Prime Minister will tell UN that UK has the right to control its borders

MAY Theresa menacing“Britain has the right to control its borders and turn away the tens of thousands of economic migrants posing as refugees, Theresa May will tell world leaders today. At her first United Nations summit, the Prime Minister will declare that the ‘unprecedented’ and ‘uncontrolled’ wave of immigration into Europe is not in the interests of the UK, the migrants themselves or the countries they leave behind. Mrs May will reject demands from some UN members and charities for Britain to throw open its borders.” – Daily Mail

  • May to call for global coordination on refugees – FT
  • Prime Minister demands action from the UN on migrant crisis – Daily Express
  • Brexit bid has boosted trust in politicians – The Sun

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  • Hinkley approval set to boost reactor plans across the UK – FT
  • Now China try to buy a stake in Britain’s gas infrastructure – Daily Mail
  • National security fears over multi-billion pound bid – Daily Express
  • Bid is ‘profoundly worrying’, says Labour MP – The Sun
  • First China-facing secondary school planned for the North – The Times (£)


  • We can cut immigration by making every Brit employable – Steve Hilton, Daily Telegraph
  • The idea of a ‘post-truth society’ is elitist and obnoxious – Tracey Brown, The Guardian

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Green hints at pension curbs to be fairer to young after the next election

“Generous benefits for pensioners could be curbed due to fears the young have borne the brunt of cuts, a minister suggested last night. Work and Pensions Secretary Damian Green said there was a need to look at the issue of ‘inter-generational fairness’ over the long term. But he said no changes would be brought in before 2020 – because the Tory manifesto promised to protect pensioner benefits.” – Daily Mail

  • Older people face cuts to help the next generation – The Times (£)


  • Hammond cautions against Brexit ‘clean break’ – FT
  • Tyrie urges Chancellor to delay implementation of digital tax system – FT
  • Leadsom plans free vote to ditch hunting ban – Daily Mail
  • Rudd scraps plans for ‘pointless’ Orgreave inquiry – Daily Mail


  • Fox’s view of the past is blinkered – Richard Lambert, FT

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Cameron wanted to end probes into veterans but was ‘vetoed’, says Mercer

“David Cameron wanted to shut down the controversial Iraq Historic Allegations Team (IHAT) but was overruled by government lawyers, reveals an MP. The former prime minister wanted to stop the investigations of murder, abuse and torture by British soldiers in Iraq before the Attorney General ‘vetoed’ him. That is the disclosure by Conservative MP Johnny Mercer, whose comments come after the Sunday Telegraph reported three servicemen cleared over an Iraqi teenager’s death may be prosecuted.” – Daily Mail

  • Soldiers facing prosecution were already cleared a decade ago – Daily Telegraph

Davidson claims Sturgeon has abandoned any pretence of a practical case for separation

Ruth Davidson“Ruth Davidson has accused Nicola Sturgeon of abandoning the economic “tissue of lies” she tried to sell Scots in the 2014 referendum after the First Minister argued that national wealth is less important than being independent. Speaking on the second anniversary of the historic vote to save the Union, the Scottish Conservative leader said “fantasy figures” on a separate Scotland’s wealth, oil revenues and deficit had formed an integral part of the SNP’s independence white paper.” – Daily Telegraph

  • Fitst Minister backs nationalism ‘at any cost’ – The Scotsman
  • Scottish Tory leader called ‘dyke’ at independence rally – Daily Telegraph
  • Davidson sketch at rally sparks homophobia row – The Scotsman


  • Sturgeon’s own MPs want her to shelve independence plans until 2020 – Daily Express
  • SNP seeks assurances an independent Scotland could stay in the single market – The Guardian
  • Swinney suggests that schools may soon be centrally funded – The Scotsman
  • Two years since the referendum, but how long until the next one? – Wales Online

Ruth Davidson: The nasty party is led by Corbyn, and he’s not listening to the voters

“Well, there’s only one political tribe that fits the ”nasty party’’ tag now; which has made glib moralising and hypocritical finger-wagging an Olympic sport; which narrows its sympathies every day, casting off apostates  so the pool is narrowed to an ever smaller number of the ideologically pure. Under Jeremy Corbyn, the Labour Party doesn’t see its way back to power as wooing people who voted elsewhere. It doesn’t seek to reassure floating voters that their concerns regarding Labour’s electability, stewardship of the economy or readiness to defend our nation have been addressed. Its approach is to hold rallies of the faithful and to denounce those within the party who raise concerns.” – Daily Telegraph

Corbyn could give Labour membership a say in electing Shadow Cabinet…

Labour holesHundreds of thousands of activists who entered the Labour Party to support Jeremy Corbyn could be handed votes on the shadow cabinet, the Labour leader has hinted… Party officials are due to discuss the MPs plan on Tuesday ahead of the party conference next weekend but Mr Corbyn is set to exploit the move by proposing party activists get a say as well. But Mr Smith branded the move as a fresh attempt to ‘deepen divisions’ within the party just days before the leadership ballot closes.” – Daily Mail

  • Leader admits plot to ‘knock out’ deputy – The Times (£)
  • Ally defends ‘democratic selection’ of Labour MPs – The Sun
  • Disloyal MPs ‘asking for it’, says McCluskey – The Guardian
  • Smith accuses Momentum of planning coup – The Times (£)
  • Lord Kinnock: Labour won’t win again in my lifetime – Daily Telegraph
  • Momentum activists launch breakfast clubs to tempt children into politics – Daily Mail
  • Jones urged to stay on as First Minister to stop Corbynistas taking over – Wales Online


  • The reds aren’t hiding under the bed, they’re bouncing on the mattress – Dominic Lawson, Daily Mail
  • Labour may get a Communist as its General Secretary – Oliver Kamm, The Times (£)
  • After Corbyn wins, Labour must make up or break up – Zoe Williams, The Guardian

…as Farron cites him as a useful example of what not to do

“Tim Farron has described Jeremy Corbyn as ‘helpful’ because he illustrates why it is ‘pointless’ to sit in perpetual opposition to the Tories. The Liberal Democrat leader said he was prepared to lose an election for his principles but not to lock his party out of power forever. Speaking on the fringes of the Liberal Democrat conference in Brighton, Mr Farron said it was impossible for Mr Corbyn’s Labour to do anything for working people while it squabbled with itself on the sidelines for a generation.” – Daily Mail

  • Lib Dems accused of hypocrisy for demanding second Brexit vote – Daily Mail
  • Tories could be in power until 2040, warns Farron – FT
  • Swap short-term prison spells for community service, call Lib Dems – The Sun
  • Party accuses Hammond of ‘doing a Philip Green’ over share transfer – The Guardian
  • Welsh Lib Dem leader says anti-Corbyn Labour voters are backing his party – Wales Online


  • Clegg is certainly cashing in on his failure – Andrew Pierce, Daily Mail


  • Resilient as a scoutmaster erecting tents in a downpour – Quentin Letts, Daily Mail


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UKIP could have won 11 seats if not for Farage, claims Carswell

UKIP glass“Douglas Carswell today claimed Nigel Farage cost the party up to 11 seats in the Commons, renewing infighting just hours after making a show of loyalty to the new leader. The Ukip MP said Mr Farage’s ‘shock and awful’ tactics at the General Election had left him sitting alone in the Commons when they could have won more seats.” – Daily Mail

  • New leader says she admires Putin’s ‘fierce nationalism’ – Daily Mail
  • MEP urges Government to avoid ‘trap’ of Article 50 – Daily Express

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News in Brief:

  • Merkel’s CDU slump in Berlin election – Daily Mail
  • Triple strike puts the US on terror alert for summit – The Times (£)
  • Peer’s daughter shot dead in Philippines’ vicious war on drugs – Daily Telegraph
  • Junior doctors defy BMA to help managers introduce new contracts – Daily Mail
  • Putin’s United Russia keeps control after poll – FT
  • Scottish councils demand power to raise own taxes – The Scotsman
  • Stormont Castle doesn’t deny that it secretly changed the law – News Letter