May calls First Ministers together to urge broader perspective on Brexit

UnionJack arrows angled“The PM has summoned the First Ministers of the devolved assemblies to Downing Street to order them to think beyond their own borders. A source said: “She will make it absolutely clear this is a decision for the whole UK – and that she is in charge.” She has called all UK leaders together for the first time in two years to order them to bury self-interest and pull together for the good of the nation. But she will insist she is always willing to listen.” – Sun on Sunday

  • SNP call to be treated as ‘equal partner’ – Sunday Express
  • Plaid leader claims Prime Minister is part of ‘Brexit thuggery’ – Sunday Times (£)
  • Wood calls for post-Brexit ‘democracy revamp’ – Wales Online

More Scotland:

  • Swinney accused of misleading MSPs over ‘success’ of state guardian scheme – Sunday Express
  • Harvie urges ‘No’ voters to join Green cause and back second referendum – Scotland on Sunday


  • Davis tries to calm the separatists’ fevered brows – Alan Cochrane, Sunday Telegraph

…as she’s urged by Tory Remainers to call attack dogs off Hammond

“Theresa May was last night urged by former Tory Ministers to call off the ‘attack dogs’ in the bitter Brexit battles with Chancellor Philip Hammond. Anna Soubry and Nicky Morgan joined forces to make the demand after a bruising week for the Prime Minister, which concluded with her being ‘sidelined’ by other EU leaders at a Brussels summit. It led Remain-supporting Conservatives to warn the country could be heading for a ‘dirty’ Brexit, with no ‘divorce’ deal being reached before the end of formal talks in 2019.” – Mail on Sunday

  • Health minister calls referendum outcome a ‘terrible mistake’ – The Observer
  • Secret ‘nuclear option’ to halve Corporation Tax in Brexit arsenal – Sunday Times (£)
  • Twice as many voters trust May as Corbyn with Brexit and the economy – The Observer
  • Ministers fear UK-EU deal could take decades after Walloons ‘torpedo’ CETA – Sunday Telegraph

More Brexit:

  • Banks will ‘start relocating out of London early next year’ – Mail on Sunday
  • Bullying banks threaten to take cash out before negotiations even begin – Sunday Express
  • Financial services will receive £20bn bounce outside single market – Sun on Sunday
  • Royal Estate faces £1 million deficit from lost EU funding – Sunday Telegraph
  • UK must not stop fighting terrorism in Europe, says Clegg – The Observer


  • Battle of Calais begins as police start clearing Jungle – Mail on Sunday
  • Foreign criminals could be removed from Britain within 25 days – Sun on Sunday


  • Sweden was overwhelmed by child migrants, we should heed their lesson – Tim Stanley, Sunday Telegraph
  • A bunch of stubbly Jungle ‘children’ expose our immigration chaos – Sarah Baxter, Sunday Times (£)


Adam Boulton: Cherish your Chancellor, Prime Minister, he has no knife

HAMMOND Philip Marr“Unlike Gordon Brown or Osborne, Hammond is not scheming to inherit his boss’s job, but he has now become the default next prime minister, should the No 24 bus to do its worst as May crosses Whitehall. This prime minister needs his support and should be careful to cherish it. The economy is not so strong that she could afford to lose so competent and conveniently self-effacing a chancellor.” – Sunday Times (£)

  • The crew are cutting each other’s throats on May’s leaking ship – Andrew Rawnsley, The Observer
  • Inflation will be next year’s ticking time bomb – Ambrose Evans-Pritchard, Sunday Telegraph
  • Brexit politicians are putting us on a fast track to financial jeopardy – Anthony Browne, The Observer

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Tory MPs threaten to help sue the Government if Heathrow gets the green light

“Tory MPs have pledged to help sue their own government if Heathrow’s third runway is approved in a remarkable challenge to Theresa May’s authority. Leading rebels have told The Sunday Telegraph they will advise a legal challenge from Tory councils to ensure any expansion plans are “killed off” in the courts. They believe their experience in Parliament will be invaluable in eliciting damaging government documents about how airport expansion has been handled.” – Sunday Telegraph

  • May once pledged to stop a third runway – Sunday Telegraph
  • Airport expansions to ‘boost Britain’s future’ after Brexit vote – Sun on Sunday

More Government:

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Chris Grayling: Britain needs a new runway to reach out to the world

Building shield“In our new position, Britain has to reach out to the global community, to build better connections with places such as Asia, South America and Africa. That’s why expanding one of the South East’s major airports is right at the top of our priority list.There are three great options on the table. A new, north-west runway at Heathrow, a second runway at Gatwick and an extension to one of Heathrow’s existing runways. The decision we make will be the best one for Britain and for the British people. It will create thousands of jobs and apprenticeships.” – Sun on Sunday

  • Ministers must set out ‘cast-iron’ timeline for airport expansion – Sadiq Khan, Sunday Telegraph

Williamson accused of smearing prominent pro-Leave MP

“Theresa May’s Cabinet enforcer was embroiled in a major row last night after he allegedly smeared a senior Tory by claiming he had cheated on his wife with another man. Chief Whip Gavin Williamson is said to have made his extraordinary allegation – which is understood to be completely untrue – in the heat of the bitter EU referendum campaign that split the party. The former senior Minister he falsely accused of having a homosexual affair was a prominent ‘Leave’ campaigner… When The Mail on Sunday first approached Mr Williamson nine days ago about his alleged comments, he said: ‘I don‘t comment on malicious rumours.’” – Mail on Sunday

  • Minister branded ‘mean spirited’ for talking out SNP bid to preempt gay pardon legislation – Sunday Telegraph

Johnson denounces Gove as details of split come to light

BORIS blue and red“Bitter Boris Johnson has denounced Michael Gove as ‘deeply Machiavellian and flawed’ for the way he knifed him in the Tory leadership contest. And he has accused Gove’s henchman, Tory MP Nick Boles, of ‘stealing’ his phone to sabotage his attempt to team up with leadership rival Andrea Leadsom. In the first major revelations since their leadership fallout, allies of Johnson say he will never forgive Gove and Boles for the brutal way they killed off his dream of becoming Prime Minister in July.” – Mail on Sunday

Banks backs Kassam for UKIP leader

“A former aide to Nigel Farage has become the frontrunner to take the reigns of Ukip after the party’s most high-profile donor backed him as leader. Aaron Banks said he would back 30-year-old Raheem Kassam “despite” speculation former Ukip deputy leader Paul Nutall was set to throw his hat into the ring. Mr Kassam, who is an ex-chief of staff to Nigel Farage, has previously said the party faces an “existential crisis”. He thanked Mr Banks for his endorsement and said he would “make Ukip great again”.” – Sunday Express

McCluskey joked about hitting Eagle over Corbyn challenge

Unite logo“Len McCluskey, leader of the Unite union, joked to Angela Eagle about hitting her after she challenged Jeremy Corbyn for the party leadership, it was claimed this weekend. Eagle’s twin sister Maria later confronted McCluskey, a staunch ally of the hard-left Labour leader, after hearing what had happened, according to one witness. McCluskey told Maria, who is also a Labour MP: “It’s a joke, it’s a joke,”, according to the witness. But she insisted: “it is not funny, not funny, Len,” when Angela had received so much abuse for challenging Corbyn.” – Sunday Times (£)

News in Brief:

  • Almost 50,000 die each year because NHS trails the world’s best – Sunday Times (£)
  • ISIS begins massacring men and boys inside Mosul – Sunday Telegraph
  • Queen caught in ‘royal storm’ between conflicting princes – Sunday Express
  • Police find ‘suspicious device’ during Devon raid linked to London Tube bomb plot – Mail on Sunday
  • Second ‘bomb’ linked to Tube alert – Sunday Times (£)