May fights back as Cameron’s allies try to shift Brexit blame

MAY Theresa menacing“Theresa May last night launched a blistering fightback against attempts by allies of David Cameron to make her look soft on immigration. Friends of Mrs May revealed she had written to Mr Cameron at least twice when he was PM to demand stricter border controls and a brake on EU immigration – only to be ignored. And they said that, when Mrs May spoke publicly about the need for tougher rules on immigration, Mr Cameron’s team slapped her down or complained. The explosive row was triggered by the publication of two new books on the referendum campaign, one of which was written by Mr Cameron’s ex-spin doctor, Sir Craig Oliver.” – Daily Mail

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Ministers 1) ‘Get on with Brexit’, says Johnson

“Boris Johnson said yesterday that Britain should “get on” with leaving the EU, stressing that Article 50 should be triggered at the start of next year. The foreign secretary gave the broadest hint so far that Theresa May will trigger the legal process for Brexit in the first four months of 2017, meaning that the subsequent two-year exit talks end before the next EU elections. “What we want to do is not do it by Christmas but obviously we can’t let the process drag on. If you think about it, you know, there’s obviously Euro elections coming down the track,” Mr Johnson toldThe Andrew Marr Show on BBC One.” – The Times (£)

  • Foreign Secretary backs May in bid for fast Brexit – Daily Express
  • Johnson accuses business of being addicted to ‘drug’ of foreign labour – The Sun
  • Substantial extra NHS funds post-Brexit, promises Johnson – The Guardian
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  • Party promises to ‘make good’ EU funding that would have gone to Wales – Wales Online


  • Sturgeon could try to use Brexit to strong-arm independence, minister reveals – Daily Express
  • Young, left-wing voters have abandoned Labour for the Nationalists – The Scotsman
  • Sturgeon should demand ‘neo-independence’ with Scottish Brexit demands – Alex Neil, Daily Telegraph


  • A hard future awaits May without a vision for a soft Brexit – Anne McElvoy, The Guardian
  • Brexit has Britain’s universities worried – Margret Wintermantel, The Guardian




Ministers 2) Fallon barred soldiers from testifying to MPs

Armed Forces“Sir Michael Fallon has been accused of ‘gagging’ a senior officer and three soldiers who planned to tell an inquiry how they were hounded by investigators over the Iraq war. The soldiers and the commanding officer of a major now facing prosecution were banned from appearing before MPs on the orders of the Defence Secretary. The soldiers, under investigation by the Iraq Historic Allegations Team, had planned to tell the Commons defence committee how they had been ‘left to rot’ by the Army.” – Daily Mail

  • Families of ex-soldiers claim May failed them on visit to India – The Sun


  • Blair denounces witch-hunt, but he left troops exposed – Daily Mail
  • Corbyn riles veterans by supporting inquiry – The Times (£)
  • Opposition leader wants Armed Forces scaled back – Daily Telegraph
  • Labour conference sells sick merchandise mocking wounded veterans – Daily Mail
  • Corbyn doesn’t see why MI6 needs so many new recruits – Daily Mail

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Ministers 3) Hammond bans six-figure public sector payouts

“A ban on six-figure pay-offs to NHS staff, police and town hall fat cats leaving their jobs will be announced by ministers today in a victory for the Daily Mail. Chancellor Philip Hammond will unveil rules to ensure that public sector staff cannot walk away with more than £95,000. Managers will be able to claw back payments made to departing staff who later return to do a similar job in an attempt to bring an end to the scandal of the public sector ‘revolving door’.” – Daily Mail

  • Collins warns that BBC could breach rules with knock-off Bake Off – The Times (£)

Scottish Tories appeal to New Labour voters

Ruth Davidson“Ruth Davidson has pledged the Scottish Tories will represent the views of “moderate” New Labour supporters left disgruntled by the re-election of Jeremy Corbyn as Labour leader. Ms Davidson said that New Labour had been an “awesome machine”, but added that the “centrist, inclusive, election-winning juggernaut” that was led by Tony Blair is now gone. After Mr Corbyn, a veteran left-winger, was confirmed as Labour leader after defeating challenger Owen Smith, the Scottish Conservative leader said “moderate, centre-ground voters” would be left “feeling utterly disenfranchised”.” – The Scotsman


Ruth Davidson: Women are a side order in Labour – perhaps that’s why they’re so bitter

“The Labour women’s conference is really a ghettoised side-order to the main course; an aperitif put on the day before the big boys take over the main stage. And this year it was a grotesque – a synthetically furious pantomime of righteous indignation and misplaced moral superiority. Speaker after speaker took pot-shots at Theresa May for daring to occupy the highest position in the land. Harriet Harman, a former Labour deputy leader declared that “Theresa May is woman – but she’s no sister”.” – Daily Telegraph

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  • Labour moderates are taking the cowardly and more painful course by not defecting – Clare Foges, The Times (£)
  • MPs must find a policy platform to oppose their leader – Matthew Taylor, FT
  • Like Balls, Corbyn is struggling to impress the judges – Larry Elliott, The Guardian

Labour MPs denounced as ‘traitors’ at conference…

Momentum“Labour MPs have been forced to run a gauntlet of hard-left activists calling them “traitors” and demanding that they were deselected because of their opposition to Jeremy Corbyn. Group including the “Labour Party Marxists” and Socialist Labour were on Sunday stationed outside the entrance to the party conference in Liverpool demanding that moderates are not allowed to fight the next general election. The groups called on its members to “use all the weapons at our disposal” to take on the MPs trying to depose Mr Corbyn.” – Daily Telegraph

  • Corbyn win puts centrists in a quandry – FT
  • Leadership’s critics will not be silenced despite unity calls – The Guardian
  • McDonnell won’t apologise for call to lynch Tory MP – The Times (£)
  • Shadow Chancellor cites steel crisis as evidence of shift away from free markets – Wales Online
  • Blow for Corbyn as senior Jewish Labour figure resigns – The Sun
  • Head of Jewish Labour group warns of anti-Semitism crisis – The Guardian


  • Miliband finds his fans at the fringe – Patrick Kidd, The Times (£)
  • This conference feels like a front for the Momentum one down the street – Quentin Letts, Daily Mail


…as Corbyn plans new reshuffle

“Jeremy Corbyn is to launch an imminent reshuffle of his shadow cabinet, despite a series of senior figures warning that they will continue to boycott the Labour front bench. Several influential MPs have claimed they will not serve unless Mr Corbyn allows the parliamentary Labour Party – which is largely critical of the leader – to elect the shadow cabinet. However, allies of the Labour leader suggested he would himself appoint an updated top team in the next fortnight.” – The Times (£)

  • Leader’s plan to bypass MPs and empower members – FT
  • Corbyn accused of stalling move to give Welsh Labour more power – Wales Online
  • McNicol gives coded backing to Corbyn’s critics – The Guardian

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  • Campaigners call on Labour’s domestic violence chief to quit – Daily Mail
  • Dugdale calls on SNP to vote against tax increases – The Scotsman

Tory peer spearheads campaign to cut upper house by a quarter

Lords“The Lords is to try to throw out more than 200 of its own peers and slash its bloated size permanently, The Sun can reveal. Campaigning members of the upper house are to press ahead with a plan to cull it by a quarter next month, in a move that will spark fury with the old guard. A cross-party group of peers will ask the full house to agree it is too big, and force a vote on it if necessary. The Lords themselves will then introduce a new law to strip down the chamber’s membership to 600 – the same size as the House of Commons by 2020.” – The Sun

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