Osborne ‘knifes Theresa twice’…

OSBORNE penknife“George Osborne and his allies were accused of ‘sour grapes’ last night after launching an extraordinary double assault on Theresa May’s government. The former chancellor used a speech in Chicago to attack ministers for their ‘naive’ approach to Brexit – and urged Mrs May to delay divorce proceedings with Brussels. Hours later, one of his key allies became the first minister to quit the new government, hinting at concerns that Mr Osborne’s legacy was being watered down by the new regime.” – Daily Mail

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…as ally quits over Northern Powerhouse

“Theresa May suffered her first resignation when a respected economist wooed into joining the government by George Osborne announced that he was leaving. Lord O’Neill of Gatley quit as commercial secretary to the Treasury after telling friends that he disagreed with the government’s initial direction over China, the Northern Powerhouse project and grammar schools. The peer was surprised when he was reappointed by Mrs May after David Cameron stepped down but was then disappointed that the prime minister initially appeared to have cooled on his projects.” – The Times (£)

  • Cameron ‘crony’ is our new man in Paris – Daily Mail

Gove leads group of MPs calling on Government to restore Royal Yacht

michael-gove“Former Justice secretary Michael Gove has upped the pressure on Theresa May to back a £100million replacement for the Royal Yacht Britannia by joining score of Tory MPs supporting the idea. Mr Gove is one of 75 Conservative backbenchers who have signed a letter to the Prime Minister urging her to set up a commission to examine how the new yacht can be funded.” – Daily Telegraph

Fallon claims probing UK troops keeps them out of the Hague

“Defence Secretary Sir Michael Fallon yesterday defended the taxpayer-funded inquiry hounding British soldiers – as a way of preventing them from facing prosecution at The Hague. He insisted troops had to face multiple probes in the UK to stop them being tried for war crimes by the International Criminal Court (ICC). He admitted there had been a ‘bucketful’ of ‘patently’ false claims against UK forces, but said work was under way to eliminate all but a ‘handful’ of serious cases.” – Daily Mail

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Matthew Parris: It’s time to revise the Geneva Convention

World-shield“The original Geneva Convention was limited to problems that had arisen from the Second World War. The 1967 Protocol extended its terms everywhere and for all time — and came into force just at the point in history when such an arrangement was becoming inoperable. Mass movement was getting easier, and the convention began its slide into the Kafkaesque lunacy we have today.” – The Times (£)

Labour rebels vow to ‘grind Corbyn into submission’

“Labour rebels have started plotting another challenge against Jeremy Corbyn next year, after vowing they will ‘never’ accept his leadership. The hard-Left veteran is set to be confirmed as Labour’s leader on Saturday for the second time in 12 months, following a bitter contest against rival Owen Smith. Labour insiders predict Mr Corbyn could even increase the 59.5 per cent of the vote he won last year, despite losing the confidence of his MPs.” – Daily Mail

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Sajid Javid: We must tackle ‘dinner party’ anti-Semites

JAVID Sajid black background“Anti-semitism is making a comeback right here in the UK. In August, the Community Security Trust reported that the number of anti-semitic incidents had reached the second-highest level in recorded history. In London the figure leapt by an appalling 62 per cent. I know that hatred, bigotry and discrimination remain a fact of daily life for far too many people in this country. But what makes the recent surge in anti-semitism stand out – and what makes it particularly worrying – is the number and range of people who are prepared to ignore it, excuse it and, worst of all, indulge in it.” – Daily Telegraph

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News in Brief:

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