Johnson: We support Turkey joining the EU

Turkey flag‘Boris Johnson today pledged to help Turkey join the EU in “any way possible” – just weeks after demanding a Referendum to guarantee that it would never happen. The Foreign Secretary stunned fellow Brexit campaigners by using an official visit to Ankara to say Britain would aid the Turkish Government to become a member state. He said: “Britain will remain committed to helping Turkey’s path towards succession, to helping Turkey in any way possible, as I believe that partnership is absolutely critical.” Experts described the startling comments marked one of the biggest political U-turns in recent memory.’ – The Sun (£)

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IDS has firm words for Osborne

‘In a withering attack on his ex-Cabinet colleague, Mr Duncan Smith mocked the former Chancellor for claiming to have ‘insider knowledge of what the British people voted for’…’He went on as the representative of the liberal mainstream majority (and, it appears, as their spokesman) to warn Theresa May, in terms redolent of Project Fear, that she shouldn’t govern from the extremes,’ he wrote on the ConservativeHome website. ‘Humility, it seems, can take many forms – though apparently not if one is mainstream, liberal or in the majority.’ ‘ – Daily Mail

  • Lib Dems accuse May of watering down the case for EU migration – The Guardian
  • We have a huge opportunity – Daniel Hannan, Daily Telegraph
  • German EU Commissioner attacks Cameron’s ‘sh*t campaign’ – The Times (£)
  • WTO says Britain will avoid recession – Daily Mail
  • Any member state could have voted Leave, concedes French MP – Daily Mail
  • The former Chancellor belatedly concedes low interest rates hurt savers – The Times (£)
  • Britain has just become the world’s seventh most competitive economy – The Times (£)

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Brummer: Germany’s banking system risks starting a new crash

Euro meltdown‘The crash in the value of the shares and bonds of Germany’s largest lender, Deutsche Bank, is the biggest threat to economic stability and the future of Europe’s monetary union since the financial crisis of eight years ago. Unless Angela Merkel’s Berlin government gets to grips with the parlous condition of its banking system, the Eurozone risks a convulsion every bit as far-reaching as the one that started with the collapse of the American investment bank Lehman Brothers, bringing lending to a shuddering halt and leading to what has become known as the ‘Great Recession’. The most remarkable aspect of this looming banking catastrophe is that it is taking place in Germany — the European Union’s supposedly invulnerable powerhouse economy.’ – Alex Brummer, Daily Mail

Heappey: British soldiers will die because of predatory lawyers

‘Soldiers will be killed on the battlefield because they won’t have the confidence to pull the trigger over fear of being dragged through the courts, a former army officer warns today. Tory MP James Heappey, who was in command of the Rifles Regiment during the war in Afghanistan, also revealed how his troops once killed four innocent civilians in the heat of the battle…‘Sooner or later a soldier will be killed on operations because they won’t have the confidence to pull the trigger even when their every instinct tells them they’re facing a mortal threat. That loss of confidence is being caused by the growing risk of litigation that our soldiers must now endure after doing their duty for Queen and country.’’ – Daily Mail

  • I could easily have shot a civilian, says Lewis – The Guardian

Corbyn commits Labour to continuing unlimited immigration

Jeremy Corbyn (Tory Poster)‘Jeremy Corbyn will today defy the Brexit vote by committing Labour to unlimited EU immigration. Ruling out curbs on free movement, he will tell his party’s annual conference: ‘We will not sow division or fan the flames of fear.’ Instead he will unveil plans for a ‘migrant impact fund’ to build schools and hospitals in under-pressure areas. And, bizarrely, he wants to harmonise wages across Europe to make moving to a different country less attractive. The proposals put Mr Corbyn on collision course with his leading MPs. They are urging him to heed the referendum result and regain control over Britain’s borders.’ – Daily Mail

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Watson challenges his leader with a speech praising business, Brown and Blair

‘Labour heavyweight Tom Watson took Jeremy Corbyn head on as he warned the party must never turn its back on capitalism if it is to ever get back into government. The hard-left Labour chief was left looking furious as he sat on stage while his deputy leader lauded his enemies Tony Blair and Gordon Brown. A stone faced Mr Corbyn even refused to stand after Mr Watson was given a sustained ovation after his barnstorming conference speech in Liverpool last night.’ – The Sun (£)

  • He humiliated him – Michael Deacon, Daily Telegraph
  • Corbyn ally promises to be ‘business friendly’ mayor of Liverpool – FT
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  • First American shale gas arrives in Scotland – FT
  • Shale is good for us – The Times Leader (£)
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MPs warn against hospitals discharging patients in the middle of the night

NHS_Logo‘Hospitals must end the ‘incredibly dangerous’ practice of discharging patients overnight, MPs have warned. They have urged Health Secretary Jeremy Hunt to ensure patients are sent home between 11pm and 6am only if they are happy to leave. While there is no official data, some figures show the numbers discharged overnight could be as high as 400 a night. MPs on the public administration and constitutional affairs committee also say hospitals are ‘hurrying’ patients home long before they are ready to free up beds.’ – Daily Mail

  • ‘Political maladministration’ blamed for crowded hospitals – The Guardian
  • Thousands of bowel cancer cases missed by GPs are diagnosed in A&E – Daily Mail
  • Nursing whistleblowers told to keep quiet – The Times (£)
  • GPs are paid £400 million to look after patients who have died or moved – Daily Mail

Suspended SNP MP charged over fraud allegations

‘An MP has been arrested and charged by cops over alleged fraud offences. Glasgow East MP Natalie McGarry had been under investigation since last year after allegations that funds may have gone missing from a pro-independence group came to light. The 35-year-old had been one of the 56 SNP MPs elected in last year’s general election but resigned the whip while the allegations were investigated. As a result she was automatically suspended from the party, and she currently sits as an independent MP in the House of Commons. It is understood the allegations relate to the SNP’s Glasgow Regional Association and the Women For Independence group.’ – The Sun (£)

  • Sturgeon claims second independence referendum is still on the table – The Scotsman
  • Plaid Cymru are accused of accepting a donation from Gaddafi – WalesOnline

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Finkelstein: Trump won’t be worried by his debate performance

TRUMP hair‘You don’t like Donald Trump? You regard him as a menace and think his behaviour outrageous? Of course you do. Think who you are and what your interests are. Of course you do. His job, however is to motivate “his people” and Clinton hers. You wouldn’t select Trump if you wanted to expand the range of people tempted to vote Republican but, and this is critical, you wouldn’t choose Hillary Clinton to expand the range of those tempted to vote Democrat either. As hard as it sometimes is for British audiences to grasp, she is at least as polarising as he is. The breakdown of demographic groups favouring either side is so even that it suggests the election will be won by the candidate who gets their voters to turn out on the day.’ – Daniel Finkelstein, The Times (£)


Senior QC considers quitting the child abuse inquiry

‘The most senior lawyer at the national child abuse inquiry is poised to resign in a move that could deal the £100 million investigation a fatal blow. Ben Emmerson, QC, counsel to the Independent Inquiry into Child Sexual Abuse (IICSA), is understood to disagree fundamentally with the new chairwoman, Alexis Jay, about its future. He is thought to favour a restructuring to reduce the inquiry’s workload while Professor Jay, along with the home secretary and No 10, is determined that it should stick to the original terms of reference. The inquiry is examining claims of sex abuse at dozens of institutions — from Westminster to the Church, schools and armed forces — stretching back more than 60 years. It is expected to run for at least a decade.’ – The Times (£)

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