EU 1) May rebukes Johnson for setting out Brexit timetable

EU Brexit“Theresa May alone will decide the terms of Britain’s departure from the EU, Downing Street has said after Boris Johnson began setting out a strategy for Brexit. Speaking in the United States, the Foreign Secretary on Thursday said that the UK will begin formal Brexit talks “early next year” and leave the EU by 2019… However, Downing Street sources made clear that all decisions on the timing of Brexit are Mrs May’s alone.” – Daily Telegraph

  • Foreign Secretary says Article 50 will be triggered within months – The Times (£)


  • New report puts May in ‘position of power’ – Daily Express
  • Research shows other countries will lose more if UK gets bad deal – The Sun
  • Countries may ditch controversial EU trade deals en masse after Brexit – Daily Express
  • MSPs told Holyrood ‘will not be equal partner’ in EU talks – The Scotsman
  • Plaid attack Welsh Labour for voting with Tories on the Single Market – Wales Online

EU 2) Hammond says its “very difficult” when asked who is in charge of Brexit

“A turf war in government is unsettling businesses, which are unsure of how the UK’s negotiating strategy for Brexit will develop. When asked this week who was in charge of Brexit, Philip Hammond, the chancellor, demurred, according to a businessman, saying that it is “all very difficult at the moment”… One participant, who had taken part in meetings with three different government departments since July, said he was growing weary of repeating the same list of negotiating priorities to different ministers and departments. Another said that while Mr Hammond was adopting a cautious, evidence-based approach to future business links with the EU, pro-Brexit ministers were eager to make a clean break with the single market and customs union.” – FT

  • Lawson says Carney must go over Brexit doom-mongering – Daily Mail
  • Confidence grows that Governor will steer Bank through Brexit – FT

More Tories:

  • Whittingdale says Bake Off poaching raises competition questions – The Sun
  • Pullman amongst authors urging Culture Secretary to set ‘new course’ for libraries – The Guardian



  • Apprenticeships deserve the same treatment as university, so let’s get UCAS involved – Rishi Sunak, Daily Telegraph
  • Get Brexit right and I’ll be a Tory; betray it and you’ll see my UKIP ads from the moon – Paul Sykes, Daily Telegraph
  • How the Tories target cash-strapped Labour councils – John Harris, The Guardian


EU 3) Brexit voters have ‘abandoned Labour’

LABOUR dead rose“More than half the people who backed Labour in the last general election and then voted to leave the EU have now abandoned their support for the party, according to a new poll. The scale of the damage inflicted on Labour by the EU referendum is laid bare by a new poll as prominent Labour figures, including Chuka Umunna, Rachel Reeves and Jonathan Reynolds, try to change the direction of the party on immigration… The YouGov poll of 3,285 adults conducted this week found that only 48 per cent of the people who backed the party in 2015 then voted Leave in June still say they would vote Labour. ” – The Times (£)

  • Welsh Government accused of ‘dithering’ response to EU vote – Wales Online
  • Another EU-turn: Umunna calls on Britain to tighten immigration controls – The Sun
  • Lucas shouted down on Question Time for proposing second referendum – Daily Express

>Today: ToryDiary: The OECD, the IMF, the Treasury, Osborne. How the experts got it wrong on the aftermath of a Leave vote.


May winds up Business Advisory Group

“The UK prime minister’s official business advisory group is being dissolved, raising worries about Theresa May’s lack of enthusiasm for consulting the business community in the run-up to formal Brexit negotiations. Mrs May’s team said she wanted to engage with business “in a different way” from her predecessor David Cameron, who used the group for set-piece consultations with bosses.” – FT

  • The Business Advisory Group always looked too much like a cosy club – Graham Ruddick, The Guardian

Updated Cameron biography makes fresh claims about how CCHQ tried to cover up ‘Tatler Tory’ scandal

Cameron1“After Elliott Johnson’s death, the statement suggests, Tory HQ was guilty of an extraordinary cover-up. Not only did it issue misleading public statements, but it briefed against people who complained about Clarke and leaked information which could have put a number of his female critics at risk. Abbott also accused the party HQ of ‘a strategy to spread blame, muddy the waters and find people to blame who were not part of the current leadership’.” – Daily Mail

  • Candidate for ex-Prime Minister’s Witney seat is barrister Robert Courts – Daily Telegraph

>Today: MPs Etc.: Cllr Robert Courts selected to contest the Witney by-election

>Yesterday: MPs Etc.: McLoughlin announces new top CCHQ team – including a Vice-Chairman for Training

Labour staff warned they could be attacked by their own activists at conference

“Labour Party staff have been warned they may face ‘aggressive and potentially violent’ confrontations with their own activists at next week’s annual conference in Liverpool. The unprecedented warning from Labour headquarters has been issued amid fears that the bitter leadership contest will boil over into clashes between Jeremy Corbyn’s supporters and party moderates.” – Daily Mail

  • Corbynites eye the prize in a mood to compromise – The Guardian
  • David Miliband warns that Labour hasn’t been farther from power since the 1930s – The Guardian
  • Union boss tells Corbyn: now it’s time to deliver – The Times (£)
  • Opponents prepare to “coexist” with leader (from the backbenches) – The Guardian
  • Scottish MP could return to front bench if Shadow Cabinet elections return – The Scotsman

More Labour:

  • Dugdale vote debacle spares Sturgeon defeat at Holyrood – Daily Telegraph
  • Khan orders fresh review of ‘Garden Bridge’ – The Times (£)
  • Hodge to probe bridge project’s finances – FT

Dave Prentis: Corbyn has his work cut out re-uniting Labour

Jeremy Corbyn (Tory Poster)“Endless internal rows, rumours and attacks are pushing us further from government. So Jeremy and his team must now show they have what it takes to unite the party and win the next election. We need to see a shadow cabinet that brings together all those willing and able to serve. That means the leadership must be open to letting the party’s best talents oppose the Tory government.” – The Times (£)

  • MPs are finally accepting the terrifying victory of Corbyn’s mass movement – Fraser Nelson, Daily Telegraph
  • For the party I love to survive, it must split – Joe Haines, Daily Mail
  • It will take a general election for Labour to face up to this crisis – Martin Kettle, The Guardian
  • Corbyn supporters are one per cent of the country who think they can boss the rest around – Tom Harris, Daily Telegraph
  • Only a fool would give up the centre ground – Philip Collins, The Times (£)
  • David Miliband is an overrated failure, not the moderates’ messiah – James Kirkup, Daily Telegraph

News in Brief:

  • Abuse allegations against British troops excepted to collapse from 1,500 to 250 – Daily Mail
  • Leading British food producers suffer fall in sales – FT
  • 500 million web users hit by biggest hack in history – The Times (£)
  • NHS out-of-hours services ‘without a single doctor’ – Daily Telegraph
  • EU officials scramble to save TTIP – Daily Express
  • Syrian army launches offensive against Aleppo as ceasefire crumbles – The Guardian
  • South Korea confirms it has plan in place to target Kim Jong-un if he triggers nuclear strike – Daily Mail
  • South Sudan receives £103 million extra British aid to ease refugee crisis – FT
  • RAF fighters intercept Russian bombers west of Shetland – The Scotsman
  • Stormont committee seeks answers in spin doctor row – Belfast Telegraph