EU leaders step up rhetoric on freedom of movement…

EU Exit brexit“Hostile EU leaders last night warned Theresa May that Britain must continue to let in hundreds of thousands of migrant workers every year if it wants access to the single market. On day one of her first EU summit, the Prime Minister faced a barrage of demands from Eurocrats determined to preserve rules on free movement. European Parliament president Martin Schulz told the assembled EU leaders he expected them to ‘stand firm’ in negotiations with Britain. Turning up the rhetoric on free movement of workers, he warned: ‘I refuse to imagine a Europe where lorries and hedge funds are free to cross borders but citizens are not.’” – Daily Mail

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  • Age checks on refugees would be intrusive, inaccurate, and unnecessary – Nicky Morgan, Daily Telegraph
  • A soft, flexible Brexit could be possible with Ireland’s help – Fintan O’Toole, The Guardian

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…as May faces Tory pressure for an early election

“Theresa May is coming under pressure from ministers and Conservative MPs to reconsider her decision not to hold an early election amid fears that Brexit is becoming more difficult and potentially damaging. Tories in marginal seats who rejected an early election over the summer are starting to suggest that a poll next year could be the least risky option for Mrs May. They believe it would be more dangerous to wait until 2020. Ministers concede that key Brexit legislation may not get through the Commons. Fear is also growing that the government will lose the court case over triggering Article 50 of the Lisbon treaty without a vote in Parliament, which would delay the start of the process of leaving the EU beyond March.” – The Times (£)

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  • Sturgeon proposes independence vote before Brexit – The Scotsman


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  • Be bolder, Prime Minister. You might not get a chance as good as this again – Daily Telegraph

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Fallon reveals Britain is waging cyber-warfare on ISIS

Computer“Britain is using cyberweapons against Islamic State in Syria and Iraq for the first time. Sir Michael Fallon, the defence secretary, revealed the new dimension to the UK effort against the extremist group as he announced that the government would invest an additional quarter of a billion pounds to boost the military’s defences from cyberattacks. “I’m not going into operational specifics, but yes, you know we are conducting military operations against Daesh [Isis] as part of the international coalition, and I can confirm that we are using offensive cyber for the first time in this campaign,” Sir Michael said.” – The Times (£)

  • Renzi forces retreat from new sanctions on Russia – FT
  • May’s bid to toughen sanctions on Russian generals flops – The Sun


  • Britain’s digital future depends on an unfettered telecoms sector – Tom Mockridge, FT

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Cameron warned by policy chief over problems with Heathrow

“David Cameron was warned by his own policy chief a year ago that the Government was “exposed on Heathrow” because it had no answers to concerns raised over air quality. A memo, written by senior adviser Camilla Cavendish, raised alarm about a Whitehall air quality plan drafted by the Environment department which was then run by Liz Truss. The news came after it was revealed that Mrs May will not make a final decision on building a third runway at Heathrow for at least a year.” – Daily Telegraph

  • Oliver thought Panama Papers might end Cameron’s career – The Guardian

Claire Perry: The Government is not delaying a decision on airports

PERRY Claire“This week’s confirmation that the government will use a national policy statement (NPS) to secure new airport capacity was met with cries of “yet more delay” from some quarters. The critics are right that we shouldn’t lose any more time in getting new airport capacity built in the southeast but are wrong that an NPS is a delaying tactic. In fact it should radically speed up the process for getting planning permission and the project moving and that is why the government is absolutely right to choose this process.” – The Times (£)

  • ‘Experts’ like Carney must curb their arrogance – Michael Gove, The Times (£)

Ministers admit that people will need to travel farther for medicine under pharmacy plans

“The elderly and the sick will have to travel further to get their medicines, the Government has admitted, because of a £321 million subsidy cut for community pharmacies. Ministers unveiled plans to cut the £2.8 billion subsidy handed to the UK’s 12,000 chemists every year and admitted that some chemists were likely to close. Under the cuts, the subsidy will be cut by £113 million between now and the end of March and by £208 million in the following financial year.” – Daily Telegraph

  • One in four pharmacies at risk of closing – Daily Mail

More Government:

  • Ministers order crackdown on ‘gig economy’ – The Guardian

Labour and Conservatives hold by-election seats

Rosette shieldFormer Coronation Street actress Tracy Brabin was heckled by far-right candidates after being elected MP in the by-election triggered by the killing of Jo Cox… The other main parties did not put up candidates in the by-election out of respect for Jo, who died in June after she was stabbed and then shot in the head. But the British National Party, the English Democrats and other fringe parties did stand and some supporters started yelling at Ms Brabin when the result was returned. Meanwhile, in David Cameron’s old Witney constituency in Oxfordshire, Conservative Robert Courts came out on top, but with a severely reduced majority of around 5,000 – down from 25,000.” – Daily Mail

  • Labour councillor in Swindon defects to the Tories… and back again – The Sun

Greens could withdraw support from SNP

“Greens leader Patrick Harvie will today warn the SNP it must commit to “meaningful, progressive change” or lose the support of their pro-independence allies on domestic policy. He will tell his party’s Autumn conference in Perth that ministers have missed key opportunities to do this, including reform of the council tax. The minority Scottish Government must now choose between the “progressive” backing of his party or side with the “right-wing Tories”. The number of Green MSPs trebled from two to six in May’s Holyrood election, making the party the fourth largest in the Scottish Parliament.” – The Scotsman

  • First Minister grilled by constituents over state of Govanhill – Daily Express


  • Wood won’t rule out Plaid joining Labour’s coalition – Wales Online

News in Brief:

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  • Belfast man shot and killed by suspected Republican dissidents – Belfast Telegraph