Trump calls May and talks of reviving Reagan-Thatcher relationship…

screen-shot-2016-11-10-at-08-42-03“Donald Trump has told Theresa May he wants to revive the close transatlantic bond enjoyed by Margaret Thatcher and Ronald Reagan. The controversial US President-elect launched a charm offensive during a ten-minute phone call with the Prime Minister yesterday, telling her Britain is ‘a very, very special place for me and our country’. Mr Trump invited Mrs May to visit him in Washington ‘as soon as possible’. And – in a boost for hopes of a post-Brexit trade deal – Downing Street sources said the tycoon also talked of his hope of reviving the close UK-US relationship that dominated the West throughout the 1980s.” – Daily Mail

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  • Foreign Secretary rejects ‘collective whinge-o-rama’ at result – Daily Telegraph
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…but doesn’t place her at the front of the queue

“Theresa May was the 11th world leader to be called by Donald Trump yesterday, behind countries including Australia, Ireland, Egypt and Mexico. Downing Street put Mrs May through to the Republican victor at 1.45pm and the call lasted about ten minutes, with Mr Trump praising the UK as a “very, very special place for me and for our country”. Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Israel, Turkey, India, Mexico, South Korea, Japan, Australia and Ireland received calls before Britain. Whitehall sources played down the significance of the 24-hour delay after the moment on Wednesday morning when No 10 first asked for a call.” – The Times (£)

  • What special relationship? First White House visit goes to Irish prime minister – The Sun
  • Ministers to ‘use Nigel Farage as an unofficial intermediary’ with Trump – Daily Telegraph
  • UKIP leader ‘an irrelevance’ in UK-US relations, says Downing Street – The Independent

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Philip Collins: The working class can no longer be ignored

LABOUR dead rose“Any Labour MP who sits for a seat in the north of England in which his or her constituents has just voted overwhelmingly to leave the EU should look on these numbers and weep. Then, when you add in the American numbers on immigration and terrorism – which the electorate both regarded as a vital issue and on which they favoured Mr Trump over Mrs Clinton to a vast degree – there is the recipe for a catastrophe. Labour is one credible right-wing populist away from losing what it still regards as its core vote. They cannot be taken for granted any more.” – The Times (£)

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Ministers 1) Junior doctors finally abandon campaign against Hunt

“Junior doctors have permanently cancelled all further planned strike action over a new contract being imposed by Jeremy Hunt. A series of planned strikes were postponed in September over fears a programme of all out strike would put patients at risk. But today the British Medical Association admitted it was time to ‘re-engage’ with NHS bosses and study how the new contract would work in practice. A splinter group of junior doctors said the BMA’s decision was made without consultation and branded it ‘unacceptable’.” – Daily Mail

  • Hackers cripple out-of-date machines to demand ransom cash – Daily Mail
  • Hospital chief attacks dated software – The Times (£)
  • Courts force NHS to reconsider paying for HIV prevention drug – Daily Mail
  • Virgin Care wins £700 million contract to run more than 200 NHS services – The Times (£)
  • NHS ‘bedblocking’ rises for sixth month in a row – The Guardian


  • HIV drug is not the best way to help those at high risk – Peter Saunders, The Times (£)


  • A perverse ruling on the NHS’s priorities – Daily Mail

Ministers 2) Clark signals tough line on energy companies

gas-energy“Energy fat cats were warned to stop ripping off hard-up families by switching them to higher fuel tariffs. Business Secretary Greg Clark signalled a government crackdown on Big Six energy firms ripping off hard-up families. Mr Clark warned the power companies that they must treat customers fairly and must not exploit their loyalty as he pledged an energy revolution to save consumers £40 billion. His vow came after The Sun’s Power to the People campaign against rip off electricity and heating bills.” – The Sun

  • Rudd to block ‘dirty money’ flowing into the City – The Guardian

Davidson tells Sturgeon to stop blaming others for collapse of deal with China

“Nicola Sturgeon has been urged to stop blaming “everyone else” for the collapse of a controversial £10 billion deal with a Chinese consortium… Tory leader Ruth Davidson said it was “embarrassing for our country” adding: “Rather than blaming us, or blaming Brexit, or blaming the weather, will the First Minister remove the shroud of secrecy from deals like these and be straight with the Scottish people?”” – Daily Express

  • First Minister criticised for deal’s collapse – The Scotsman
  • Lustre of ‘golden era’ wears off for London and Beijing – FT

Tory MPs campaigning for ‘independent’ Goldsmith

Rosette shield“Zac Goldsmith’s claim to be an “independent” by-election candidate has been dealt a blow after it emerged Conservative MPs have been campaigning alongside him… On paper he has stood as an “independent” candidate opposed to Government policy, but his rivals in the seat claim that once returned to Parliament he would still have strong links to the Conservatives. The suspicions were given credence this week after a photograph posted on social media and reported on the website showed Mr Goldsmith campaigning alongside a brace of serving Tories.” – The Independent

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News in Brief:

  • ISIS tunnels turn Mosul into ‘nightmare’ for Iraqi forces – The Times (£)
  • Taliban attacks German consulate in northern Afghan city – Daily Telegraph
  • Berlin train station on lockdown after suspicious item found – Daily Express
  • Anti-terror chief calls for fingerprints and eye scans to be taken at UK border – Daily Mail
  • English prisons in crisis, experts warn – FT
  • EU considers opt-in ‘associate citizenship’ for post-Brexit Britons – The Independent
  • Ministers wasting £500m on apprenticeships that don’t work for employers – The Sun