A coup for May.  She will be the first foreign leader to visit Trump as President in Washington.  They are expected to meet on Friday.

MAY Britannia“Donald Trump is planning a new deal for Britain this week as Theresa May becomes the first foreign leader to meet him since the inauguration. With hundreds of thousands of people across the world protesting his presidency, Mr Trump’s team was working with Number 10 to finalise plans for White House talks. The new relationship – which comes with both countries redefining their roles in the world – is due to be cemented with a state visit for Mr Trump in the summer. The US President’s team has made clear he wants a “full Monty” visit that will eclipse the trips of his predecessors in pomp and ceremony.” – Sunday Telegraph

  • He calls her as “my Maggie” – Sunday Times (£)
  • She will stress the importance of NATO – Mail on Sunday
  • He “wants to tee off with the Queen at Balmoral” – Sunday Telegraph
  • Johnson says Britain will be at the front of the queue for a trade deal – Sunday Express
  • Australia’s High Commissioner says that if Britain wants a trade deal it must ease immigration rules – Independent on Sunday
  • Scotland’s farmers could face tariff chaos – Scotland on Sunday
  • Germany’s Deputy Finance Minister says there’s a basis for a Brexit compromise – Sunday Times (£)
  • Hertfordshire’s commuter belt still at odds over Brexit – Observer
  • Adams says leaving will destroy the Belfast Agreement – Independent on Sunday
  • Cameron Davos joke about shooting pheasants called Boris or Michael – Mail on Sunday

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The new President moves to patch up his row with the intelligence services…

Screen Shot 2017-01-22 at 07.39.33“The approving encouragement came at CIA headquarters in Langley, Virginia, as Trump made the first official stop of his first full day as America’s president. And he insisted that ‘dishonest’ reporters had overplayed reports that he was feuding with the U.S. Intelligence Community over allegations that Russian hacking aided his November election win. ‘We’ve been fighting these wars for longer than any wars we’ve ever fought,’ Trump said, apparently in reference to the global war on jihadi extremists that has surpassed officially ‘declared’ wars in length and cost.” – Mail on Sunday

…And moves against Obamacare

“Mr Trump quickly assumed the mantle of the White House on Friday, making his first executive order one aimed at his predecessor’s signature healthcare law and swearing-in members of his national security team to his Cabinet.” – Sunday Telegraph

  • He fires all America’s Foreign Ambassadors – Independent on Sunday
  • Women march against him in Washington and worldwide… – Observer
  • …Though in Nigeria, “twenty people are killed after police clash with pro-Trump protestors…” – Sun on Sunday
  • …And Putin supporters hold inauguration celebration – Sun on Sunday
  • Secret service may investigate Madonna after she talks about blowing up the White House – Mail on Sunday
  • Meanwhile, Trump claims the inauguration audience was the largest ever… – Mail on Sunday
  • …Attends a National Prayer Service… – Mail on Sunday
  • …Says that he has not had a statue of Martin Luther King removed from the White House… – Mail on Sunday
  • …As the Jacob Epstein bust of Churchill is moved back in – Sunday Times (£)
    He will demand an end to a European Army or withdrawn NATO funding – Sunday Express
  • Le Pen, Wilders, AfD meet in Germany – The Observer

Niall Ferguson: Trump’s art of the deal v China’s art of war

Screen Shot 2017-01-22 at 07.40.56“Tomorrow the artist of the deal begins to get acquainted with what could be his two biggest foes. One is Washington’s ruthless political class, personified by Frank Underwood, the antihero of House of Cards. “The road to power is paved with hypo­crisy and casualties,” says Underwood in one scene. And: “The president is like a lone tree in an empty field: he leans whichever way the wind is blowing. Trump’s other big foe could be China. The Art of War was written by Sun Tzu 25 centuries before The Art of the Deal. “So it is said that if you know your enemies and know yourself, you will not be put at risk even in a hundred battles,” writes Sun. But “if you only know your­self, but not your opponent, you may win or may lose”.” – Sunday Times (£)

Brexit 1) Before May goes to Washington, we have the Supreme Court Brexit ruling here in Britain.  The Government is prepared for defeat, and for taking a Bill through Parliament

“Drafts have been circulating in an attempt to make sure the Government is ready for every eventuality when the 11 Supreme Court judges announce their ruling on Tuesday.  The Acts of Parliament have been kept as short as possible to make sure Mrs May is given the power to trigger Article 50 as soon as possible if needed. They range from a “belt and braces” law that will make explicit that Britain is leaving more than a dozen EU agencies – such as Euratom, which controls the nuclear energy market – to the simplest wording possible.” – Sunday Telegraph

Brexit 2) Soubry and Clarke, Clegg and Umanna, Greens and the SNP are ready to frustrate the Prime Minister’s plan

Commons-100x100“The pro-EU Tory MP Anna Soubry said that although she would vote to trigger article 50, it was vital that all options were kept open. She was happy to work together “with anyone from any party who has a sensible to plan that will keep all our options open, including that of staying in the EU” if no decent agreement could be reached. Former Tory chancellor Kenneth Clarke told the Observer it was time for all pro-EU MPs to “abandon a bit of the tribalism in British politics”, and accused May of being muddled about the customs union. “It is high time that the pro-Europeans got their act together,” he said. “What she [May] said about the customs union was incomprehensible. Your starting point should be to understand what a customs union is.” – Mail on Sunday

John Rentoul: The Article 50 Bill will pass

“The point is, though, that most Labour MPs will vote to pass the Bill. This is not because Corbyn is trying to impose an old-fashioned leftist ideology on a reluctant parliamentary party. Most Labour MPs represent seats that voted to leave, even if most Labour voters, and they themselves, wanted to remain. The Labour peers, who for some months unilaterally declared independence from Corbyn and refused to attend his shadow cabinet, have also said they won’t obstruct Brexit. That means the House of Lords will pass the Bill too.”  – Independent on Sunday

  • Why do Remainers insist on subverting the will of the people? – Simon Heffer, Sunday Telegraph
  • May must target Europe’s voters – Dominic Lawson, Sunday Times (£)
  • The writing is on the wall for the EU – Trevor Kavanagh, Sun on Sunday

Prime Minister’s industrial strategy to be launched tomorrow. Its cornerstone – to reform technical education

GROWTH Krieg“The prime minister will unveil a revolution in technical education when she publishes her industrial strategy, pouring £170m into building institutes of technology in every region. Aides say she wants “parity of esteem” between the new institutes and established universities 25 years after the end of the polytechnic system. The move will end the 20-year crusade to send as many children as possible to university: almost half of 18-year olds now begin a degree course. May’s aides want to see students get the skills needed to boost the economy, rather than study “Mickey Mouse” courses that leave them unprepared for the modern workplace.” – Sunday Times (£)

  • A new specialist maths school in every town – Sun on Sunday
  • This could transform Britain’s prospects – Editorial, Sun on Sunday

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Downing Street covered up serious Trident fiasco claim

“The Sunday Times can reveal that a Trident II D5 missile — which can kill millions when armed with nuclear warheads — experienced an alarming failure after being launched from a British submarine off the coast of Florida in June last year. It was the only firing test of a British nuclear missile in four years and raises serious questions about the reliability and safety of the weapons system. The failure prompted a news blackout by Downing Street that has remained in place until this weekend.” – Sunday Times (£)

  • Russia 1) “It could wipe our army out in an afternoon” – Sunday Times (£)
  • Russia 2) It slams British decision to send tanks through the Channel Tunnel for military exercise – Sunday Express
  • The Army is thousands of soldiers short after recruitment drive failure – Sun on Sunday

Clark ”to tear up Green Investment Bank sale plan”

CLARK Greg Krieg“In a humiliating climbdown, the business secretary Greg Clark is expected to tear up a deal that had started to come under intense scrutiny at both Westminster and Holyrood in Edinburgh. The privatisation could be even larger than the £3.3bn stock market listing of Royal Mail in 2013. Macquarie was chosen last October as the preferred bidder for the government’s Edinburgh-based lender — set up in 2012 by Sir Vince Cable, when he was business secretary, to spur growth in the renewable energy industry.” – Sunday Times (£)

Starmer says Labour will fight Great Repeal Bill over Henry VIII powers

Shadow Brexit Secretary Sir Keir Starmer vowed his party would fight Ms May “all the way” if she tried to use Brexit as an opportunity to adopt the so-called “Henry VIII powers”. The expected move by the Government would render Parliament almost powerless to stop Tory ministers in post-Brexit Britain from dumping rights previously enshrined in EU law.” – The Independent

Farron attacks Ministers over sale of schools sports fields to fund social care

“Disgraceful” town hall chiefs sold 25 school sports fields in 2016, new figures show. This is more than double the number sold in 2010 and 2011. Playing fields were sold off at a rate of one per fortnight last year and in August last year alone, 11 sites were put on the market — the same number sold in all of 2011. 145 school playing fields have now been sold off since 2010, the latest government statistics reveal. The damning figures were quietly snuck out by Whitehall over Christmas and the Lib Dems branded our revelation “frankly disgraceful”.” – Sun on Sunday

Nuttall will be UKIP’s candidate in Stoke Central

paul-nuttall“Nuttall emerged triumphant after hustings alongside other shortlisted candidates on Friday night, setting the scene for a contest that will illuminate the shape of post-Brexit politics in England. Stoke voted 65.7% for leave in the EU referendum. At his campaign launch on Saturday, Nuttall said: “I will raise the issues that the establishment parties would prefer to brush under the carpet, from tackling the spread of radical Islam to having pride in England, and that includes us having our own parliament.” – Observer

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