Tory MPs warn of an early election if continuity Remain continue their ‘war against Brexit’

EU Exit brexit“Theresa May could be forced to hold an early election if judges and Remain campaigners do not back down in the war against Brexit, Tory MPs warned last night. On a frantic day at Westminster, the Prime Minister vowed to appeal yesterday’s High Court verdict which would allow Parliament to frustrate or even scupper the process of Britain leaving the EU. No 10 sent a clear message to the courts that 17.4million voters had backed Brexit and that they should not get in the way of ‘delivering the best deal for Britain’.” – Daily Mail

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Dominic Raab: If this ruling is upheld we shall call the bluff of Remain MPs

“There must be a strong chance that when ministers appeal against this decision in the Supreme Court, the most senior judges will row back on – if not overturn – yesterday’s maverick decision. But if the Supreme Court upholds the decision, Parliament will have to hold a vote. Then, all those Remain MPs – especially Labour and Lib Dems – who vowed to respect the referendum verdict on June 23 will finally have their bluffs called and will have to prove they meant it. Ultimately, there is the prospect of an early general election to uphold the verdict of the people.” – Daily Mail

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U-turn as Bank admits it was too pessimistic about Brexit

Mark Carney“The Bank of England yesterday admitted it had been too pessimistic about the UK’s post-Brexit economy as it upgraded forecasts for growth. In a humiliating U-turn for Governor Mark Carney, the Bank raised forecasts for this year and next – abandoning plans to cut interest rates. The upward revision for economic growth next year – from the 0.8 per cent forecast in August to 1.4 per cent – was the Bank’s biggest ever.” – Daily Mail

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Truss to cut prison governors free of red tape

“Prison governors are to be given sweeping powers to develop education and training programmes tailored to their own jails under plans to free them from Whitehall-imposed rules, Liz Truss announced. The government is also to set down in law for the first time that the purpose of the prison system is not only providing places for inmates but also for reforming them. A formal trigger for the justice secretary to intervene when a prison is failing, including the power to replace governors and other senior managers of a jail, was also announced.” – The Times (£)

  • Changes won’t work until sentencing is reformed, warns Clarke – The Guardian

Michael Gove: The criminal side of our justice system

GOVE Sky debate“There is something criminal about our justice system. Which is why it’s so welcome that Liz Truss, our justice secretary, is determined to reform it. Prisons are a regrettable necessity in any society. Those who’ve broken the law need to accept punishment because defending the distinction between right and wrong is the foundation of any enduring moral or civic order. But while it’s right to punish those who inflict pain on others, it is striking how many of those we incarcerate have suffered so much themselves before they ever get near the courts.” – The Times (£)

Inventor calls for guaranteed visas for tech graduates

“Sir James Dyson has called for foreign engineering and science students to be guaranteed visas after completing university courses to address the UK’s skills shortage. One-third of all students studying engineering and technology subjects were international in 2014-15, according to Hesa, a higher education data provider. “I would like them to feel they would be guaranteed a visa at the end of their training. I think we can do some very simple things to considerably increase the number of British engineers and keep that talent in Britain,” the inventor said.” – FT

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Bridgen demands Vaz be investigated over Justice Committee role

PARLIAMENT“An MP has demanded a formal investigation into Keith Vaz’s decision to join the justice select committee, the Telegraph can reveal. Andrew Bridgen has written to the Parliamentary Commissioner for Standards to ask that his role be investigated under rules which state MPs must not bring the reputation of the Commons into disrepute.” – Daily Telegraph

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