Prime Minister’s first foreign policy speech focuses on trade and Trump

MAY education speech‘Britain will use the freedom of Brexit to “set our own rules” as it negotiates new international trade deals, Theresa May told company bosses as she denied that she has an “anti-business agenda”. In her first major foreign policy speech since becoming Prime Minister, Mrs May said that the UK will “forge new and dynamic trading agreements” as it leaves the European Union. She also used the speech to respond to Donald Trump’s election, saying that it shows that Britain must once and for all deal with immigration and the communities across the country that feel forgotten by successive governments.’ – Daily Telegraph

  • She wants globalisation that works for everyone – Daily Express
  • And business done ‘in the right way’ – Independent
  • She warns against ignoring immigration concerns – Daily Mail 
  • And says public have lost confidence in ‘liberal consensus’ – The Times (£)

More foreign policy

  • UK opts into European intelligence-sharing group – The Sun 
  • Johnson and other cabinet ministers vow to continue Saudi arms sales – Daily Telegraph 
  • EU ‘stunned’ after Johnson’s call to ‘tone down’ criticism of Turkey death penalty plans – Daily Mail
  • Past six months has bulldozed foundations of British foreign policy – FT


  • The opportunities of the ‘new world order’ – John Bolton, The Times (£)
  • We’re ‘suckers for the epic’ – Janan Ganesh, FT

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Leaked memo shows cabinet and Whitehall tensions over Brexit plans

EU Exit brexit‘Whitehall is working on more than 500 Brexit-related projects and could need to hire 30,000 extra civil servants, according to a leaked memo prepared for the Cabinet Office. Splits within the cabinet also mean that the government may need another six months to decide on its priorities, according to the assessment by a consultant working for the department. The memo, dated November 7 and titled Brexit Update, also says that “major players” in industry are expected to “point a gun at the government’s head” after ministers gave assurances that the carmaker Nissan would not suffer when Britain left the EU. It is critical of Theresa May’s governing style, saying that her tendency of “drawing in decisions and details to settle matters herself” cannot be sustained and predicting that senior civil servants could have to intervene.’ – The Times (£)

  • The projects revealed are ‘beyond government capacity’ – Daily Telegraph 
  • There’s ‘no single Cabinet plan’ – Guardian
  • Memo includes single-market warning from Fox – Daily Telegraph
  • It ‘shows’ May still doesn’t know what Brexit means – Independent
  • And that there could be a six-month delay – Daily Express

More Brexit

  • EU discusses charge for Britons to visit Europe – Guardian
  • And sizeable exit bill – FT
  • Irish minister compares Brexit stance with bad divorce – Guardian
  • Cameron’s £120,000 Wall Street Brexit speech – The Times (£)


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America 1) Banks claims Trump’s ideas will be run past Farage before May

nigel-farage‘Donald Trump will consult Nigel Farage about any policy proposals which will affect the UK before he contacts Theresa May, according to the Ukip leader’s aides. Steve Bannon, Mr Trump’s chief strategist, will “run ideas” past the Ukip leader before discussing them with the British Prime Minister, Arron  Banks – a millionaire donor to Ukip – said. Mr Banks and Mr Farage met with Mr Bannon and Mr Trump for talks in New York on Saturday. The news came as ministers vowed to defy Mrs May by holding talks with Mr Farage about his meetings with the president-elect in New York at the weekend.’ – Daily Telegraph

  • Downing Street ‘rules out’ calls for his involvement – Daily Express
  • Farage accuses them of ‘petty party politics’ – The Sun
  • May ‘prepares diplomatic offensive’ to charm Trump – Guardian
  • She wants to persuade him ‘not to tear up global trading system’ – FT
  • Sturgeon congratulates Trump, but reminds him importance of tolerance – Daily Mail 
  • Bannon: the ‘right-wing provocateur’, or the ‘racist, misogynist antisemite’? – The Times (£)



  • My meeting with Trump – Nigel Farage, Daily Telegraph 
  • We can’t dismiss Farage as ‘irrelevant’ – Ross Clark, Daily Express
  • May doesn’t have to use him as a go-between – Alan Cochrane, Daily Telegraph 
  • Farage is ‘stepping into gaping hole’ of UK foreign policy – Rachel Sylvester, The Times (£)
  • We need to be professional about him – Tony Brenton, Daily Telegraph 
  • Trump’s opponents are the real bigots – Melanie Phillips, The Times (£)
  • Farage and Trump bonded over glass of water – Trevor Kavanagh, The Sun

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America 2) Obama ‘snubs’ Britain by calling Merkel his ‘closest partner’

OBAMA BBC‘President Barack Obama has issued a parting snub to the special relationship by naming Angela Merkel of Germany as his closest international partner of the last eight years. Mr Obama was setting out for Germany on his final overseas trip as president, during which he will also visit Greece and Peru. Speaking at the White House, he said: “In Germany I’ll visit with Chancellor Merkel whose probably been my closest international partner these last eight years.” Mr Obama did not mention that he would also be meeting with other European leaders including Theresa May and French President Francois Hollande.’ – Daily Telegraph

  • He also questions Trump’s temperament – Independent

America 3) ‘New relationship’ between Russia and America

‘President Putin hailed a new relationship with the United States based on “equality, mutual respect and non-interference in each other’s internal affairs” after he spoke to Donald Trump for the first time since the US election. During a phone call last night the leaders agreed to a face-to-face meeting — marking a thaw in relations. The Kremlin said that Mr Putin and the president-elect expressed shared concerns about the “extremely unsatisfactory state of Russo-American relations” and spoke about how to get the relationship back on track. Mr Trump’s admiring remarks about the Russian leader and suspicions that Moscow used cyberattacks to try to manipulate the US election in his favour has brought their relationship under scrutiny. During the election campaign Mr Trump hinted that he would consider whether to recognise Russia’s 2014 annexation of Crimea, which was condemned by the West.’ – The Times (£)

  • They will meet face-to-face to ‘fight terrorism and extremism’ – Independent
  • We mustn’t allow Trump’s election to splinter the West – William Hague, Daily Telegraph (£)

Rachman: What would a Trump-Putin deal look like?

Vladimir Putin‘The US will end its opposition to Russia’s annexation of Crimea. Although America may not agree to the formal legal incorporation of Crimea into Russia, it would accept it as a fait accompli. Following that, the US will lift economic sanctions. The Americans will also drop any suggestion that Ukraine or Georgia will join Nato. The build-up of Nato troops in the Baltic states will also be slowed or stopped. In return for these large concessions, Russia will be expected to wind down its aggression in eastern Ukraine and not attempt to make further territorial gains there. Russian pressure and implicit threats towards the Baltic states of Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania will be dropped. Military tensions on the front line between Nato and Russia will be dialled down.’ – FT

More Trump


  • We can’t afford to ‘revert to protectionism’ – The Times (£)


  • Trump’s sexism remains ‘deeply troubling’ – Rachel Cunliffe, Daily Telegraph
  • His voters still want the wall – Tim Stanley, Daily Telegraph (£)  
  • On nuclear issues, Trump’s ‘fluidity’ could trump his inconsistency – Bruce Blair, Guardian 
  • The ‘worrying similarities’ between Trump and Corbyn – Norman Tebbit, Daily Telegraph (£) 

Trial hears Jo Cox was murdered in ‘brutal, cowardly, politically-motivated murder’

COX Jo‘The Labour MP Jo Cox was repeatedly shot and stabbed in a “brutal, cowardly” and politically motivated murder, the trial of the man accused of the killing was told on Monday. Thomas Mair uttered the words “Britain first” and “keep Britain independent” as he carried out the attack, Richard Whittam QC, prosecuting, told the Old Bailey. The killer struck as Cox went about her business in her Yorkshire constituency during the European referendum campaign, in which she had supported the campaign to remain in the EU. ’ – Guardian

  • Mair searched internet for Cox, another murdered MP, and William Hague – Daily Mail
  • He also ‘researched’ Nazis and Ku Klux Klan – The Times (£)

Ministers consider energy bill caps 

’Measures designed to cap the household energy bills of millions of British families on “rip-off” standard variable tariffs are being considered by ministers. It comes after a wave of criticism over alleged profiteering by some of the nation’s top suppliers. Downing Street officials and ministers at the Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy have held talks in recent days with executives from the Big Six. A cabinet committee meeting has been scheduled next week to discuss whether the government should impose measures aimed at cutting the number of British households stuck on standard variable tariffs, the most expensive available, according to Whitehall sources.’ – The Times (£)

  • Clark to meet Big Six representatives – Guardian
  • Centrica warns of intervention’s ‘unintended consequences’ – FT

HS2 to be ‘built in full’

GRAYLING Murnaghan‘The government has confirmed that it will go ahead with building the entire £56bn HS2 high-speed train line. There will be one key change to the original plan: there will now be a spur taking trains into the centre of Sheffield, after heavy lobbying by local businesses. There will also be a station at Manchester airport, in a rejection of calls to cut the cost. This would bring it within an hour of London. The Department for Transport will announce the route from Crewe to Manchester and Birmingham to Leeds on Tuesday.’ – FT

  • With added ‘spur’ to Sheffield – FT
  • Grayling talks of its benefits for the North – Daily Mail


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More Government

  • Rudd approves Lauri Love extradition – Daily Mail 
  • Timpson warns about safe spaces – The Sun
  • UK defence risked by funding ‘black hole’ and military base conditions – Daily Telegraph
  • McDonnell to ‘set out three tests’ for Autumn Statement – Independent
  • Osborne says May ‘has no direct mandate’- Daily Mail
  • MPs to vote on phone-hacking payments – The Times (£)
  • And on departmental budgets – FT
  • Milburn to ‘urge’ May to drop Big Society – Independent

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News in Brief

  • Carbon emissions flat for third year running – Guardian
  • Another earthquake in New Zealand – Daily Express
  • Dementia now leading cause of death in England and Wales – The Times (£)
  • NHS email crashes after mistaken ‘send all’ – Daily Mail 
  • Xi wants to take ‘comrade’ from gay community – FT
  • BMJ calls war on drugs ‘a failure’ – Independent
  • Rome’s Bernini elephant vandalised – Daily Telegraph
  • Pakistani news channel claims Trump was born in North Waziristan – The Times (£)