America Votes 1): Trump elected the 45th President of the United States

trumpvictorypic“Donald Trump sensationally won the White House race this morning as Pennsylvania fell at 1.36am – humiliating his rival Hillary Clinton and the entire American political class with a victory which will send shockwaves around the world. But she refused to concede and instead of making a speech herself sent her campaign chairman to tell supporters: ‘We can wait a little longer. Every vote should count.’ The bizarre ending to Clinton’s political career came after Trump confounded pollsters at every turn, capturing one ‘swing’ state after another in a line of toppled dominoes that stretched across three time zones and now ends at the White House.” – Daily Mail

America Votes 2) He wins in Florida

“At Trump Tower, the candidate retired to his apartment to ‘take a moment’ with this wife. At his planned victory celebration, supporters chanted ‘lock her up’ as states after state fell. The big breakthrough was the fall of Florida. As a Florida victory looked imminent, young Trump fans chanted at giant TVs: ‘Call it! Call it! Call it!’ Then it fell – Clinton had poured millions into the state, but it was not enough.” – Daily Mail


America Votes 3) He wins in Ohio

“Strength among white working-class voters propelled the Republican tycoon to victory in Ohio, a swing state without which no Republican has won the Oval Office. That triumph gave Mr Trump a foothold in the rust-belt of the Midwest that threatened to expand into Democratic strongholds.” – The Times(£)

America Votes 4) He is set to win Michigan

ballot_box“Hillary Clinton needs to win Michigan in order to have any chance of claiming victory in the election because Trump has just won Florida. But Trump is 2 per cent up with 81 per cent of the vote counted. A source who has seen the exit polls in key parts of Michigan told that Trump has stormed to victory, winning 70 per cent of the vote in Michigan’s Upper Penninsula. Even a woman who works in the office of Michigan’s Democratic Party said: “We’re hearing Republicans have won Michigan.”.- Daily Express

America Votes 5) Consolation for Clinton with victory in Virginia

“After slack-jawed Clinton supporters watched Donald Trump turn huge swaths of the map red on a tense election night, Hillary Clinton got a break when she was declared the winner in battleground Virginia. With 96 per cent of the vote counted, Clinton was carrying the state narrowly, leading by 48 to 47 per cent of the vote as she had 78,965 more votes than Trump.” – Daily Mail

  • Supporters in sombre mood under a glass ceiling – The Times



America Votes 6): World markets hit by the shock result

“The Tokyo market has sunk as Donald Trump appeared to be closing in on the White House.  The Nikkei 225 index fell 5.4% to 16,251 points after a wild day of trading, while the broader Topix index fell 4.6%, or 62 points to 1,301. ” – BBC

America Votes 7) Another disaster for the pollsters

Opinion Poll graphic“Having spectacularly got the Brexit referendum result wrong,the polling organisations’ predictions for the US presidential election also appear to have gone awry. Donald Trump has performed far better than had been expected by most polling companies. The Republican candidate repeatedly dismissed the polls as “phony”. Nearly all the pollsters had Mrs Clinton ahead of Mr Trump, with NBC for example giving the former First Lady enjoying a five-point lead as Americans went to the polls.” – Daily Telegraph

America Votes 8) Daley: The Democrats have lost white working class votes – perhaps for ever

daley“The white working class voter no longer sees the Democratic party as his natural home. This has enormous political and social consequences. And there is an open question whether this election could bring about a permanent shift in party loyalty, much as Barry Goldwater did in turning the southern states Republican. ” – Janet Daley Daily Telegraph Other comment

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America Votes 9): Republicans on course hold the Senate and the House….

America“The Republican Party has retained its majority in the US House of Representatives, projections suggest. The TV networks ABC and NBC both projected a Republican majority in the 435-seat chamber, which the party has controlled since 2010. Republicans are also expected to retain their hold of the Senate after winning the key state of Pennsylvania.” – BBC

America Votes 10) …and gain governorships in Missouri and Vermont

“Republicans won control of governors’ offices in Missouri and Vermont on Tuesday, picking up a pair of previously Democratic seats in their quest to expand their statehouse leadership to their strongest levels in decades. The governors’ contests in a dozen states were part of a battle for statehouse supremacy that also included nearly 6,000 state legislative elections. Heading into Tuesday, Republicans controlled more than two-thirds of the nation’s legislative chambers, as well as 31 of the 50 governors’ offices. They were inching toward their historical high of 34 governorships sent in 1922.” – Daily Mail

  • California votes to legalise cannabis – BBC

America Votes 11) What implications for Britain?


Tory MPs propose Commons vote on Article 50 before Supreme Court hearing

Supreme Court“Tory MPs are drawing up plans to force a Commons vote on triggering the Brexit process to stop Parliament being dictated to by the Supreme Court. The news came as the Scottish government launched its own legal action at the Supreme Court to try to frustrate plans for Brexit. Government lawyers were given the formal go-ahead to challenge the High Court ruling at the Supreme Court on Tuesday.” – Daily Telegraph

  • EU membership gave judges too much power – Philip Johnston Daily Telegraph
  • We need a Brexit deal that cures the North South divide – Gordon Brown The Guardian
  • We are being lied to about Toblerone – Robert Hardman Daily Mail

Visa deadlock has ruined trip to India says Hinduja

“One of Britain’s richest men has criticised the government’s stance on visas for Indians, claiming that Theresa May’s tough talk on immigration risks souring trade relations. Gopichand Hinduja, 76, said that Theresa May’s visit to India to forge closer commercial ties and a bilateral trade deal after Brexit had been “overshadowed” by ill-judged remarks on the need to curtail visas for Indian visitors and students.” – The Times(£)

Prosecution threat for fantasist who made false child abuse claims

PROCTOR Harvey“The suspected fantasist who triggered Scotland Yard’s disastrous VIP child sex abuse inquiry is facing prosecution. Detectives are probing whether the man known only as ‘Nick’ should be charged with attempting to pervert the course of justice.  His baseless claims about sex abuse and murder involving an Establishment paedophile ring led to the Yard’s bungled Operation Midland. The £2.5million inquiry led to raids on the homes of D-Day veteran Lord Bramall, the late former home secretary Leon Brittan and ex-Tory MP Harvey Proctor. ” – Daily Mail

News in brief

  • Dame Lowell Goddard won’t appear before MPs – BBC
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