May vows to take on grammar school critics

School“Theresa May today vows to defy critics of her education revolution because of the debt she owes her grammar school past. In an exclusive article for the Daily Mail, she says she will press ahead with new grammars until every child has the same ‘opportunities that I enjoyed’. The Prime Minister writes that her educational experience made her the woman she is today. Her radical blueprint lifts a long-standing embargo on setting up selective schools.” – Daily Mail

  • No return to 1950s binary system, Number 10 insists – FT
  • Religious schools will gain power to select on belief – The Sun
  • Rich schools told to do more for state sector to keep tax breaks – The Times (£)
  • Prime Minister sets out tougher rules for private schools – Daily Mail
  • Public schools and universities pulled into education plan – FT
  • May’s pledge: a system that works for everybody – The Sun


  • Revolt of the Blob: Labour, NUT, and Ofsted bosses will fight reforms – Daily Mail
  • Morgan describes plans as ‘weird’ – The Times (£)
  • Extremism fears over new faith schools – Daily Mail
  • Plans ‘put six years of progress at risk’ – The Guardian
  • BBC has privately-educated journalist grill Greening over grammars – Daily Mail


  • The terms of the debate have changed – Greg Hurst, The Times (£)
  • May’s way of saying she’s not like Cameron – James Forsyth, The Sun
  • Corbyn’s anti-grammar crusade sets him against working-class voters – Asa Bennett, Daily Telegraph


Jeremy Paxman: Grammar schools could work, but beware nostalgia

” There is nothing inherently wrong with bringing back grammar schools, as long as there is an almost infinite capacity for recognising selection mistakes: 11 is a vilely young age for the state to decide a child’s fate. Besides, great numbers of supposedly “comprehensive” schools are in effect selective, anyway, and there is no disputing that many of Britain’s postwar intellectual achievements (those which were not attributable to refugees) were the work of one-time grammar school pupils. Leadership of the teaching profession fell to grammar school enemies decades ago, but the schools were hugely effective in the minds of the brightest and the best.” – FT

  • The vital lesson the Prime Minister must learn from Thatcher – Peter Oborne, Daily Mail
  • Reforms could force May to call an early election – Juliet Samuel, Daily Telegraph
  • The Prime Minister’s nostalgia is heartfelt, but wrong – Jonathan Freedland, The Guardian



  • Now May must defeat the Blob – Daily Mail
  • Goals are admirable but methods need rethinking – The Times (£)
  • This is the wrong solution for social mobility – FT
  • The wrong answer but the right question – The Guardian

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Ministers could receive free vote on airport expansion

Building shield“Theresa May is considering giving ministers a free vote on controversial plans to build a third runway at Heathrow, it emerged last night. In the second major leak in a week, a London Underground passenger filmed a senior Cabinet Office official holding a paper that discussed the plan – which suggests expansion is the Government’s preferred choice.” – Daily Mail

  • Heathrow offers £3bn cost cut in bid to secure runway – The Times (£)
  • John Lewis MD applies to be Tory candidate in West Midlands – The Guardian

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Fox savages ‘lazy’ British corporations

“Britain has grown lazy and fat, with business executives more interested in playing golf on a Friday afternoon than exporting products overseas, Liam Fox, the trade secretary, has claimed. In an extraordinary attack on those he represents in government, Dr Fox said that companies were not ready to take advantage of the trade deals he was planning to negotiate. The minister, who is responsible for forging Britain’s place in the world after Brexit, even hinted that companies that did not take advantage of new export opportunities could face sanctions.” – The Times (£)

  • ‘Executives are more interested in playing gold’: full transcript – The Times (£)
  • My world view is better than yours, Trade minister tells Foreign Office – The Times (£)
  • Brexit wipes £1bn off the UK’s trade deficit by boosting exports – The Sun

More ministers:

More EU:

  • Desperate Eurocrats believe ‘lost’ Britain will ‘beg’ for deal – Daily Express
  • Presidential deal wants end to UK financial passporting – The Guardian
  • Hate crime has no place in Britain, May tells Polish PM – The Times (£)
  • Labour bosses accused of ‘shunning Europe’ at conference – The Sun
  • Eurocrats plan to force Britons to get visas to travel in Europe – Daily Express


  • How our civil servants are helping companies dodge our taxes – Dame Margaret Hodge, Daily Mail


  • Fox does businesses no favours by insulting them – The Times (£)

Matthew Parris: The idea that future crises will finally spur major reform is an illusion

NHS_Logo“If I’ve heard an MP or commentator (like me) say once that “we’re heading for the crunch”, I’ve heard it a thousand times. As with the end of the malign equivalent of the rainbow, the financial collapse of our health service is always just a short distance away. We were saying it 40 years ago and we’re saying it now. And we could be saying it still in 2056. If we cast a problem in terms of an approaching financial crisis then our hand-wringing (and we know it) hints at the answer: more money. The NHS is forever about to run out of money and we’re forever bailing it out at the last minute. We always can, so we always will.” – The Times (£)

Senior Labour MPs ‘ready to go back to Corbyn’

“They said it would never last. But one year after Jeremy Corbyn was elected, the leader of the Labour party appears to have thwarted his many adversaries once again. Some senior Labour MPs who resigned from the shadow cabinet en masse in the early summer are braced to go back and serve under Mr Corbyn. One said: “I do not see what the other options are. At the end of the day, we have to fulfil our role, which is providing opposition to the Tory government.”” – FT

  • Leader and challenger both told to step aside by Question Time audience member – The Sun
  • Rail strike union has donated £25,000 to Corbyn’s campaign – The Times (£)
  • Co-operative Party to start developing policy distinct from Labour’s – The Guardian


  • Captain weathers a year of storms to lead his sinking ship – Long Read, The Times (£)


  • Nice man, Jeremy… but perhaps a little absent-minded – Michael Deacon, Daily Telegraph

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News in Brief:

  • New plastic £5 notes in circulation from next week – The Times (£)
  • Police chief criticised for proposing to let Muslim officers wear veils – Daily Mail
  • US and Russia strike deal on Syria – Daily Telegraph
  • Three former Tesco executives charged with fraud – FT
  • RAF strikes kill 1,000 jihadists in Iraq and Syria, claim MoD – The Times (£)