Migration: May repeats opposition to points-based system…

EU Brexit“Theresa May yesterday rubbished Boris Johnson’s proposed Australian-style points system for immigration into the UK, saying it was not a ‘silver bullet’ solution. In a putdown to her Foreign Secretary, Mrs May said she was not convinced the migration control method worked – and indicated she will not introduce it after Brexit.” – Daily Mail

  • May risks rift in Cabinet over immigration – The Sun
  • Number 10 to ‘block’ introduction of Australian-style system – Daily Express
  • Prime Minister rejects radical shake-up of rules for EU citizens – Daily Telegraph
  • Points system ‘will not work’ – The Times (£)
  • No guarantees for Vote Leave promises on migration or the NHS – The Guardian
  • More Polish migrants are welcome, says Johnson – The Sun
  • Haulage boss warns its only a matter of time before a driver dies at Calais – The Sun
  • UK finds homes to resettle 20,000 Syrian refugees – Daily Mail
  • ‘Almost full’ EU close to saying no to more migrants, warns Tusk – Daily Express


  • Davis to tell MPs that leaving presents a ‘huge opportunity’ – FT
  • Morgan demands that MPs vote on Brexit deal – The Times (£)
  • May says economy is proving doubters wrong amidst signs Britain might avoid recession – Daily Mail
  • Prime Minister warns of difficult times ahead – FT
  • Poll shows two-thirds think UK is on the right track – Daily Telegraph
  • Brexit to cost jobs if UK loses pharma watchdog – The Times (£)
  • MPs forced to debate ‘farce’ of second referendum after ‘hacked’ petition went viral – Daily Express



…as she tells leaders they must sell globalisation

“Opposition to globalisation needs to be tackled, Theresa May said yesterday as she warned of “choppy waters” ahead for the British economy. The prime minister told world leaders that they had to do more to stop resentment towards the downsides of globalisation. Mrs May is conscious that the public see it pushing up pay the packets of top executives and allowing big companies to dodge tax bills, according to her aides.” – The Times (£)

  • Massive boost for Britain as Australia offers ‘monumental’ trade deal – Daily Express
  • Swiss-style deal won’t work, warns Hildebrand – FT
  • May sidelined at G20 photocall – The Sun
  • You can’t jump trade deal queue, Obama tells May – The Times (£)
  • US President says Britain was wrong to leave the EU – Daily Telegraph
  • Outgoing Obama’s Brexit threats laughed off by leading Tories – Daily Mail
  • Japan warns it could withdraw banks and car-makers without trade deal – Daily Telegraph
  • Tokyo calls for ‘soft’ Brexit – FT

More May:

  • Prime Minister vows clampdown on fat cat pay – The Sun
  • May loathe to put faith in China – The Times (£)
  • Prime Minister to consult security experts over Hinkley decision – FT
  • Number 10 resists Putin’s offer of ‘reset’ with Russia – The Times (£)
  • May ‘stops short’ of ruling out Scottish referendum as Holyrood gets welfare powers – Daily Telegraph
  • Tories compare Timothy to Rasputin – The Sun

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Lord Ashcroft: What Britain really wants from Brexit

ASHCROFT pensive“Yet while rightly insisting that “Brexit means Brexit”, the Government cannot disregard those who are anxious about the future. This is not just because its job is to govern for the whole country, as Theresa May has said, but because to do so would be politically foolish – on June 23, the remain column included two fifths of those who voted for the Conservatives last year, all of whom will need to do so again to keep the party in office. The Tories can be the best party to negotiate Brexit on the right terms without being a party only for Brexiteers like me.” – Daily Telegraph

  • Don’t panic, Brexit might bring Britain closer to Europe – Mary Dejevsky, The Guardian
  • How Brexit’s made dead ducks of those who warned it would doom the Union – Dominic Lawson, Daily Mail
  • Britain can now fly to new heights as a global trading power – Con Coughlin, Daily Telegraph

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Mark Wallace: Conservative members must keep the right to elect our leader

“It is depressing that the old, flawed argument against democracy refuses to die. Any MPs tempted by it should consider its inherent contradictions. Tories are supposed to believe in balancing rights and responsibilities. It is inconsistent to expect grassroots Conservatives to bear the onerous responsibilities of leafleting and fundraising without any right to decide the direction of the party.” – The Times (£)

Junior doctors’ leader quits over planned strikes

On strike“A junior doctors’ leader has quit amid a growing backlash over next week’s five-day strike. Lottie Elliott accused British Medical Association bosses of showing ‘disregard for patient safety’. In a sign of growing division within the union, the 28-year-old stepped down from its junior doctors’ committee over the weekend saying she ‘felt bullied’.” – Daily Mail

  • Strike unjustified and will harm patients, GMC warns – The Times (£)
  • Head of GMC ‘pleads with doctors’ union’ – Daily Telegraph
  • Just 1 in 20 doctors back planned industrial action – Daily Mail
  • Corbyn attends rally to celebrate ‘longest strike in history’ – Daily Telegraph

More NHS:

  • Health bosses back down from plan to ban fat people and smokers from operations – Daily Mail
  • Hospital row over weekend pharmacists – The Times (£)


  • Junior doctors will harm patients and the NHS if they back unethical strikes – Sir John Oldham, Daily Telegraph
  • The BMA has been a pain for 70 years – Andrew Pierce, Daily Mail

Child abuse inquiry judge will not face MPs

“The judge who dramatically quit as chairman of a £100 million child sex abuse inquiry will not meet MPs to explain her resignation. New Zealander Dame Lowell Goddard will submit a written report after efforts by the Home Affairs Select Committee to make her appear in person failed. Her departure from the £500,000-a-year role last month, having lost the confidence of senior staff, cast the independent inquiry into chaos.” – Daily Mail

  • Carney’s £250,000 travel bill in three years at the Bank – Daily Mail
  • Charity run by Children’s Czar folds – The Times (£)

Jarvis’ fury at claim he’s in secret talks with Tory wets

Labour holes“A Labour MP tipped as a future party leader last night reacted with fury after he was accused by allies of Jeremy Corbyn of holding secret talks with Tory MPs about forming a new party. Dan Jarvis was targeted after warning last week that Labour faced ‘annihilation’ if Mr Corbyn won next month’s leadership contest against Owen Smith. Mr Jarvis’s remarks angered members of Mr Corbyn’s inner circle, who fought back by claiming that the former paratrooper was positioning himself to lead a breakaway group combining moderate Labour MPs and Left-wing ‘wet’ Tory MPs.” – Daily Mail

  • Chakrabarti hints at Shadow Cabinet job as she dismisses charge of ‘corrupt’ deal with Corbyn – Daily Mail
  • Civil liberties campaigner denies peerage ‘bribe’ – The Times (£)
  • Moderates oppose Corbyn plan for hard-left succession – The Times (£)
  • Leader suggests members may get a say in choosing the Shadow Cabinet – The Guardian

Vaz Scandal:

  • MP stands down from home affairs select committee – Daily Telegraph
  • Vaz ‘shamelessly clings to power’ – Daily Mail
  • Sleaze inquiry over male prostitute allegations – The Times (£)
  • Riddle of ‘loan’ that let MP pay cash for £400k flat – Daily Mail
  • Sex worker grilled by Vaz in Parliament attacks ‘hypocrisy’ – The Sun
  • Campaigners call for prostitution inquiry to be wound up – Daily Telegraph


  • Why does the left love tyrannical regimes? – Edward Lucas, The Times (£)
  • Smith’s graduate tax: the tawdry tradition of opposition politicians staying astoundingly silly things – Nick Hillman, The Guardian
  • How did Teflon Keith get away with it for so long? – Andrew Pierce, Daily Mail
  • There was always something fishy about him – Quentin Letts, Daily Mail


News in Brief:

  • British warship deployed to Libyan coast to combat traffickers – Daily Mail
  • New technology university to abandon traditional model and charge £12k – The Times (£)
  • Trump closing gap on Clinton – Daily Telegraph
  • Young anti-Beijing candidates win seats in Hong Kong elections – FT
  • Merkel ‘smashed’ in her home state by right-wing AfD – Daily Mail