May: You have to be true to yourself

MAY Theresa Women to WinEven members of Theresa May’s cabinet say they don’t really know her. Only our second female prime minister, she is intensely private — neither matey over a single malt in one of the House of Commons bars, nor a stalwart of its tearooms. She’s never been spotted on Strictly or done a comic turn on Have I Got News for You. We know she’s competent — she lasted longer as home secretary than anyone since 1892 — but other than having a penchant for kitten heels, and expelling the hate preacher Abu Qatada, who is she really? What gets her out of bed in the morning? And what does she intend to do now she is in the most powerful office in the land?’ – The Sunday Times (£)


Prime Minister ’to announce proposals’ for workers to influence executive pay

‘Theresa May will this week step up her attack on ‘fat cat’ bosses by paving the way for workers to be given a direct say in levels of executive pay. The Prime Minister has been horrified by figures showing that the typical pay for the CEO of a FTSE 100 company has increased more than four-fold since 1998, rising from £1 million then to £4.3 million last year – and has grown at a rate more than five times that of the average pay packet. Now, under proposals being published this week, employees would be allowed to appoint a representative who would sit in on top-level discussions about bosses’ pay – and could object to huge rewards.’ – Mail on Sunday


‘Cabinet split emerging’ over ‘negative’ Statement

philip-hammond-20-11-16‘A Cabinet split is emerging with ministers angered by the “overly negative” Autumn Statement which they say gives the false impression there is no plan for Brexit. In fact, positive moves are underway, they say – but No10 is sitting on announcements which show a bright future outside the EU. Philip Hammond, who supported the Remain campaign, has come under fire from ministers and MPs for his “negativity” around Brexit. … There are fears the Chancellor’s negativity towards Brexit is undermining the positive work being done by other departments.’ – Daily Express

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Mark Littlewood: Brexit’s forecasts’ ‘considerable’ margins of error

‘Last week’s Autumn Statement was dominated by the same story that has overlayed every piece of economic news and activity since the decision by the British people to vote Leave back in June.  Namely, exactly how good or bad will our exit from the European Union finally prove to be? Will our impending independence make us a soaring economic powerhouse or will we find ourselves in uncertain and choppy waters in which growing our economy becomes a trickier task than we’d hoped? During the referendum, all sorts of extravagant, elaborate and precise claims were made by both sides about the merits of remaining or leaving.’ – Mail on Sunday

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  • Brexit is poison – Will Hutton, Observer

Duncan Smith: It’s time for Blairxit

BLAIR Europe‘Tony Blair was last night branded “Mr Forgetful” over his shameless bid to stop Britain leaving the EU. The ex-PM was urged to pause and think about his record before attempting to overturn the will of the people. Former Tory minister Iain Duncan Smith accused him of playing a key role in pushing the nation towards Brexit. He said Mr Blair’s failure to stop the transfer of power to Brussels was partly to blame for the decision to leave. And he bluntly told him it was time he made an exit of his own.’ The Sun on Sunday

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Corbyn calls Castro a ‘social justice’ hero

CASTRO Fidel‘Jeremy Corbyn has been mocked for his claim that Fidel Castro ‘for all his flaws’ was a champion of social justice in a flood of hilarious internet memes. The Labour leader appeared to gloss over allegations of human rights abuses levelled at Castro, leaving opportunist comedians to compare the former Cuban leader to James Bond villains and Osama bin Laden. Meanwhile, Mr Junker said the revolutionary had been a ‘hero to many’, leading to both men being accused of praising a brutal communist dictator with a ‘disdain’ for democracy.’ – Mail on Sunday


  • We mustn’t forget the ‘reality of Castro’s regime’ – Sunday Telegraph


>Today: ToryDiary: Castro lost – but democracy isn’t winning

McDonnell accused of Ukip embrace

john-mcdonnell-26-09-16‘Senior Labour MPs have accused their party leadership of paving the way for a hard Brexit while aping the populist language of Nigel Farage. Shadow Chancellor John McDonnell is facing a furious backlash over a speech, which urged Labour to “embrace the enormous opportunities” of withdrawal – instead of fighting to prevent its most damaging consequences. Mr McDonnell also horrified many high-profile backbenchers by accusing pro-Europe MPs of siding with “corporate elites” – a charge normally levelled by Ukip.’ – Independent on Sunday

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  • The Farage-Trump bromance ‘offers opportunities’ – Tim Stanley, Sunday Telegraph

Other parties

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Fillon expected to beat Juppé today

‘With the collapse of the socialist party in France, former prime minister Francois Fillon is predicted to sweep to victory in his party’s presidential primary which would set up a clash with the far-right National Front party. Mr Fillon was considered a rank outsider last month – but a recent poll predicts a landslide victory for the 62-year-old, who is expected to secure 61 per cent of the vote against his more moderate rival Alain Juppé’s 39.’ Sunday Express

Niall Ferguson: Trump is torn over business  

TRUMP Donald thumbs up‘Today, having elected Donald Trump to be their next president, Americans confront a new catch-22. Many citizens, such as my friend Gerry, voted for Trump precisely because they see him as a successful businessman. In America, after all, businessmen stand higher in public esteem than politicians. Trump voters disregarded those who said Trump was not a successful businessman but rather a successful self-promoter who had left a trail of business failures in his wake. … Now Gerry’s candidate is president-elect and what do the darned liberals want? That he give up business.’ The Sunday Times (£)

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