Brexiteers meet to ‘clear the air’

EU Brexit“The three cabinet ministers charged with delivering Britain’s exit from the European Union held a private summit to “clear the air” after weeks of leaks and simmering tensions over their respective responsibilities. On the eve of Theresa May’s return from holiday, Boris Johnson, David Davis and Liam Fox met without aides or civil servants yesterday morning on “neutral ground” in the Cabinet Office.” – The Times (£)

  • Pro-Remain Sorrell joins calls for May to ‘get a move on’ with Brexit – Daily Express

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  • US in last-ditch bid to quash EU tax demand on Apple – FT
  • Anti-EU, right-wing candidate leads Austrian presidential re-run – Daily Express


  • As Brexit looms, we need Sir Humphrey more than ever – Jenny McCartney, Daily Telegraph
  • French support for the EU project is crumbling, left and right – Ambrose Evans-Pritchard, Daily Telegraph


May orders Rudd to clamp down on non-EU migrants

“Theresa May has ordered a new crackdown on the numbers of non-EU workers and students coming into Britain in a dramatic new bid to cut sky-high immigration. Sources last night revealed the Prime Minister had charged new Home Secretary Amber Rudd with drawing up a new package of measures – across all visa routes.” – The Sun

  • New visa crackdown for non-EU immigrants – The Times (£)
  • Think-tank calls for automatic citizenship for EU medics – FT
  • Senior advisor calls for permit system for low-skilled migrants – Daily Telegraph
  • Ministers say such migrants will need visas post-Brexit – The Sun

More Tories:

  • Prime Minister urged to focus industrial strategy on cities – FT


Rafael Behr: While Labour complains, the Tories simply govern

CONSERVATIVE tree“There is a tendency in Labour, predating Corbyn’s leadership but massively amplified by it, to map politics on an axis from stupidity to enlightenment with parallel lines on the graph showing a journey from right to left and indifference to enthusiasm. It follows that an increase in the exuberance of support for a retro-socialist candidate indicates real progress. But when you consider that most people see political fandom as a mark of eccentricity, a noisier fan club is likelier to indicate higher barriers separating the party from the rest of the country.” – The Guardian

Smith’s Brexit block dismissed as ‘poll suicide’

“Owen Smith’s threat to block the start of formal EU exit talks threatens electoral suicide, Labour figures warned last night, while Jeremy Corbyn dismissed the move as “devious”. Mr Smith pledged yesterday that under his leadership Labour would seek to stop Brexit negotiations unless the government promised another vote on the final deal.” – The Times (£)

  • Challenger sparks backlash by insisting public must ‘think again’ on Brexit – Daily Mail
  • Blair backs call for EU poll ‘do-over’ – The Sun
  • Smith supporters claim he’s on track to win – FT

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  • Khan to hire ‘Night Czar’ to boost London’s 24-hour credentials – Daily Mail
  • Conference could still be cancelled as union blames Corbyn – The Guardian


  • The Brexit vote must stand, and Smith is wrong to say otherwise – Mary Dejevsky, The Guardian
  • The Co-operative Party is not going to be an escape vehicle for moderates – Sebastian Payne, FT
  • Challenger may on win, but he passed the Today test – Michael White, The Guardian



Tim Montgomerie: Brexit means a generous attitude to the EU

EU countries and stars“It would be a huge mistake to get lost in the minutiae of a new legal relationship with the EU and fail to rise to the bigger challenge of reaching a happy, rather than punitive, settlement with European leaders. Mrs May made a good start by visiting Berlin, Bratislava, Paris, Rome and Warsaw during the earliest days of her premiership but many Europeans, understandably, are far from friendly.” – The Times (£)

McDonnell faces inquiry into ‘off the books’ aid

“John McDonnell is being investigated by parliamentary authorities over allegations that the shadow chancellor employed a left-wing aide “off the books” without declaring it. James Meadway, a former member of the Socialist Workers Party, was taken on by Mr McDonnell as a senior adviser, and his £30,000 salary was paid by the Transport Salaried Staffs’ Association (TSSA).” – The Times (£)

  • Corbyn threatens Branson with rail nationalisation – The Times (£)
  • Sanders denies sending Labour leader message of support – Daily Mail
  • Young activists claim Corbyn can boost Labour in Scotland – The Guardian
  • Leader rules out SNP coalition – Daily Telegraph
  • Corbyn ‘admits lying’ over train seating – The Sun
  • ‘Traingate’ has boosted leader’s re-election bid – The Guardian


  • Corbynites are more like schoolkids than Trots – David Aaronovitch, The Times (£)
  • The Labour leader will regret picking a fight with Sir Richard Branson – John McTernan, Daily Telegraph

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MPs attack web giants for abetting Islamists

Computer“Google, Facebook and Twitter are accused by MPs of deliberately failing to stop jihadists using their sites to promote terrorism and killings. A scathing report today says the giant tech firms are putting lives at risk by allowing Islamist fanatics to radicalise the young and vulnerable by spouting hatred, extremism and murder.” – Daily Mail


Farage woos Trump fans

“Nigel Farage, the former leader of the UK Independence party who helped spearhead the Brexit campaign, urged Donald Trump supporters to stand up to the US political establishment, saying he would not vote for Hillary Clinton “if she paid me”. Sharing the stage with Mr Trump at a rally in Mississippi, Mr Farage said the lesson of Brexit was that “anything is possible if enough decent people are prepared to stand up against the establishment”. – FT

News in Brief:

  • Five swimmers die in minutes on UK beach – The Times (£)
  • ‘At least we’re not Britain’, says Sarkozy as he attacks multiculturalism – Daily Mail
  • Fans continue painting post boxes gold for Olympic medallists after Royal Mail refuses – Daily Telegraph
  • Colombia strikes peace deal with FARC rebels – FT
  • Hundreds killed and injured in devastating Italian earthquake – The Times (£)