Trump 1) Change is in the air, and politicians must respond, argues the Prime Minister

MAY Theresa Women to Win‘The world must change to meet the wave of popular uprising which catapulted Donald Trump to power and brought Brexit, Theresa May will say tomorrow. She will urge international leaders to bury their liberal attitudes and address the concerns of the masses. The PM believes governments everywhere must heed the message millions of ordinary working folk have delivered at the ballot box this year. In a keynote speech, she will say that people power has transformed the world – and politicians must change tack or be driven out of office. Mrs May will declare: “Change is in the air. And when people demand change, it is the job of politicians to respond.”’ – The Sun on Sunday

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Trump 2) The Foreign Office plans a charm offensive

‘A secret memo from the British ambassador to the United States has laid bare how the UK plans to shape Donald Trump’s presidency so he helps to boost Britain’s national interests. In a leaked telegram, written just as Trump was surging to victory last week, Sir Kim Darroch boasted that the UK is the best placed of any nation to steer the new president’s foreign policy and encourage his more extreme ideas to “evolve”. Darroch describes Trump as “open to outside influence” from Britain if Theresa May launches a diplomatic offensive to win him over. Whitehall sources say ministers, generals and intelligence chiefs are drawing up plans to influence Trump on such issues as Nato, Iran, Russia and immigration in an effort to help the UK exploit his victory and curb his more extreme views.’ – Sunday Times (£)

Trump 3) Farage becomes the first British politician to meet the President-elect

FARAGE laughing head‘Nigel Farage has been spotted at Trump Tower as he becomes the first British politician to meet the new President-elect. The interim Ukip leader met with Donald Trump in New York to discuss ‘freedom and winning’ a senior Trump adviser. Mr Farage has now beaten Prime Minister Theresa May to a summit with Mr Trump and campaign manager Kellyanne Conway said the meetings went well.’ – Mail on Sunday

Trump 4) Lawson: As long as the left pursues identity politics, it will keep losing

‘It is hardly surprising that at a time of almost unprecedented flux across borders, voters who have a strong sense of nationhood — which happens to be most people in both America and the UK — feel the need to assert the solidarity of the nation state. This is something that has confounded the political left — in both countries. The prevailing electoral strategy of the Democrats in the United States and then Labour in the UK was based on the idea of balkanising the electorate into “communities”, and aggregating their votes. Thus, for the Democrats, it was a matter of identifying “the African-American community” and the “Hispanic community” as political client groups; for Labour — and this was a particular skill of the former London mayor Ken Livingstone — the task was to do the same with “the Muslim community” or “the black community”. It purported to create a less segregated country, but, if anything, it was a recipe for the opposite.’ – Dominic Lawson, Sunday Times (£)

The Treasury complains about May’s economic policy, as the Autumn Statement approaches

HAMMOND Philip Marr‘Theresa May has opened up a fresh rift with Chancellor Philip Hammond by planning a pre-Christmas bonanza of new economic policies, The Mail on Sunday has learned. Among the ideas being drawn up by No 10 are a crackdown on foreign takeovers and the naming and shaming of fat-cat bosses. Treasury officials are alarmed by the extent No 10 is driving economic policy – in stark contrast to the freedom they enjoyed under George Osborne. They are also struggling with Mrs May’s enthusiasm for more ‘interventionist’ action. The Prime Minister will set out her economic priorities during a speech to the CBI annual conference on November 21 – only two days before Mr Hammond delivers his Autumn Statement.’ – Mail on Sunday

  • 53 MPs urge Hammond to cut fuel duty – Sunday Times (£)

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Fox is the latest target of the Lib Dem campaign against Brexit

‘The former Liberal Democrat leader has attacked International Trade Secretary Liam Fox after he told MPs that a deal could be struck in a simple one-off negotiation with the EU’s ruling Council of Ministers…Now, Mr Clegg has written to Dr Fox asking him to ‘clarify those assertions’. He says: ‘I am concerned that you may have inadvertently misled Parliament and the country…’ He adds: ‘You seem to be saying that a UK-EU free trade agreement could be agreed only by the Council of Ministers. This appears to be in direct contradiction to your government’s own Command Paper on the process for withdrawing from the European Union.’ A source close to Dr Fox said: ‘This appears to be part of the Lib Dem campaign to frustrate the will of the British people.’’ – Mail on Sunday

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Sacked Ministers give threaten trouble if they aren’t give them a way back in

Commons‘Theresa May has been warned by sacked ministers that she must promote them back into Government within a year or face “trouble” in Parliament. Senior Tories dismissed by the Prime Minister in the summer have privately warned their “loyalty” only stretches so far after being sent to the backbenches. Some are ready to increasingly rebel over Mrs May’s grammar schools ban and Brexit priorities unless they are put back on the Government payroll soon. The ultimatum, made in conversations with The Sunday Telegraph, is designed to make sure Mrs May makes good on indications there is a route back to the Government for those who behave.’ – Sunday Telegraph

Milburn attacks unfairness of unpaid internships

‘The scandal of the modern-day closed shop is revealed in a hard-hitting report by Theresa May’s social mobility adviser. Former minister Alan Milburn will urge the PM to bring in new laws banning unpaid internships to give working-class kids a chance to compete. He said work experience and internships have become the new “must have” in the graduate labour market. Eight in ten new recruits to banking come from internships and it is about a third in other professions. Some firms demand that wannabe employees put in a year’s unpaid work before they apply for a job.’ – The Sun on Sunday

British missiles deploy to Estonia

NATO‘Britain is to deploy batteries of high precision long range missiles on Russian’s border for the first time since the Cold War. The long range rockets will be moved to Estonia next year amid fears Russian President Vladimir Putin could be planning to invade the country. The rockets are part of a huge military build-up by NATO countries in order to defend the Baltic States. Around 800 UK troops will deploy to Estonia next year as part of a 15-nation force, including soldiers from the US, France and Denmark.’ – Mail on Sunday

  • Russia celebrates an ally winning the White House – Sunday Times (£)
  • The Baltic states shiver in a cold wind – The Observer
  • NATO chief warns Trump against isolationism – The Observer
  • Britain demands Republican assurances over Putin – Sunday Telegraph

MPs rap RSPCA over prosecutions

‘MPs will this week demand that the RSPCA stops routinely prosecuting animal owners for cruelty. The move from a powerful Commons committee follows a string of controversial cases brought by the charity, which has led to accusations that it ‘bullies’ owners. A hard-hitting report from the Environment, Food and Rural Affairs Select Committee will tell the RSPCA to pass on evidence to the independent Crown Prosecution Service, rather than bring cases to court itself.’ – Mail on Sunday

Cohen: The Left should stop launching snobbish attacks on the working class

LABOUR dead rose‘The dominant faction on the western left uses language just as suggestive of collective punishment when they talk about their own white working class. Imagine how it must feel for a worker in Bruce Springsteen’s Youngstown to hear college-educated liberals condemn “white privilege” when he has a shit job and a miserable life. Or Google the number of times “straight white males” are denounced by public-school educated women in the liberal media and think how that sounds to an ex-miner coughing his guts up in a Yorkshire council flat. Emotionally, as well as rationally, they sense the left, or at least the left they see and hear, is no longer their friend.’ – Nick Cohen, The Observer

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  • McDonnell called for the hard left to target Tory and Labour MPs – Mail on Sunday
  • Dozens of purged Militant activists try to get back into the Labour Party – Mail on Sunday
  • Vaz filed expenses for tickets he couldn’t have used – Mail on Sunday

Opponents of the Daily Mail claim Lego victory

‘Lego will not run any more promotional giveaways with the Daily Mail, marking the first success for a campaign to stop companies advertising in newspapers that run “divisive hate campaigns”. The Danish toy company has been giving away free toys with the newspaper, but it told the Stop Funding Hate campaign: “We have finished the agreement with the Daily Mail and are not planning any future promotional activity with the newspaper.” Lego confirmed to the Observer that it had made the decision after being contacted by British parent Bob Jones, who wrote to it last week raising concerns over its tie-in with the newspaper, which ran articles attacking the three high court judges who made a legal ruling on Brexit earlier this month.’ – The Observer

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