Rudd ‘slaps down’ Johnson over Brexit group

BORIS union flag“Cabinet tensions over Brexit resurfaced yesterday after Boris Johnson publicly backed a new pressure group demanding the Prime Minister get on with the job. Foreign Secretary Mr Johnson recorded a message for Change Britain – formed by leading backers of the Vote Leave campaign said to favour a ‘hard Brexit’… It earned him a reminder from Home Secretary Amber Rudd that ‘Boris is not the driver. Theresa May is the driver’.” – Daily Mail

  • Whittingdale urges May to trigger Article 50 within weeks – The Sun


  • Trip to Europe could end up costing £50, minister admits – The Times (£)
  • Home Secretary says EU visa plans will shape UK’s stance in negotiations – Daily Mail


  • Businesses hit back at Fox over ‘idiotic’ views on trade – The Times (£)
  • Duncan meets Argentines for trade deal talks – Daily Telegraph
  • Experts say Britain will not cause a recession – The Sun

Trades unions:

  • Union bosses tell Sturgeon workers are better off in the UK – Daily Express
  • TUC urges Government not to make workers pay for Brexit – The Guardian


Ruth Davidson: Scotland can thrive inside a UK which is outside the EU

“It sometimes appears that the SNP administration in Edinburgh wants the Brexit negotiations to fail, so as to bolster the nationalists’ case for independence. I don’t. I want the UK to continue to be the outward-looking country it is; the force for good in the world that shoulders its burdens and meets its responsibilities to its allies and friends, as I have always known it to be.” – Daily Telegraph

  • Six reasons why post-Brexit Britain can be like others that thrive outside the single market – Roger Bootle, Daily Telegraph


  • The Prime Minister should be wary of being corralled into one of many Brexits – The Times (£)

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Gove will support plans for new grammars

michael-gove“Michael Gove will not join Tory rebels in opposing Theresa May’s plans to create a new generation of grammar schools across the country. Mr Gove is expected to give a cautious welcome to the proposals when they are announced by Justine Greening, the education secretary, in the House of Commons today. When he was education secretary, Mr Gove allowed sixth form colleges to admit pupils selectively but ruled out any attempt to create new grammar schools.” – The Times (£)

  • Private schools warn May of ‘exodus’ of middle-class kids from state schools  – Daily Mail
  • Potential rebels attend meetings in Number 10 – Daily Telegraph

More Government:

  • Chancellor dismantles key Osborne pledge to cut corporation tax – Daily Telegraph
  • May to announce new crackdown on white collar crime – The Times (£)
  • Skidmore insists boundary review needed to avoid ‘rotten boroughs’ – Daily Telegraph


  • HS2 will proceed as planned, ministers confirm – Daily Telegraph
  • Downing Street eyes Birmingham Airport expansion – FT
  • Hospital bosses say NHS will crumble without more spending – The Sun


  • May has reset the Tory satnav, watch out on the right – Anne McElvoy, The Guardian
  • In a meritocracy, what becomes of the stupid and the useless? – Charles Moore, Daily Telegraph
  • Plans to lift religious selection cap risks entrenching ethnic divide – Clare Foges, The Times (£)
  • Bringing back grammars won’t bring back the decent jobs there once were – Professor Sir Keith Burnett, Daily Telegraph
  • What grammars did to my family – John O’Farrell, The Guardian
  • Responsible doctors must stop the BMA – James Kirkup, Daily Telegraph


Bridgen accuses Speaker of Vaz ‘cover up’

“A Conservative MP yesterday accused the Speaker of being involved in an “establishment cover-up” as it emerged that police were inquiring about claims of misconduct against Keith Vaz dating back 25 years… Andrew Bridgen released letters he had written to John Bercow last year raising concerns about the behaviour of the former chairman of the home affairs select committee. He said that Mr Bercow had refused to look into his allegations and was then pictured next to Mr Vaz at a football match.” – The Times (£)

  • Labour MP offered prostitute job as driver – Daily Telegraph
  • Police investigate claims Vaz threatened council worker who tried to evict pimp – The Sun

Smith says Schengen and the Euro would be price worth paying to get back into the EU

EU FLag“Owen Smith has said he could apply to take Britain back into the EU if he becomes Prime Minister in 2020 and even suggested he could sign Britain up to the euro and the open borders Schengen zone. He is hoping to oust Jeremy Corbyn as Labour leader by appealing to the party’s europhile members, pledging to fight the next general election making a ‘really strong case for us to stay’ in the EU.” – Daily Mail

  • After one year of Corbyn, Labour suffers worst-ever poll position in Opposition – Daily Telegraph
  • Party suspends donor over ‘Nazi stormtroopers’ article – The Guardian
  • Thornberry accuses Murnaghan of sexism after she can’t answer his questions – Daily Mail
  • Labour introduce Wales’ first tax in 800 years – FT


  • How the Left surrendered to Comrade Corbyn – Jason Cowley, Daily Mail
  • After a year Corbyn has changed only his clothes, so Labour are going nowhere – Jane Merrick, Daily Telegraph

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Clinton cancels West Coast trip after ‘collapsing at 9/11 memorial

“Hillary Clinton has called off plans to visit the West Coast on Monday and Tuesday following her ‘medical episode’ at the 9/11 memorial ceremony. Her doctor revealed that the 68-year-old has pneumonia – hours after a video showed her collapsing into the arms of her Secret Service agents after being rushed from the memorial service at the World Trade Center.” – Daily Mail

  • Democrats ‘line up candidates amidst health scare – Daily Express

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News in Brief:

  • Report envisions ‘absolutely central’ role for carbon capture in Britain – FT
  • Son of Al Megrahi, the Lockerbie Bomber, heads to Scotland to clear his name – Daily Mail
  • First test for British-designed space engine which could reach Mars in 70 days – The Times (£)
  • Home Counties face ‘great threat’ of 123,000 new homes on the Green Belt – Daily Telegraph
  • Koreans near investment in new Cumbrian nuclear plant – FT