Hammond v Davis…and Johnson…and Fox

Hammond with Guardian“Mr Hammond, who has warned against cutting all ties with Brussels, believes tough guy Mr Davis should be banned from negotiations with the EU – and forced to stay at Westminster to stop him meddling. And friends of the Chancellor say he has delivered similar swipes in private at Mr Davis’s fellow Brexiteers – Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson and International Trade Secretary Liam Fox – over ‘bull in a china shop’ tactics.” – Mail on Sunday

  • Cabinet Minister briefs against Hammond’s “relentless pessimism” and says that he should “watch his back” – Sunday Telegraph
  • Foreign Secretary will not resign over Heathrow – Sunday Times (£)
  • EU hits back at May over Brexit – Sunday Times (£)
  • Sturgeon claims May has no right to deliver Hard Brexit – Sunday Express
  • Brussels slams the doors on UK companies – Sunday Telegraph
  • Thirty countries issue warning to Brussels over threats they may be banned from doing business with Britain – Sun on Sunday
  • Leadsom to make international tour to sell British food – Sun on Sunday
  • Davies says Tory conference breakfast-for-Brexit slip was due to dyslexia – Sunday Times (£)
  • Craig Oliver to work as an adviser on Brexit – Mail on Sunday
  • Pro-Remain campaigners set up mock Northern Ireland border checkpoints – Mail on Sunday
  • Gove twice threatened to quit Vote Leave if Cummings was sacked claim – Mail on Sunday
  • Liberal Democrat peer joins the Conservatives – Sunday Telegraph

Miliband and Morgan manoeuvre for Commons vote on Single Market

“Former Labour leader Ed Miliband held discussions with pro-EU Tory MPs on Saturday, and was said to be considering tabling an urgent question in the Commons, demanding that May appear before parliament to explain its future role in Brexit decisions, when MPs return on Monday. The SNP and pro-EU Tory MPs Nicky Morgan and Anna Soubry were also considering tabling questions, while former Lib Dem leader Nick Clegg, now the party’s Brexit spokesman, said it would be appalling if detailed terms of Brexit, including the UK’s future relations with the single market, were not voted on by MPs.” – Observer

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Steve Hilton: Hey, Amber, for your next brainwave, why not announce that foreign workers will have numbers tattooed on their forearms?

HILTON Steve“It’s not just that the scheme is so obviously divisive and repugnant; it’s insanely bureaucratic. The whole point of Brexit was to sweep away the harmful impact of the European Union’s regulatory fervour. To paraphrase Margaret Thatcher: surely we have not successfully rolled back the frontiers of bureaucracy from the EU only to see them reimposed at a national level with a Conservative government churning out new red tape from London?” – Sunday Times (£)

  •  Europeans “to provide proof of job and English before moving to UK” – Sunday Express
  • Just two in 453 foreign offenders are booted out of the UK –  Sun on Sunday
  • Archbishop of Canterbury and other faith leaders tell Government to welcome 400 child refugees – Mail on Sunday
  • Fears that almost 400 ISIS jihadis have slipped into Britain – Sunday Express
  • Anti-extremism Tsar gagged by Home Office allegation – Sunday Times (£)
  • It’s Rivers of Rudd – Dan Hodges, Mail on Sunday

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John Rentoul: May holds all the Brexit cards

“The problem with the EU resistance is that Theresa May holds all the cards. There is no theatre in which the battle against hard Brexit can be fought. Parliament cannot decide the terms of the EU deal and nor is there likely to be an election fought on the question.  Once Article 50 has been triggered, HMS Britain is on the slipway and there is nothing that can stop it hitting the water two years later. As I have said before, I don’t think the court case that opens on Thursday will rule that Parliament has to vote on Article 50, and, even if it did, Parliament would vote to trigger it.” – Independent on Sunday

Patel “to ignore requirement to hit the 0.7 per cent aid target”

Patel Union Jack“In a dramatic U-turn, the International Development Secretary has told aides she will ignore the legal requirement to spend 0.7 per cent of national income if it means authorising corrupt or wasteful projects. Ms Patel, who was appointed to the post by Theresa May in July, has been shocked to discover that officials have been recommending projects on the grounds that they would help her Department for International Development (DFID) hit its £12 billion spending target.” – Mail on Sunday

Sex education could become compulsory in every school

“Amber Rudd, the home secretary, Justine Greening, the education secretary, and Karen Bradley, the culture secretary, have all made it a personal priority to combat the sexual exploitation of children and their online exposure to sexual or other inappropriate material, along with Truss. A cross-government group, which will also involve the Department of Health, is being set up to look at the extent of the problems and how to reduce them.” – Sunday Times (£)

Labour whips to quit over Winterton sacking

Woolfie Corbyn“Those understood to be on the verge of resigning over the dismissal of Rosie Winterton include Conor McGinn, the MP for St Helens North, and Holly Lynch, the MP for Halifax. Winterton’s sacking and the manner in which it was done on Thursday has caused widespread fury among MPs, including among those previously supportive of the Labour leader. Corbyn’s decision to speak at a Socialist Workers party event on Saturday also caused huge consternation with even prominent supporters Owen Jones and Aaron Bastani criticising the decision on social media.” – Observer

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Hookem: I didn’t punch Woolfe

“Senior party figures suggested Woolfe’s apparent willingness to resort to violence rendered him unfit for leadership.   The North West England MEP, who is recovering in hospital in Strasbourg, has extended the “hand of friendship” to Mike Hookem, the other MEP involved in the confrontation in the European parliament on Thursday.   Hookem dismissed the incident as a “handbags at dawn, girl-on-girl” scuffle, but he insisted he had not thrown any punches and that Woolfe had been the aggressor.” – Observer

Trump: New misogyny allegations

TRUMP hair“Conversations covering a 17 year period were uncovered by CNN in which he not only made lewd comments about women and even tolerated Stern, one of America’s best known “shock jocks” describing Ivanka Trump as a “piece of a***.” The tapes reveal Mr Trump discussing an array of sexual  topics. He also suggested men should “check out” of relationships when women reached the age of 35. Disowned by many leading Republicans after the Washington Post published a 2005 tape bragging how he could seduce women because of his celebrity status, the latest tapes will cement his reputation for misogyny.” –  Sunday Telegraph

News in Brief

  • Putin advances nuclear ballistic missiles to Kaliningrad – Mail on Sunday
  • Iran’s game plan in Syria is a path to the Mediterranean – Observer
  • Graduates face longer wait for pensions – Sunday Times (£)
  • MPs who hire family must prove they are the best candidates, says head of expenses watchdog – Sunday Telegraph
  • Cutting pharmacies could cost the NHS billions – Sunday Express
  • Gatwick plans to build second runway even if Heathrow wins bid – Independent on Sunday
  • Pub bosses sack builders for wolf-whistling at passing women – Sun on Sunday