trump said: “The President is not going to be bullied by Brussels and told who he can and can’t appoint. If they seek to block his chosen appointment, it will backfire and he won’t send a US ambassador to the EU at all and could entirely withdraw the United States Mission to the European Union.” The source said the President might also decide to retaliate by expelling the EU’s ambassador to the US in Washington. “It’s a very dangerous game they are playing,” the source added.” – Sunday Express

  • White House files appeal against court ruling over travel ban – Observer
  • Carey says: give Trump a chance – Sunday Express
  • Women Labour MPs say they will boycott any Presidential speech at Westminster… – Observer
  • …And Bercow may move to stop him speaking in Westminster Hall – Sunday Telegraph
  • Clarke attacks him during interview – Independent on Sunday

John Rentoul: Don’t call Trump a liar, even if he is one

“If you want to make yourself feel better, call Trump – or Boris Johnson or Michael Gove – a liar. Other people who already agree with you might feel better, knowing that they belong to a like-minded tribe. But you will do nothing to persuade people who don’t like Trump much but who want America to be great again. Or people who have their doubts about Brexit but think the referendum result must stand. And there is a price to be paid in raising the emotional temperature of divisive politics. So I think it is a good rule for life, and for social media, which is like life but shouting, never to use the L-word. It is bad manners, bad journalism and bad politics.” – Independent on Sunday

  • The Government must not associate itself with this presidency – Janet Daley, Sunday Telegraph
  • Trump has a nose for weakness – Niall Ferguson, Sunday Times (£)

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News in Brief

  • Conservative local authorities are raising council tax to pay for social care – Observer
  • Huge gap in our defences – Sunday Times (£)
  • Fillon sinks in polls after ‘Penelopegate’ scandal – Observer
  • Roza Shalih aims to become Scotland’s first elected asylum seeker as SNP candidate – Scotland on Sunday
  • How world leaders were duped into investing billions over manipulated global warming data – Mail on Sunday
  • Drivers’ revolt over lost wages forces union to end Southern stand-off – Sunday Times (£)
  • Rochdale child sex-gang lawyers blasted about conduct over deportation appeals – Sunday Express
  • MPs say rail franchising system is not fit for purpose – Independent on Sunday
  • Commons clerks want to do away with their wigs – Mail on Sunday