Scotland and Wales ‘allowed to intervene’ in Article 50 court battle

EU Exit brexit‘The Scottish and Welsh governments have been permitted to intervene in the government’s appeal against a High Court ruling on triggering Article 50 for Britain to leave the European Union. The Supreme Court, which will hear the appeal next month, said on Friday that it had granted applications to intervene from the Scottish and Welsh governments. It has also granted an application to intervene from a group of expatriates and from the Independent Workers Union. The government appeal is against a High Court landmark ruling earlier this month that Theresa May does not have the power to trigger Article 50 without a parliamentary vote. The government is appealing the decision, which stemmed from a case brought by Gina Miller along with others including a Spanish hairdresser and ex-pats living in France.’ – FT

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May changes Brexit legal case

MAY Theresa Women to Win‘Theresa May has changed her legal case for the right to start Brexit without the consent of Parliament in a way that could yet allow the process of leaving the EU to be halted. A document submitted to the Supreme Court shows that the Government will – as revealed by The Independent last week – argue the triggering of Article 50 will not directly affect the rights of British citizens. The shift is designed to overturn the High Court’s ruling that MPs and peers must be involved at the start of Brexit because rights would irretrievably be lost at that point. The new argument – that Britain has a “dualist” legal system – rests on the idea that international law is not applicable in the UK until it is translated into national legislation.’ – Independent

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May and Merkel focus on migration rather than Brexit

merkel‘Theresa May and Angela Merkel have discussed the possibility of agreeing deals with African countries to stem migration into Europe following the model of the EU-Turkey refugee deal, as well as the importance of rolling over sanctions against Russia in relation to the conflict in eastern Ukraine. “We will support the EU action to work in source countries to deal with the root causes of migration,” the British prime minister said. Her attempt at getting in a few words on Brexit was rebuffed before the meeting by the German chancellor, who said no further detailed discussions could be held until the UK formally submitted its application to exit the trade bloc by triggering article 50.’ – Guardian

Autumn Statement: Hammond to ‘admit he can’t clear deficit before 2020’

HAMMOND Philip white background‘Philip Hammond will next week promise to get Britain back into the black – but not until after the next election. Guided by forecasts from the Office for Budget Responsibility he will confirm that, over the next five years, there will be a £100billion shortfall from figures contained in the March Budget. In Wednesday’s Autumn Statement the Chancellor will say it is the result of slower growth and lower-than-expected investment hitting tax receipts. Instead of the deficit being rubbed out by 2019-20, as George Osborne had predicted, the country will still not have cleared it by May 2020.’ – Daily Mail

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Former Lord Chief Justice claims Truss has caused ‘constitutional breakdown’

Liz Truss‘Liz Truss has caused a “constitutional breakdown” and may have broken the law by failing to defend judges, a former lord chief justice has warned. Ms Truss’s near-silence is a breach of her statutory duty as lord chancellor and, if she were taken to court, she would probably be found to have acted unlawfully, Lord Judge said. “She is in relative terms a very inexperienced politician with no legal experience, who has been silent — and answered to Downing Street when she should have been independent,” he told The Times. “It is very serious. At the heart of it is a constitutional obligation on the lord chancellor to speak and on this issue there has been silence.”’ The Times (£)

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Home Office accused of ‘reneging on promise’ to take Jungle children

‘Hundreds of lone child refugees who were promised the chance of a new life in Britain are being told that they will not be allowed to come here after all. The Home Office has been accused of reneging on an agreement to accept many of the children evicted from the Jungle refugee camp in Calais when it was demolished last month. The guidance to department officials, made public this week, says that unaccompanied children under 15 from Syria or Sudan can be considered for UK admission. The only other categories that will be admitted are children under 12 from any country and those especially vulnerable to sexual exploitation. Children with family in the UK will still be entitled to join them under different provisions.’ – The Times (£)

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Rupert Cornwell: The Never Trumpers have disappeared

TRUMP victory speech‘Never, it turns out, isn’t such a long time after all. For many Republicans, indeed, it denotes less than a week, since Donald Trump defied every prediction, even in his own adopted party, and won the White House. Where are the Never Trumpers now? In many cases, rallying around a man they had castigated as a fake Republican, a disgrace to the country who was temperamentally unfit to be president, and a threat to the very survival of the planet. Here are just a few choice Never Trumpers turned apparent believers. Lindsey Graham, the respected South Carolina senator who once called the Manhattan billionaire a “divisive, race-baiting bigot” now says Trump “really does want to make a difference, and the only way to make a difference is to bring us together.”’ – Independent 

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