Industrial Strategy 1) May offers driverless car opportunity to tempt Nissan to stay

growth flag‘Downing Street has offered Britain’s roads to Nissan as a test track for driverless cars in an effort to persuade the Japanese automotive giant not to quit the UK after Brexit. The car maker is due to decide within weeks whether to build its newest version of the best-selling Qashqai sports utility vehicle in Sunderland, or move it to the Continent. The decision is the first big test for the industry since June’s vote to leave the European Union. Theresa May met Nissan’s chief executive, Carlos Ghosn, on Friday to persuade him that the car maker would remain competitive in a post-Brexit Britain. In addition to promising that the company would be shielded from changes to trading conditions, such as tariffs for shipping cars to Europe, a pledge was also made over the future of self-driving cars.’ – Sunday Times (£)

Industrial Strategy 2) Heathrow draws hope from news that Gatwick has been offered a consolation prize

‘Gatwick airport has been offered a consolation prize by ministers in a further sign that the government is ready to approve the expansion of its rival Heathrow. Ministers have asked Gatwick for a list of “compromise” options for expanding the airport, should it not get the go-ahead for a new runway this month. Insiders believe this is further evidence that the government is poised to approve a third runway at Heathrow at a cost of £17.6bn, as it did not receive a similar request. Theresa May’s cabinet is expected to decide by the end of this month where to build a new runway in the southeast.’ – Sunday Times (£)

Industrial Strategy 3) Goldsmith: I will stop airport expansion

Zac Goldsmith‘There is no doubt that despite huge gains against the Liberal Democrats in west London in recent years, the Conservative Party would be badly damaged in the event that Heathrow gets a green light. I promised voters I would step down and hold a by-election if Heathrow gets the go-ahead and I will stand by that pledge, but the fallout will be much wider, and it will hard for our brilliant local councils to weather the storm…Theresa May is not the kind of person to be spoon-fed lines by entrenched officials. If she carefully examines the evidence, she will see that an unbuildable third runway at Heathrow will not only be a political millstone for her premiership and beyond, but, more importantly, will fail the country at a time when business wants to see action.’ – Zac Goldsmith, Sunday Telegraph

Brexit 1) Tory rebels ally with Clegg, Miliband and Starmer to demand Parliamentary vote

‘Former Deputy PM Nick Clegg and ex-Labour leader Ed Miliband have teamed up with pro-Remain Tories to force a Commons vote…Labour’s shadow Brexit Secretary Sir Keir Starmer is among those clamouring for a vote – and accused the PM of attempting to side-line Parliament by keeping her cards close to her chest. He is joined by two Euro-sceptic Tory MPs – Leave supporting Stephen Phillips and former ministers and save-the-Pound campaigner Nick Herbert.’ – The Sun on Sunday (£)


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Brexit 2) Johnson: Why you should vote Remain

boris-johnson‘We said we wanted a reformed EU. We said that if we failed to get reform, then Britain could have a great future outside. We have not got a reformed EU — so: nothing for it, then — ho for the open seas! Viva Brexit! That would seem to be the logic, and yet I wonder if it is wholly correct. Shut your eyes. Hold your breath. Think of Britain. Think of the rest of the EU. Think of the future. Think of the desire of your children and your grandchildren to live and work in other European countries; to sell things there, to make friends and perhaps to find partners there. Ask yourself: despite all the defects and disappointments of this exercise — do you really, truly, definitely want Britain to pull out of the EU?’ – Boris Johnson, Sunday Times (£)

Cairns: The valleys deserve the promise of a better future

‘We have a responsibility to create the right conditions in communities such as Aberfan — through supporting local businesses, pushing inward investment and encouraging local enterprise. The valleys are known for the distinctively Welsh trait of close community spirit. The miners knew that education was an essential key to expanding horizons…In the 1930s there were about 100 miners’ libraries across the South Wales coalfield — miners read everything from Das Kapital to The Wealth of Nations. We need to continue that legacy and ensure that children from the post-industrial communities have their choice of high-quality education and the prospect of a good job with a thriving local employer, or the opportunity to become entrepreneurs.’ – Sunday Times (£)

Lawson: Exports up, speculators out – long live the sterling crisis

pound-coin‘To judge from almost every report on the BBC, the falling pound is not just a verdict upon Brexit but a political crisis. If the stronger the national currency, the better, then it is. But it isn’t, so it isn’t. Nor, by the way, is this a humiliation for a governing party. This one had never staked its reputation on a fixed measure for sterling (as Labour under Harold Wilson did in the 1960s and the Conservatives under John Major in the early 1990s). That there is no “policy for the pound” is a good thing. There’s only one thing more stupid than thinking the currency markets have some special insight into the future — and that is for any single government to bet against them with taxpayers’ money.’ – Dominic Lawson, Sunday Times (£)

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Royal Navy prepares to shadow Russian fleet as it passes our coast

‘The Royal Navy is on red alert after it was revealed that Russia plans to sail a fleet of warships along the British coast as it makes it way to Syria. Russia’s flagship Admiral Kuznetsov and seven additional vessels will pass the UK on their voyage to the war-torn country as it prepares to bomb rebel forces in Aleppo. The fleet is expected to carry out practice bombing north of Scotland before potentially sailing down the English Channel – a mile off the coast of Britain. It comes amid rapidly escalating tensions between the west and Russia, as the Kremlin looks to give a show of strength right on the doorstep of the UK.’ – Mail on Sunday

  • Assad’s henchmen live in luxury in the West – Sunday Times (£)
  • Russian media hypes up threat of war – Mail on Sunday
  • Outrage as troops are investigated over the detention of suspected murderers – Sunday Telegraph

Corbyn has made Labour ‘a safe space’ for anti-semites, MPs conclude

LABOUR dead rose‘Jeremy Corbyn has allowed “institutional anti-semitism” to thrive in the Labour movement and has made his party a “safe space for those with vile attitudes towards Jewish people”, a damning report by an all-party committee of MPs has concluded. In a withering judgment on the Labour leader, MPs on the home affairs select committee concluded that Corbyn has shown a “lack of consistent leadership” in tackling anti-semitic abuse within the Labour ranks. The report — signed off by the Labour MPs Chuka Umunna and David Winnick — questioned whether Corbyn “fully appreciates” the nature of anti-semitism and said the party was guilty of “incompetence” over its handling of high-profile allegations of anti-semitism.’ – Sunday Times (£)

Trump attacks the integrity of the ballot

‘Donald Trump accused Hillary Clinton of taking drugs before the second presidential debate at a rally in New Hampshire on Friday. Mr Trump was defiance personified during appearances in New Hampshire and Maine while his campaign worked furiously behind the scene to rebut the claims of at least nine women that he had touched them inappropriately. He disparaged his accusers, and repeated his claims that there is a vast conspiracy against him to “rig” the election in favour of Hillary Clinton.’ – Sunday Telegraph

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News in Brief

  • GCHQ raise security concerns over Chinese smart meters – Sunday Times (£)
  • Hague earns £1 million in nine months – The Sun on Sunday (£)
  • NHS saves £600 million through crackdown on agencies – The Observer
  • After the Ched Evans verdict, I will advise rape victims to think twice before going to police – Julie Bindel, Mail on Sunday
  • Olympic parades to take place this week – Sunday Times (£)
  • SAS hero who put wounded Iraqis out of their misery is reported to police by the MOD – Mail on Sunday