Carney extends Bank term by a year

Mark Carney‘Mark Carney has said he will extend his period as governor of the Bank of England to June 2019, declining to serve a full eight-year term and instead standing down once Britain leaves the EU. In a letter to Philip Hammond, the chancellor, Mr Carney said he was “honoured” to serve longer than he had originally intended and hoped his decision would “help contribute to securing an orderly transition to the UK’s new relationship with Europe”. In response, Mr Hammond praised the governor’s “highly effective leadership” of the BoE and his willingness to serve longer “through a critical period for the British economy”. – FT


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Heseltine: I confess – I strangled my mother’s dog

‘‘I went to stroke him and he started biting me,’ he explains in Tatler magazine. ‘If you have a dog that turns, you just cannot risk it. So I took Kim’s collar – a short of choker chain – and pulled it tight. Suddenly he went limp. I was devoted to Kim, but he’d obviously had some sort of mental breakdown.’ What does the RSPCA think? ‘We are considering our response,’ says a spokesman.’ – Daily Mail

Rudd accused of harming the UK’s reputation with immigration rhetoric

Amber Rudd‘“Catastrophic” anti-immigrant rhetoric from the home secretary is damaging Britain’s reputation abroad and souring relations with European countries before Brexit negotiations, senior government figures have told The Times. European diplomats are understood to have expressed deep anger over proposals last month by Amber Rudd to force companies to disclose how many foreign workers they employ. While the plan was dropped within days, sources said that it had done “lasting damage” to the UK’s reputation.’ – The Times (£)

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Crouch fights for the right to wear the poppy

‘She said: “Footballers representing Home Nations should, if they choose, be able to wear their poppies with pride to pay tribute to the bravery and sacrifice of servicemen and women killed in conflict and to help support the armed forces community. To have our players compete with poppies on their shirts would be particularly poignant as we continue to commemorate the centenary of the First World War.” It comes after fury erupted last night when The Sun revealed the scandal-hit ruling body decided the symbol is a political statement and can’t be used for the crucial World Cup qualifier next week.’ – The Sun (£)

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Davidson: Britain and the US have a moral duty to lead the free world

Union Flag‘Irrespective of which side of the Brexit debate you were on, there is an acceptance that the majority of our allies around the world believed that the UK would – albeit grudgingly – choose to remain in the EU. That we chose not to means that people outside the UK have had their perceptions of us challenged. They are looking for answers about our relationship with their own countries and our global responsibilities. A world where Russia can march troops into Ukraine, where far-Right parties gain unprecedented support in France, Greece, Austria and even Sweden, where Syria burns and jihadists attack Western cities, is a world where global leadership has never been needed more. We cannot afford for the US and UK to be seen to shrink from the world’ – Ruth Davidson, Daily Telegraph

New benefit cap comes in next week

‘Benefits will be capped at a lower rate from next week for more than 100,000 families in Britain, in a move that ministers hope will encourage them back to work. At least 116,000 households with between one to four children will get less in benefits when the new cap comes in next Monday [Nov 7]…The lower cap limits the total amount of benefits a household can claim from £26,000 to £23,000 in London, where living costs are higher. Outside the capital, the maximum benefit package will reduce from £26,000 to £20,000. Those on disability-related benefits are exempt’ – Daily Mail

Downing Street hits back at Wollaston’s NHS funding claims

NHS_Logo‘No 10 today dismissed claims by a senior Tory MP that the Government’s £10billion spending pledge for the NHS was misleading. In a searing letter to Chancellor Philip Hammond, former GP Sarah Wollaston accused Theresa May and Jeremy Hunt of using ‘incorrect’ figures to create the impression the NHS was ‘awash with cash’. But Mrs May’s official spokeswoman today claimed the Government was meeting the financial demands from health service bosses. She said: ‘We have been clear from the outset that we wanted to make sure that we continue to invest in the NHS, that this would be an increase in real-terms funding of £10 billion by 2021.’’ – Daily Mail

MI5 chief warns of growing threat from ‘aggressive’ Russia

Russia poses an increasing threat to the stability of the UK and is using all the sophisticated tools at its disposal to achieve its aims, the director general of MI5 has told the Guardian. In the first newspaper interview given by an incumbent MI5 chief in the service’s 107-year history, Andrew Parker said that at a time when much of the focus was on Islamic extremism, covert action from other countries was a growing danger. Most prominent was Russia. “It is using its whole range of state organs and powers to push its foreign policy abroad in increasingly aggressive ways – involving propaganda, espionage, subversion and cyber-attacks. Russia is at work across Europe and in the UK today. It is MI5’s job to get in the way of that.”’ – The Guardian

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Labour attacks decision to reject Orgreave inquiry

Police‘There were cries of “disgraceful” and “shameful” from the Labour benches as Ms Rudd detailed her decision in the House of Commons. Diane Abbott, the shadow home secretary, said the Orgreave families “need the same justice” as those affected by the 1989 tragedy where police errors led to the deaths of 96 Liverpool football fans at Sheffield Wednesday’s Hillsborough football ground. She said: “The Orgreave families and campaigners need the same justice as Hillsborough had. They need the same type of independent inquiry to establish the truth.”’ – Daily Telegraph

Kassam drops out of UKIP race, complaining of media scrutiny and alleging a fix

‘Mr Kassam, a former aide to Nigel Farage who now edits the right-wing Breitbart website, had launched his bid for the leadership on Friday under the slogan “make Ukip great again”, echoing Donald Trump’s US presidential campaign. He withdrew yesterday morning, two hours before the deadline for the submission of nomination papers and payment of a £5,000 deposit. Mr Kassam, 30, said he had concluded that the “path to victory is too narrow” and blamed the actions of senior Ukip officials, who he said were manoeuvring against him, media scrutiny and fundraising concerns.’ – The Times (£)

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News in Brief

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