Brexit 1) May ‘agrees to full and transparent’ Commons debate before activating Article 50

MAY Theresa Women to Win‘Theresa May has moved to allay concerns about a lack of scrutiny of the government’s Brexit plans, agreeing to demands for “a full and transparent” Commons debate before the Article 50 exit clause is activated. Mrs May made the promise on Tuesday night ahead of a Commons debate on Wednesday, but crucially she has not promised to allow MPs a formal vote on the government’s negotiating strategy. The prime minister wants to keep her cards close to her chest before the formal start of EU exit talks, which will begin when she triggers Article 50. She says the process will start before the end of March 2017. […] Fearing that some Tory MPs would rally behind the apparently innocuous Labour motion, Mrs May added an amendment to the Labour motion on Tuesday conceding the need for such scrutiny.’ – FT

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  • Pound climbs after May’s promise – FT
  • Shadow cabinet asks Davis 170 questions – Daily Express

Brexit 2) Stephen Phillps MP: I voted leave. But refusing parliamentary say on Brexit plans is ‘undemocratic’

EU Exit brexit‘There is a supreme irony in all of this: a government principally led by remainers taking the result of the referendum as carte blanche not only to take Britain out of the EU, but to do so on whatever terms they like without reference to those elected to represent the views of the British people. Not giving parliament the chance, before article 50 is invoked, to say where it thinks these negotiations should end up is, at its core, undemocratic, unconstitutional and likely to exacerbate the divisions in our society to which the referendum gave rise.’ – Guardian


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Brexit 3) Davis claims Treasury leaked negative forecast

DAVIS David‘David Davis has accused Treasury officials of trying to “undermine” Brexit negotiations as part of a “desperate strategy” to keep Britain in the Single Market. It today emerged that leaked draft Cabinet papers warned that if Britain leaves the Single Market without a new deal it will cost the Treasury £66billion in tax revenues. Mr Davis, the Secretary of State for Exiting the European Union, is understood to believe that the the warning is part of a “succession of treasury briefings that are damaging negotiations”.’ Daily Telegraph

  • While others claim his department did it – The Times (£)
  • May’s spokesman ‘plays down’ the figures – Guardian 
  • And Rees-Mogg calls for inquiry into why they’re still being used – Daily Express
  • They were based on results of old Osborne-commissioned study – Daily Mail
  • Government Brexit adviser talked of ‘permanent cost’ of leaving customs union – Guardian

More Brexit

  • Norwegian foreign ministry denies rejecting Fox’s request for working group on trade – Guardian 
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  • But claims Powerhouse is ‘on track’ – FT

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Johnson in ‘diplomatic row’ with Russia over comments in emergency Syria debate

Syria‘Boris Johnson has urged the public to demonstrate against Russia over its bombing campaign in Syria, triggering a diplomatic row. The foreign secretary warned yesterday that the “wells of outrage are growing exhausted” as the besieged Syrian city of Aleppo faced obliteration. He also mocked anti-war activists for failing to condemn the Kremlin. Russia is at risk of becoming a “pariah nation”, Mr Johnson said during an emergency House of Commons debate as he refused to rule out supporting a no-fly zone in Syria to prevent the bombing of civilians and aid convoys.’ – The Times (£)

  • Russian defence ministry accuses him of ‘hysteria’ – Guardian
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  • No-fly focus distracts from ‘realistic’ plans – Patrick Cockburn, Independent
  • Childhood obesity is a ‘more present danger’ than IS or Russia – Maggie Throup, Daily Telegraph 
  • We mustn’t forget Yemen – Con Coughlin, Daily Telegraph

EU students guaranteed loans for next year

‘European Union students were given a late guarantee by ministers yesterday that they will be able to take out subsidised student loans if they apply to study at English universities next year. Vice-chancellors have spent weeks lobbying for such a promise, fearing that thousands of prospective EU students would drop their applications unless they knew that they would not have to pay fees up front. However, universities are still braced for a big drop in students from the EU because of the tone of the debate and the uncertainty over Brexit.’ – The Times (£)

  • And will receive them ‘until 2020’ – Daily Mail

Grayling ‘to announce’ HS2 plans

Grayling470‘High Speed 2 is set to be given the final go-ahead. Despite growing opposition from Tory MPs, the Government will today say it is fully behind the £55billion rail scheme. Chris Grayling will declare Britain needs HS2 ‘more than ever’. The Transport Secretary says it will create jobs, boost capacity and link the country together. But furious MPs last night pledged to carry on opposing a scheme they dismissed as a white elephant. Experts warn HS2 could cost as much as £90billion by the time it opens.’ – Daily Mail

David Cameron: I’m going to focus on the Big Society

David Cameron 23-06-16When I look back over six years as prime minister, one of my proudest achievements is the creation of National Citizen Service. I often get stopped in the street by parents who tell me what a difference NCS has made in the lives of their children; and I regularly receive letters from young people who have so enjoyed taking part. I am delighted that my first role in my life after politics is to continue my association with this fantastic programme by becoming chairman of NCS Patrons, bringing together a senior cross-party and cross-sector group of patrons and ambassadors who can help NCS to reach more youngsters.’ – Daily Telegraph

  • Bernie Sanders endorses his brother in Witney by-election – Guardian

Daniel Finkelstein: Government strategy ‘can and will play an active role’ in industrial revival

‘So what strategy is Theresa May and her secretary for industrial strategy, Greg Clark, working on? It’s early but we already have some clues. Their diagnosis is that Britain has some very successful businesses, places and people but many people live in a Britain far away from this. Many places in the country are run down and relatively unproductive and the people living in them struggle to earn a decent income from the work they do. You could pick other challenges, but this is the challenge they have started to identify.’ – The Times (£)

Other Westminster

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  • Budget watchdog warns over pension reform ‘finance hole’ – FT
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Trump ‘boasts of apparent break’ with Republican Party

TRUMP Donald second presidential debate‘In yet another unprecedented display of turmoil between a presidential nominee and party leadership, Mr Trump expressed his feeling of betrayal Tuesday morning on Twitter yet felt satisfied that he could run his campaign without the fetters of the party. “It is so nice that the shackles have been taken off me and I can now fight for America the way I want to,” he tweeted. Pouring salt into the hemorrhaging wound of the GOP, Mr Trump – who has supported Democrats in the past – praised liberals for their loyalty.’ – Independent


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  • His ‘misogyny alone disqualifies him’ – William Hague, Daily Telegraph

News in Brief

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