May plans big increase in school freedoms for selective and faith schools

BARRIE CHARACTER EDUCATION“Every school in England will be free to convert to a grammar or selective school under the biggest education revolution in decades. Theresa May will today promise to allow the opening of new grammar schools for the first time since 1998 in a bonfire of ‘ideology and dogma’. But in a shock move, the Prime Minister will also allow existing State comprehensives and academies to convert to grammars – if there is local demand.” – Daily Mail

  • Prime Minister wants to end ‘selection by house price’ – Daily Telegraph
  • Hundreds of comprehensives to select – The Times (£)
  • Selection will require a commitment to helping poorer children, says May – The Sun
  • Greening rules out return to ‘make or break’ national selection – Daily Telegraph


  • Not the way to help poorer pupils – Lewis Iwu, The Times (£)
  • Strict uniform rules can be the making of children – Judith Woods, Daily Telegraph


  • Left go into neck-clutching panic after dunderhead civil servant leaks the plan – Quentin Letts, Daily Mail
  • ‘Same old nasty Tories!’ cry furious Labour – Michael Deacon, Daily Telegraph

Daily Mail:

  • Bold Theresa’s great grammar revolution – Daily Mail


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David Allen Green: Truss is a poor fit for the Ministry of Justice

“While it is too early to give a complete view, it is unfortunately apparent that Ms Truss is no way near being on top of her brief and it seems she has no feel for or interest in justice issues. At times her select committee performance was painful to watch. In one telling exchange, she did not even know or care about the significant fact that a prisons bill had been promised in the last Queen’s Speech.” – FT

  • The Justice Secretary is putting prison reform into reverse – John Podmore, The Guardian

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May risks Party backlash over Europol

EU Brexit“Theresa May is considering signing up to the EU’s joint security measures months after the Brexit vote in a move that risks recriminations within the Conservative Party. The prime minister is under pressure to agree to a new EU directive to remain in Europol, the continent’s law enforcement agency, amid warnings by senior police officers that to opt out would put the country in danger.” – The Times (£)

  • Third-party deal possible, but senior officers worried about safety – Daily Express
  • Tusk tells May the EU won’t talk until Article 50 is triggered – The Times (£)
  • Poll shows population movement is voters’ priority – Daily Mail
  • Tyrie pamphlet hints at Brexit plan – FT
  • Brexit legal bill is £33,000 a week – The Times (£)
  • Wetherspoon’s boss denies need for EU trade deal – FT
  • Campaigners seek police protection to ‘hijack’ Proms with EU flags – Daily Telegraph
  • Eurosceptic anger as EU appoints arch-federalist as negotiator – The Sun
  • British expats launch legal challenge against Juncker’s negotiation ban – The Guardian


  • UK leaving ‘opens way’ to EU army – Daily Mail
  • Brussels’ financial regulators signal post-Brexit clampdown – FT

Brexit ‘turf war’ as Hammond claims lead in banking negotiations

“Chancellor Philip Hammond deepened the Government turf war over Brexit last night by saying he would be leading EU negotiations over banking. In a slapdown for Brexit Secretary David Davis, the Chancellor told peers the Treasury would be in charge when it came to arranging divorce terms for financial services.” – The Sun

  • May’s tight grip on Government fuels Cabinet tensions – FT
  • Migration curbs won’t apply to bankers, says Hammond – The Times (£)
  • Chancellor to boost economy – The Times (£)
  • Fox declares trade ministry ‘open for business’ – FT
  • Some MPs wonder what Trade Secretary’s remit really is – FT

More ministers:

  • Fallon criticises Cameron’s Syria strategy – The Sun
  • Criticism after Leadsom announces only £12m in flood defence spending – Daily Mail

More Government:

  • Parliament could burn down if May doesn’t back £4bn upgrade – Daily Telegraph
  • TUC ‘keen to cooperate’ to put workers on boards – FT
  • Patten accuses National Trust of ‘autocratic behaviour’ in Lords debate – The Times (£)


  • Blunt wants MPs’ email accounts searched after committee leak – Daily Telegraph
  • Chalk leads calls for new category of murder charge – The Times (£)
  • MPs break ranks to attack cut in their numbers whilst Lords expands – The Sun

Jeremy Warner: Carney’s arrogance has robbed the Bank of influence when we need it

Mark Carney“That Mr Carney should be completely untroubled by allegations that he compromised the Bank of England’s independence by plunging into the Brexit debate should therefore come as no surprise. It’s hard to impossible to get a central banker to admit to not being infallible. In any case, if the Bank was guilty of over reach, it was as nothing compared with what the UK Treasury did.” – Daily Telegraph

  • Why Germany and the UK must become close allies – Allister Heath, Daily Telegraph
  • Brexit will be a long, tortuous process, not an event – Philip Stephens, FT
  • Repair Parliament if you must, but don’t make it less angry – Tom Harris, Daily Telegraph

Labour accuse Government of ‘gerrymandering’

“Labour MPs accused the government of gerrymandering for excluding two million voters from a review of constituency boundaries. The English and Welsh boundary commissions will release their initial proposals on Tuesday to reduce 650 constituencies to 600 and to equalise seat electorates within 5 per cent of 74,769 electors. The recommendations are based on electoral data from last December, which does not include the 2.1 million people who joined the register after that date in the lead-up to the EU referendum in June.” – The Times (£)

  • Leader claims he can unite party to take on the Tories – The Guardian
  • Angry audience member savages ‘hypocritical’ Smith – Daily Express
  • Opposition MPs back campaign to restore blue British passports – The Sun


  • Smith wiped the floor with Corbyn on Question Time, but Corbynistas won’t care – John McTernan, Daily Telegraph
  • The two challengers face off on TV, and Labour loses – John Crace’s sketch, The Guardian

Swinney delays controversial ‘Named Persons’ policy to water it down

Scottish flag“The SNP’s plan to assign every child a state guardian is to be delayed a year while the powers of the role are watered down significantly to make them lawful, under a major climbdown announced by John Swinney. The Deputy First Minister said the named person scheme will start in August 2017 following an overhaul of the threshold at which the guardians are allowed to interfere in family life and the information they are allowed to share without parents’ consent.” – Daily Telegraph

News in Brief:

  • Post Office workers plan one-day strike on September 15 – FT
  • Royal Navy patrol boat scrambled twice to intercept Russian warships in Channel – Daily Mail
  • Police claim to have foiled ‘ISIS-inspired’ bomb plot in London – The Times (£)
  • Huge jump in cases of PTSD as Iraq and Afghanistan veterans seek help – Daily Telegraph
  • Plan to give migrants debit cards loaded with money attacked – The Sun
  • Merkel set to lose Berlin as CDU’s support tanks – Daily Express
  • North Korea condemned for fifth nuclear test – FT