Brexit 1) Gove, Raab and Whittingdale elected to Select Committee

GOVE union flag T-shirt‘Leader of the victorious Vote Leave campaign Michael Gove will scrutinise the Government on its Brexit strategy. He is among a total of eight Tory Leave backers who were elected to the powerful new Brexit committee tonight. But despite a clear majority of the British public voting for Brexit, the committee will be controlled by a majority of Remain MPs…Prominent Brexit campaigners Dominic Raab and John Whittingdale were elected alongside Mr Gove, the former Justice Secretary who led the Vote Leave campaign alongside Boris Johnson.’ – Daily Mail

Brexit 2) Fox and Downing Street don’t see eye to eye on trade deal

‘Liam Fox risked Theresa May’s fury yet again after demanding Britain must have a new EU trade deal in place within the two year exit process. His warning came despite the PM demanding there would be “no running commentary” about Brexit. The Trade Secretary told MPs that the disastrous Canadian/EU trade deal proves Britain must reach agreement on a new deal before we leave – “in the best interests of everyone”. Last night No10 distanced themselves from the comments, saying: “There is a discussion around the Canada deal and how that is perceived, and there is a range of perceptions about that.” Despite Downing Street refusing to rule out a transitional deal with the EU ahead of Britain’s departure from the bloc, Dr Fox said Britain must “legislate prior to leaving the EU in order to provide ourselves with trade defence from day one.”’ – The Sun (£)

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  • Glaxo gains £1 billion windfall from Brexit – The Times (£)


Bank of England scrutinises UK exposure to faltering Eurozone banks

money‘The Bank of England has asked large British lenders to detail their current exposure to Deutsche Bank and some of the biggest Italian banks, including Monte dei Paschi, amid mounting market jitters over the health of Europe’s financial sector. The request was made in recent weeks by the BoE’s Prudential Regulation Authority as investors sold off Deutsche and Monte dei Paschi, both of which have been the subject of scrutiny over their capital levels. Supervisors worldwide have attempted to curtail the links between large institutions since the 2008 banking crisis, when the collapse of Lehman Brothers and other big groups threatened to drag down the entire global financial system.’ – FT

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  • EU student applications fall – The Sun (£)

Samuel: The Jungle must never be allowed to rise again

‘Letting people live for years in camps with no basic amenities, no ability to support themselves and, in the Jungle’s case, no intention of entering the formal system for processing refugees, is intolerable to locals and miserable for camp residents. It allows an isolated sub-population to take root in a country without participating in any of the normal rights and responsibilities of living there. Allowing this temporarily might be unavoidable for some populations stranded on the edge of horrendous war zones, but it’s certainly not necessary in Europe.’ – Juliet Samuel, Daily Telegraph

Villiers: The Heathrow decision is a disaster

VILLIERS Vote Leave‘Heathrow is already the biggest noise polluter in Europe and the Davies report accepted that noise from an expanded Heathrow would be greater than its five European rivals combined. Expanding Heathrow is fraught with risk. It will be delayed for years in the courts over air quality. Whether it is a bridge or a tunnel for the M25, you can bet that means years of transport misery on one of the nation’s most important stretches of motorway. TfL estimates surface transport infrastructure will cost more than £15 billion, but Heathrow says it will pay no more than a billion, leaving the taxpayer with a huge bill. Unfortunately the establishment’s long-standing fixation with expanding Heathrow looks as if yet again it will stop the UK getting the new runway it desperately needs.’ – Theresa Villiers, The Times (£)

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Corbyn and May are united in wishing Boles well in his fight against cancer

‘Nick Boles, who beat cancer nine years ago, told his Twitter followers that doctors at King’s College Hospital A&E found the cancerous tumour, before joking people “might think that explains a lot about my recent behaviour”. The Grantham and Stamford MP added: “I fought cancer off nine years ago and I am sure I can do it again.” Mr Corbyn said: “I just want to pay tribute to Mr Boles for the social media message he sent out this morning. “It shows amazing humour and bravery and we wish him all the very best and hope he fully recovers from this.” When Mrs May took the stand she also shared her warm wishes. She said: “Can I also join you in commending my honourable friend for being willing to be so open about the health problem that he has, and we wish him all the very best for the future and for his place here in this House.”’ – The Sun (£)

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British troops join new NATO deployment to Eastern Europe

NATO‘Britain is to deploy troops, tanks and jets to Eastern Europe to deter Russian aggression. In the biggest military build-up in Eastern Europe since the Cold War, an armoured force will be deployed to Estonia. RAF planes are also being dispatched to patrol Romanian airspace for the first time. The moves are designed to stop Moscow taking over or undermining its former Eastern European satellites as it has with Crimea and Ukraine.’ – Daily Mail

Outrage as Baroness Tonge chairs anti-semitic event in the Lords

‘A meeting hosted by Baroness Tonge, a former Liberal Democrat MP who sits as an independent, provoked concern about the level of antisemitic discourse in mainstream politics. She was launching a campaign for Britain to apologise on the hundredth anniversary of the Balfour declaration of 1917, which pledged support for a home for the Jewish people in Palestine. A spokesman for the Israeli embassy described the House of Lords gathering as “a shameful event, which gave voice to racist tropes against Jews and Israelis alike”. An audience member was applauded after suggesting that Hitler only decided to kill all the Jews after he was provoked by anti-German protests led by a rabbi in Manhattan.’ – The Times (£)

Hayes: The state of mental health services is a national disgrace

NHS_Logo‘The state of our mental health services, particularly those for young people is a national scandal. The 2015 youth select committee report on young people’s mental health is a rigorous, evidence-based report written by young people, on behalf of young people. It makes clear recommendations across three areas of policy – funding and the state of services; A role for education; and awareness, stigma and digital culture. The government’s response to the report, published in January 2010, was very weak. It accepted very few recommendations, and refers mostly to the approach the government is currently taking.’ – Helen Hayes, The Times (£)

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New police training to reduce Stop and Search bias

‘Police forces are to reduce the use of stop and search further under new training designed to address controversy around officers’ “unconscious bias”. Officers will be trained to ignore “copper’s nose” and gut instinct in favour of evidence-based evaluations of suspects and situations when using the powers, the policing standards watchdog said yesterday. The College of Policing has introduced guidance for forces in England and Wales after decades of complaints that young men from black and ethnic minority communities were being targeted.’ – The Times (£)

‘Whitewash’ UKIP report lets Hookem off hook

WOOLF Steven‘An internal inquiry into the Ukip “altercation” which left Steven Woolfe in hospital has cleared Mike Hookem of punching his fellow MEP. The party’s chairman Paul Oakden says the “true facts of what took place” in the European Parliament will never be known.The whitewash report was released just hours after the fracas was referred to the French police, much to Nigel Farage’s anger.’ – The Sun (£)

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