Brexit: May to face down Tory ‘wreckers’ on Article 50…

EU Exit brexitTheresa May will refuse to offer a compromise to Conservative MPs who plan to “wreck” the Article 50 bill this week by voting for a series of amendments, the Telegraph understands. Following the publication of a white paper and efforts by the Tory whips to find common ground with Conservative rebels the Prime Minister will hold her ground this week despite a rumoured rebellion within her party. Number 10 expects to win the crunch vote to trigger the formal exit of the EU, despite suggestions that as many as a dozen Tories could rebel and join with Labour, Liberal Democrat and SNP MPs to vote for “wrecking” amendments which could block its passage.” – Daily Telegraph

  • Ministers in ‘secret talks’ with anti-EU Labour MPs – The Sun

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…as Thornbury indicates Opposition will back bill even if they can’t alter it

“Labour will not vote against legislation to trigger Article 50 even if its amendments are overlooked, the shadow foreign secretary indicated yesterday as the party struggled to present a united front on the subject. Emily Thornberry said the party would “not frustrate Brexit” and insisted that Labour had taken its “instructions from the British people”. “We are democrats and the public have voted to leave the European Union,” she said. Her words were echoed by John McDonnell, the shadow chancellor, who said that Labour “will not block” Article 50, which he described as only the start of the Brexit process.” – The Times (£)

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Netanyahu urges May to get tough on Iran

Israel flag“Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu will today urge Theresa May to take a tough stand against Iranian aggression. The pair will meet for the first time in Downing Street when the Israeli leader embarks on a 24 hour trip to London. Mr Netanyahu will tell Mrs May and Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson there needs to be a ‘common stand’ against the ‘Iranian aggression that has reared its head in recent days’.” – Daily Mail


Ministers 1) Hunt announces crackdown on ‘health tourism’

“NHS trusts may be forced to make overseas patients pay upfront for non-urgent care under a new proposal announced by Jeremy Hunt. The Health Secretary is due to announce the move which will require healthcare professionals to establish whether people flying to the UK for non-urgent treatment such as a hip operation or cataract removal are eligible for help and make sure they are able to pay before their treatment begins. The new rules mean patients must be told upfront they have to pay but can decide not to have the procedure if they cannot pay. The measurement is the latest proposal destined to cut down on so-called “health tourism”.” – The Independent

  • Doctors warn of ‘chaos’ over charges for patients – FT

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Ministers 2) Mundell says Government is not ‘feart’ of independence referendum rematch

Britain shieldDavid Mundell has rejected Nicola Sturgeon’s taunt that the UK Government was “feart” of another independence referendum but argued there should be no rerun as it would be a “divisive and seriously unpleasant event.” The Scottish Secretary argued that it was “pretty clear” the Unionists would win again if there was another referendum but he dreaded the prospect because it would “set Scot against Scot.” He also said Ms Sturgeon’s plan for Scotland to stay in the single market when the rest of the UK comes out was not impossible, but he had yet to see any evidence from the Scottish Government this was better than the Prime Minister’s plan.” – Daily Telegraph

  • Next referendum could be decided on within weeks, says Sturgeon ally – Daily Express

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Ministers 3) Bourne warns of scale of mass immigration

“Migrants could account for more than four in every ten households formed between now and 2039, a minister has warned. The figure is the equivalent of 109,000 extra households every year. The impact of mass immigration on the number of households in the UK was revealed in the House of Lords by Integration Minister Nicholas Bourne. He said that, based on the Government’s highest estimates for the number of new arrivals, over the next 22 years there will be up to 243,000 new households each year.” – Daily Mail

Ministers 4) Barwell outlines measures to encourage elderly homeowners to downsize

HOMES Manifesto“Pensioners with large family homes will be given incentives to downsize in a drive to solve the housing crisis. Ministers yesterday vowed to make it ‘easier’ for older homeowners to move into sheltered accommodation. In addition to building tens of thousands of new places in specialised housing, councils could offer help with the costs of moving or decorating to encourage owners to downsize… Housing minister Gavin Barwell was asked by ITV’s Robert Peston if there will be incentives for older people ‘to sell big family homes they’re no longer using’.” – Daily Mail

  • Government to encourage building of sheltered accommodation – The Independent

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MPs 1) ‘Witch hunt’ into British troops should be scrapped

“The government’s £60 million probe into alleged abuse by British troops in Iraq should be scrapped immediately, a damning report by MPs is expected to say. Tory backbencher Johnny Mercer, who is leading a parliamentary inquiry into Ihat, said he believed a ‘rotten core’ of civil servants had warped the purpose of the process. The report is set to blame the Ministry of Defence for creating a system that allowed Phil Shiner, the disgraced human rights lawyer, to bring criminal cases against former soldiers on an ‘industrial scale’.” – Daily Mail

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MPs 2) Trump’s speeches to be boycotted (if he makes any)

donald-trump-09-10-16“A growing number of parliamentarians have pledged to “empty chair” President Trump if he is invited to address both houses of parliament during a state visit to Britain. Senior Labour MPs have said that they would boycott any formal speech given by the US leader because of his views on women, torture and refugees. Harriet Harman said: “I could not be there clapping a man who is a self-confessed groper. His views on many issues are unacceptable. And on foreign policy he seems to think he can just bully other countries and get his way.”” – The Times (£)

  • President ‘doesn’t care about making a speech’ on visit – The Guardian
  • Sinn Fein accused of contradictory stance on Trump visit – Belfast Telegraph
  • Lawyer who started anti-Trump petition could be punished by the CPS – The Times (£)

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News in Brief:

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