Britain must trade its way to success, say ministers

Three Musketeers3“As discussions on Britain’s future turned to past glories, ministers lined up to call for the country to recapture the energy that drove Britain to dominate world markets during much of the 19th century. Liam Fox, the international trade secretary, promised to present a new outward-looking trade diplomacy strategy this year. It was also suggested that the government should radically rethink its approach to targeting new markets to boost the number and size of Britain’s exporters.” – The Times (£)

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Ambrose Evans-Pritchard: The EU’s lawless behaviour towards Google and Ireland shows why we’re right to leave

The EU authorities are trying to subvert the sovereign prerogative of the elected Dail to determine Irish tax and fiscal policies, and some are clearly hoping to shut down Ireland’s special low tax model and end its role as an off-shore aircraft carrier for US companies. “We have to see this for what it is – a highly politically-motivated targeting of a small member state along with a clear bias against US multinationals,” said Fine Gael MP, Michael Hayes.” – Daily Telegraph

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May sets up ‘social reform’ cabinet

MAY Warhol“Theresa May will today vow to “make life easier” for millions of people who struggle to get by. She has set up a Cabinet group of top ministers to deliver on her Tory leadership race pledge to make Britain work for all, not just the rich. The Cabinet committee on Social Reform meets for the first time today. It will map out how to help with job insecurity, mortgage payments and school choices.” – The Sun

Longest NHS strike in history will delay 30,000 operations

“More than 30,000 people face having their operation cancelled during the longest strike in NHS history as junior doctors resume their fight against the weekend working contract. On September 12 there will be a “full withdrawal of labour” by junior doctors for five consecutive days at hospitals across the country, a pattern that may continue each month until the end of the year.” – The Times (£)

  • Junior doctors to stage five-day strike over new contracts – FT
  • Hunt says strike will be ‘worst in history’ – The Guardian

More NHS:

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Tim Montgomerie: May must abandon the seven-day NHS

NHS_Logo“Unlike Help to Buy, plans for a seven-day NHS are perfectly sensible but given that the five-day operation is testing our already over-budget hospitals, and has now provoked junior doctors into an outrageous strike plan, now is not the time. When it is reintroduced patients should get the seven-day service they deserve but difficult decisions on curtailing cosmetic procedures and other questionable interventions should be made at the same time.” – The Times (£)

Corbyn supporters expelled from Labour over threatening behaviour

“Jeremy Corbyn supporters have been expelled from the party for making threats to “cut Tony Blair’s eyes out and set him on fire”, branding sitting MPs “traitors” and publicly declaring their support for Ukip and the Green party, according to a leaked document. It follows accusations by the Labour leader and his campaign manager John McDonnell of a “purge” of pro-Corbyn supporters for trivial reasons which sparked a row with Labour staff.” – Daily Telegraph

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