Brexit 1) Redwood gives a blueprint to “get on with it”

REDWOOD Blog“Britain could quit the EU well within the two-year time limit laid down by Article 50 of the Lisbon Treaty, Tory ex-ministers have told Theresa May. They also called for a work permit and cap system to control the number of EU migrants coming to the UK. Led by Leave campaigner John Redwood, the “Brexit Blueprint” urges a “take it or leave it” attitude to EU trade. Mrs May, who is due to tackle Brexit at the Tory conference on Sunday, says the right deal may not be the quickest one.” – BBC

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Brexit 2) ….Iain Duncan Smith also signs up

“As a German businessman said to me a couple of weeks ago, the UK is in a strong position after the dust of political rhetoric has settled. Access to our markets and particularly the global position of the City of London are vital to the collective interests of the EU, mired as it is in low growth and high unemployment. At the end of it all, as the Italian prime minister said, we need to leave the EU as friends and allies, sharing common interests while achieving the best arrangements for further trade and co-operation.” Iain Duncan Smith Daily Mail

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>Yesterday: James O’Shaughnessy and Philippa Stroud on Think Tanks: May must get tough on the causes of Brexit

Brexit 3) Fallon calls for “full Brexit”

Fallon“Sir Michael Fallon has revealed Britain is heading for a ‘full Brexit’ In the clearest signal yet of the Government’s plans for leaving the EU, Sir Michael Fallon dismissed calls for a so-called “soft Brexit” that would leave the UK signed up to Single Market rules including free movement for migrants. “It is not hard or soft, it is full Brexit. We are leaving the European Union,” the Tory Defence Secretary told the Daily Express. Sir Michael also launched a scathing attack on senior Eurocrats for plotting an EU Army while failing to meet Nato armed forces commitments.” – Daily Express

Brexit 4) Polish builders will still be welcome says Javid

“Builders from Poland and the rest of the EU will still be welcome in Britain post-Brexit, a Cabinet minister declared last night. Sajid Javid said any immigration system for EU workers would ensure ‘the building sector has got whatever it needs’. The Communities Secretary wants an extra million homes to be built by 2020. His comments suggest that, while Polish builders may lose the right to enter the UK freely, they would be granted a visa if there was a skills shortage. On the eve of the Tory conference, Mr Javid said tackling the housing crisis was his ‘number-one priority’.” – Daily Mail

Green scraps benefits reassessments for chronically sick

damian-green-18-09-16“Sickness benefits claimants will no longer have to go through reassessments to keep their payments if they suffer from chronic illnesses, the work and pensions secretary is to announce. The Employment Support Allowance (ESA) will continue automatically for those who have life-long, severe health conditions, Damian Green said. He said it will help end the anxiety that claimants may have felt. The reform will be unveiled at the Conservative Party conference. The four-day gathering begins in Birmingham on Sunday.” – BBC

  • “It’s about being hard-headed not hard-hearted” – Interview with Damian Green The Times(£)

Memorial planned for Polish spitfire aces

“Tory grandees are campaigning for a £1million Spitfire monument to be built in Hyde Park, London to honour Polish pilots who fought in the Battle of Britain. Former party chairman Lord Tebbit is backing the plan and ex-deputy chairman Lord Ashcroft has offered to help fund the memorial to the 145 airmen who played a vital role in defeating the Luftwaffe.” – Daily Mail

Hammond warns big business over pay and workers rights…

HAMMOND Philip Marr“Big businesses are “angering their consumers” by not listening to the “mood music” over issues like executive pay and workers’ rights, Philip Hammond says today. In his first newspaper interview since becoming Chancellor, Mr Hammond backs plans to force firms to put workers on boards and clamp down on excessive pay for bosses. He warns that “demonstrations of popular sentiment” such as the EU referendum vote in the UK and the rise of Donald Trump in America show that voters will no longer accept “irresponsible” business practices.” – Daily Telegraph

….as May recruits an ex-Blair advisor to carry out a review

“Prime Minister Theresa May has asked Tony Blair’s former policy chief to review employment practices. Matthew Taylor, former head of the Labour Policy Unit, will look at job security, pay and workers’ rights….Mr Taylor has been tasked with looking at whether regulations need to change in order to keep pace with what Downing Street says is a growing number of people registered as self employed, on zero hours contracts or in temporary work.” – BBC

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PM ends era of “sofa Government” but is accused of “control freakery”

Downing Street logo“Theresa May has been accused of “control freakery” after banishing the sofa government and “chillaxing” of David Cameron’s regime as she tightens her grip across Whitehall. The prime minister has imposed a formal cabinet government on her colleagues and has been prepared to clash with ministers in the early weeks of her premiership, according to several senior sources who have spoken to The Times. She has insisted on chairing the three main cabinet committees — on Europe, social reform and industrial policy — as well as the National Security Council as she adopts an increasingly hands-on style. Her close aides have also caused friction. Fiona Hill, the prime minister’s joint chief of staff, is said to have sent “sweary texts” and had “slanging matches” with cabinet ministers.” – The Times(£)

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Mundell: Conservative Conference will focus on strengthening the Union

“We’ll spend it discussing how to strengthen our 300-year-old Union, how we can celebrate the strong, stable, broad-shouldered partnership it offers Scotland – and how we can continue to scrutinise the one-track-minded SNP government in Edinburgh who want to break it up. Birmingham and Liverpool may be close. But the journey between the two speaks of two vastly different political parties: one turning inwards to chaos, and one looking out to face the world.” David Mundell, Secretary of State for Scotland, Daily Telegraph

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Bradley to announce free computer training

bradley2“Millions of adults who lack basic computer skills will be eligible for free lessons to help them out of “digital darkness” under moves to be announced next week by the Culture Media and Sports Secretary. In her first major interview since her promotion to the Cabinet, Karen Bradley told i that huge numbers of people were “crying out” for help in mastering the fundamental principles of going online, searching the internet and sending emails. She will tell the Conservative conference that they are to be offered free computer literacy lessons – just as people already qualify for tuition if they struggle with their reading and writing.” – inews

Patel to pledge £750 million in aid to Afghanistan

“The Government last night pledged £750million in foreign aid to Afghanistan over the next three years to ensure British soldiers did not die in vain. International Development Secretary Priti Patel said the cash would be sent over to keep Afghanistan “safe and secure” and be invested in health and education initiatives. Ahead of this weekend’s Tory party conference, Ms Patel said: “The UK’s presence in Afghanistan over the last decade has helped improve security…But huge challenges remain – not least the continuing threat from the Taliban.” – The Sun

>Today: ToryDiary: The moral core of the case for Overseas Aid

PM rejects Irish border controls

MAY Theresa Women to Win“The prime minister appears to have rowed back on her comments during the EU referendum campaign that there could be Irish border controls if the UK left the EU. During a visit to County Down in June, Theresa May said a Leave vote would end an open north-south border. She also said it was inconceivable to suggest a Leave vote would not have a negative impact on the border. However, she said she wants to see no return to old style border controls.” – BBC

Conservatives “plan shift away from home ownership”

“The government is considering a shift in its housing policy away from a primary focus on home ownership in an acceptance that many people on lower incomes cannot afford to buy a property and instead need help with renting, the Guardian has been told. An announcement on housing is expected at the Conservative party conference, sources connected to housing policy have said. While it remains unclear what this will involve, ministers are understood to be interested in the idea of rent-to-buy schemes.” – The Guardian

  • It’s right to include the renters in our policies – James Cartlidge The Guardian

Russia “in danger of becoming a pariah nation” warns Boris

BORIS Change Britain“Russia is in danger of becoming a “pariah nation” thanks to their actions in Syria, Boris Johnson has claimed. The Foreign Secretary claims the Government has evidence that Russian jets have carried out the attacks, which are ‘unquestionably a war crime’.” – Independent

>Today: Olivier Guitta on Comment: Why Obama has been a recruiting sergeant for ISIS

Walker suspended in Labour anti semitism row

“Jackie Walker, the vice-chairwoman of Momentum, was suspended from Labour last night after she became embroiled in a fresh antisemitism row. Momentum, the steering committee of the network of Jeremy Corbyn supporters, is expected to convene on Monday to decide whether to remove her from her post. Ms Walker has faced calls to resign over comments she made during a Labour Party training session on antisemitism this week, which emerged in leaked footage. She was recorded saying: “Wouldn’t it be wonderful if Holocaust Day was open to all peoples who had experienced Holocaust?”.” – The Times(£)

  • Lansman warns General Election defeat would mean a new challenge for Corbyn – Independent

Parris: May needs new allies to get her reforms through

PARRIS Mathhew“In the excitement about referendums, leadership contests and party splits, it’s been all but forgotten. Do you remember — sepia-tinted now by the passage of time since about a year ago — an institution once thought to be at the centre of our democracy? It’s called parliament. It consists of two chambers, the House of Commons and the House of Lords. You may recall that we elected our representatives to it only last year. No law can pass without the approval of the Commons, while the Lords can effectively stall the government’s legislative business.” – Matthew Parris The Times(£)

Coulson: The PM must pay tribute to Cameron

“Theresa May will speak on both Sunday and Wednesday. When she does so, she would do well to brush aside the over-emotional memoirs of previous No10 staffers, and pay proper tribute to her predecessor David Cameron. It’s not only the right thing to do – the Conservatives would not be in government were it not for his work – it’s also the most effective way of calming the not insignificant number of Tory MPs already muttering into the Commons tea room china.” Andy Coulson Daily Telegraph

News in brief

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