Brexit 1) Johnson opens fire on Blair over arch-Remain stance

BLAIR Europe“Boris Johnson laid into Tony Blair over his ‘condescending’ bid to reverse the EU referendum vote today – saying people should switch off the TV when the former PM appears. Mr Blair faced a huge backlash after he used a speech in London to unveil his ‘mission’ to keep us in the EU – despite conceding that the public do not agree with him. The ex-premier demanded that voters stop worrying so much about immigration and ‘rethink’ their decision before the country goes ‘over a cliff edge’. But Foreign Secretary Mr Johnson delivered a devastating response, pointing out that Mr Blair had wanted to join the euro and ‘dragooned’ the UK into the disastrous Iraq war.” – Daily Mail

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Brexit 2) Chakrabarti insists Lords will amend bill

“Peers will water down the historic Brexit Bill when it comes to the House of Lords, Baroness Chakrabarti has vowed. The Labour frontbencher said she believed the upper chamber would take the ‘opportunity’ to amend the legislation. The new laws are due to be considered by peers for the first time on Monday at the start of detailed scrutiny a fortnight after the Bill was agreed by a landslide in the Commons. Amendments on the rights of EU citizens currently living in Britain after Brexit and the timing of Parliamentary votes on Brexit deal are expected to be the focus of any rebellion.” – Daily Mail

Brexit 3) Ministers consider new plans for EU nationals

EU countries and stars“EU nationals working in Britain could be barred from claiming benefits and kicked out once their jobs finish, under new plans considered in Whitehall. Ministers are finalising plans to classify how EU citizens arriving in the UK post-Brexit. In his column for The Sun today, James Forsyth reveals mandarins have put forward the option of blocking EU nationals from accessing Britain’s welfare system – unless they can support themselves.” – The Sun

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  • Workers could be denied benefits without ‘adequate’ jobs – Daily Express
  • Immigration changes part of trade deal with Australia, diplomat suggests – The Times (£)
  • Plans will mean more British nurses in UK hospitals – Daily Express

More Brexit:

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Northern Ireland:

  • Campaignes object to Northern Irish ‘dark money’ which funded Brexit – The Times (£)
  • DUP under pressure to reveal who funded Brexit campaigning – Belfast Telegraph


  • Brexit could sink Labour, but save Corbyn – James Forsyth, The Sun

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Tom Harris: Blair is being true to his principles, but undermining democracy

“It was universally accepted at the time that the EU referendum was a one-off, that the decision of the people would be respected and acted upon. There was no suggestion, before polling day on June 23 last year, of a do-over in the event of the “wrong” outcome. That’s because, in the arrogance of the Remain camp, there would be no need. Yet now Blair has unwittingly confirmed one of the central themes of the triumphant Leave campaign: that the EU and its supporters are fundamentally undemocratic, that whenever they are presented with a democratic result with which they disagree, they simply demand the question be put again, and again, until the “correct” answer is given.” – Daily Telegraph

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  • We most need diversity of opinion in our judiciary – Charles Moore, Daily Telegraph

May to do more for victims of domestic abuse…

MAY Marr October 2016“Theresa May last night pledged to bring in new laws to protect victims of domestic abuse let down by the legal system. The Prime Minister vowed to leave ‘no stone unturned’ as she set out radical plans to make it easier for victims to come forward and increase convictions. A Domestic Violence and Abuse act will aim to stamp out abuse in in the home and see those guilty of the ‘absolutely abhorrent’ crime brought to justice.” – Daily Mail

  • Prime Minister aims to transform treatment of domestic violence – The Guardian
  • Women’s refuges face threat of closure – The Sun

…as Unilever takeover challenges her industrial policy

“Theresa May is facing the biggest test of her industrial strategy after an American company made a surprise £115 billion approach for Unilever, the maker of Marmite and Colman’s mustard. Eight months after the prime minister claimed she would have blocked Kraft Food’s fiercely contested takeover of Cadbury in 2010, another British company that employs 7,000 people across the country could fall into American hands.” – The Times (£)

  • Company rejects $143 billion takeover bid – FT

Ministers 1) Fallon warns Putin to stay out of Libya

Russian flag“The defence secretary issued a stark warning to Russia not to interfere in Libya as he pledged to step up Britain’s role in the region. In a message to Vladimir Putin, Sir Michael Fallon said the UK did not need ‘the bear sticking its paws in’ the chaotic country. Speaking at Munich Security Conference on Friday, he said the Russian President was ‘testing the west’ and at ‘any point he sees weakness he pushes home’. He declared that was ‘why it is important we stand up for our values’ and continue to support the UN-backed Libyan government of Fayez al-Sarraj.” – Daily Mail

  • Europeans reject call to match US’ commitments to NATO – The Times (£)
  • Merkel ‘in no hurry’ to raise defence spending despite Trump’s warnings – Daily Mail

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Ministers 2) Gibb accuses teacher colleges of ‘peddling myths’

“Teacher-training colleges have been peddling “neuro-myths” about children’s brains and their so-called learning styles, according to Nick Gibb, the schools minister. Mr Gibb said that it was important to debunk damaging theories that had pervaded classrooms and damaged educational achievement. Some experts believe in teachers adapting their lessons to different learning styles, such as auditory or kinaesthetic learners, who supposedly best absorb information through, respectively, hearing or physical exploration. A lucrative industry has built up around such theories.” – Daily Mail

Ministers 3) Tebbit joins forces with Cable and Beckett in Lords’ business rates revolt

Norman TebbitThree former trade secretaries have criticised Britain’s business rates system and demanded reforms after a week of growing pressure on the Government. Lord Tebbit, Sir Vince Cable and Dame Margaret Beckett all voiced concerns to The Telegraph amid a backlash over a rates rise due in April. Lord Tebbit, who held the trade brief under Margaret Thatcher, warned that the high street would be disproportionately hit and called for a new Cabinet committee to consider solutions.” – Daily Telegraph

  • Gauke hits back at ‘scaremongering’ – FT
  • Minister defends controversial rates – The Sun
  • Treasury could ‘profit’ from business rates appeals – Daily Mail
  • Rates reevaluation to boost northern economy – FT


  • Tax pensioners to bridge the generation gap – Matthew Parris, The Times (£)

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Profile: Ruth Davidson

“In early 2017, Davidson has several roles. Officially, she’s leader of the opposition in the Scottish Parliament, no small job given that First Minister Nicola Sturgeon has much of Scotland’s media onside and is talking about using Brexit as reason for another independence referendum. Unofficially, Davidson is also a spokesperson for a strand of Tory thinking not much in fashion these days: a supporter of EU membership and a passionate advocate of foreign aid, she talks a lot about poverty and describes herself as a ‘John Major Tory’.” – Daily Telegraph

UKIP rallies around embattled Nuttall

paul-nuttall“Ukip leader Paul Nuttall fought back tears today after his party rallied around him over claims he lied about being at Hillsborough. He admitted he had suffered ‘a difficult week’ after being forced to make a humiliating confession that a blog post on his website claiming he lost ‘close personal friends’ at the stadium tragedy was incorrect. But he hit out at the ‘evil smear campaign’ waged against him over accusations he lied about being at Hillsborough, insisting he was ‘witness statements’ to prove he was there.” – Daily Mail

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News in Brief:

  • Housing market slumps as agents predict further slowdown – The Times (£)
  • Malaysia arrests North Korean man over killing of Kim Jong-un’s relative – Daily Telegraph
  • Trump turns on leakers as exposures hit the White House – FT
  • Train chaos spreads north as staff vote to strike – The Times (£)
  • Foster warns of ‘danger’ of sharing unionist votes – Belfast Telegraph